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For all details on entries and posts and monthly prizes to date please go to:

CONTEST: 150 STEEM - "PROMOting STEEM" - GO 4 IT! (Closed 31 December 2018)


How i believe Steem can be promoted by any of us Steemians to help Steem go to the moon
by @abdt

How I think Steemians and the Steem community can promote Steem
by @brad-saunders

How I believe we can promote steemit
by @dwayne16

CONTEST: 150 STEEM - "PROMOting STEEM" ENTRY: How to promote Steemit with your friends and not die trying
by @hasbydiaz

Another easy little way to #promo-steem
by @jk6276

Have you heard of Steemmonsters?
by @jk6276

Lets Promote Partiko!!!!!
by @karishmasingh711

Ulog #112 Steem Australia Promoting Steem
by @mhm-philippines

OPINION: What Steemit Needs
by @mhm-philippines

My Entry for CONTEST: 150 STEEM - "PROMOting STEEM" - GO 4 IT!
by @mmunited

by @n1hal

Steem Australia. Contest. Promoting Steem
by @thehive

Investing In Steem Power - The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon
by @tonytrillions

Investing In Steem Power - The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon Part Two
by @tonytrillions

Investing In Steem Power - The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon Part Three
by @tonytrillions



The rules & prizes are as follows:

A total of 15 entries/posts were put in by fabulous Steemians.


There shall simply be three knockout rounds.

As defined originally in the concept of this contest:

A post shall be written with all links and details of the posts, in alphabetical order of the authors/contestants name and Steemians shall pick and choose by voting in the comments below as to which one they think is best.

The top 5 voted posts shall go into round two.
Using the same process, the top 3 shall be chosen.

and then the finals.

Same way of deciding, we shall have our WINNER.
1st PRIZE = 40 STEEM
2nd PRIZE = 30 STEEM
3rd PRIZE = 20 STEEM


Step 1.

Upvote the comment with the post that you feel should enter the next round.

You can upvote more than one if you feel that they deserve to get into the next round.
It is the vote that matters, not the "$" of the vote.

Step 2.

For your vote to count, you must RESTEEM this post.

Notes: If the person voting does not RESTEEM this post, the vote(s) cast by that account will be invalid and shall not be counted towards any of the results.


The idea was simply:

"Let's get people thinking and acting constructively, proactively and positively!"

Appreciate your time, look forward to sending out rewards/winnings!

Yours Truly

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