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The Hive Giving Steem a Solid Foundation

Howdy folks'.

HA, I can't believe you sent me that link. Asking me what can be done to benefit Steem. Well Jack Miller you asked for it. For being a smart man you should have known better then to pose that question in front of me. After listening to me with patience for over six month, I guess temptation got a bit too much for you.

So how to promote Steem. People will generally write about projects they have going in through one of the entry points to Steem. How these projects help the members of their community. How the community helps each other, not just with the reward. The friendship rewards found I have seen lift peoples spirits in some community's. Writing community's helping writers. Music community's helping musicians. Art and creative community's helping visual artists. There are many doing many positive things on the platforms. The integration of games offers new experiences and opportunity for others to join too. All of these are great for new comers to the platform and those established in the community. I am sure they have helped many along their way. What has changed though over the last year? Very little has changed and even more community's are seeking your support for their project. By no means do I intend to dismiss any of the efforts anyone has put into a community. I do think an alternative direction should be taken.

The contest is hosted by Steem Australia. The original post can be seen here.

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Steem is more than just Steemit or any other entry point to the chain. Each entry point offers more visibility to the whole community and all the community's formed inside. We need everything that is there and more.

A large group effort should be established, (with me at the top haha) a foundation that works toward reducing the costs of living through industry investment from the blockchain. Effectively making a block chain owned foundation. This can provide the opportunities needed for every other project there is on Steem.

Something that starts on a local scale that grows to national and international. everything that I say has been said by someone at some point in time. Voiced and opposed, voiced and failed. At each time before now. Not everything we have now was available back then. A new opportunity to equal the playing field has come into play.

Equalizing the playing fiend is something I have mentioned before a few times.

Energy as a way forward. This would be the foundation stone of the greatest and biggest conspiracy ever, by the majority of the people against the controlling few. The only obstacle to this is the initial finance.

Can we come together to generate that much power that we can create power to empower us back?

I touched also on a need to do this before those who control the economy's take the aggressive approach of controlling the coin markets. I do not claim I predicted this, I think many had the same thoughts just did not see how they could do. So I voiced this in a post too. The first two articles voice the need for a function of Steem to be established.

The ability to create a token they cannot manipulate is here with us now. If the banks can do it so can we.

The banking system at the moment seems to be trying to gain control over the markets with the tight control over the assets they hold. Voicing one concern to buy cheaper in the panic.

This can be seen as happening from the interpretation given in this clip on youtube.

How it works.
We have a supply of energy. We want to trade this energy. We go to a carrot farmer and we ask the carrot farmer to accept Steem for some of his carrots. The only reason the farmer has to take the Steem is if he can re use them. We can supply energy to the farmer and accept Steem as payment for that energy. We do not need a big budget of Steem as the same Steem can be recycled in this manner.

We can offer this energy also at a reduced cost to the farmer as encouragement to use our service. As long as we produce energy and grow the amount of energy we can produce. The expansion to other industry becomes available. All of these industries can be integrated with Steem. Each additional industry brings an added strength. The income gained through the generation of energy is reinvested into the Steem platform and generation of funding for projects is generated within Steem.

Couple of methods involved here where this might work best. This could take up a few more posts to go into, so I will skip over. It can offer a remuneration to those who have supported the projects beginnings.

The farmer who gains the advantage of a reduced cost to his living can now offer the goods for cheaper or find the funds for reinvestment into the farm. Local shops too would take advantage of the cheaper energy and the ability to use Steem for payment. This opens the door for them to accept Steem as a payment system as they know they can buy from the farmer and the energy company.

The thing needed is not how we can or where we can. It is how we can encourage others to. We are all thinking inside of the Crypto box. It is time to think outside of it. Think digital in the physical world. Many of the people we are reaching out for. See the price falling and think the fad is over. It is too easy to lose money, that's all trading I don't know about that stuff.
We have a Crypto digital token. Use This! Does not work. We have to provide the road for all of these companies to begin to accept us.

Steem put the coin and the door with to give an opportunity to others. Things have been done with that, The different initiatives on the chain for other purposes. Steem provided the road other walked and built upon. This same thing has to be done for the rest of the world. It is us the members of the platform who have the control to do this. Just like with Steem, we have to provide the road for more people to be able to access the facilities that Steem has the potential to offer.

Everything will break down to a community. A community that comes together to try something to make things better. The community combine to create the finance and it can grow from there. Everyone giving one drop of water from a community growing a fruit tree we can all eat from.

Are you part of this community?
What prevents you from making the change you want to see?

The door is open now for us to create this road that others can build upon an expand the ability and use of Steem to everyone everywhere.

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Australia? I thought you were Irish

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