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Two Things 1. Getting new people interested in joining Steemit. 2. Getting people who are already on Steemit to post and post quality content.



I decided to visit every one of my current followers and upvote and comment on their posts.

What I have found is that many have not posted in months. Inactive for a long time and looking at their content, most were putting out very good and some with great content.

Some we bots, but many were also only resteeming and had given up on posting.

I have run through an entire column of followers each day for the past three day. I will have to take a break as my power level is very low.


  • If I found an active follower, I upvoted their post and left an encouraging comment.
  • if I found someone that has been inactive for less than two months, I left a comment on their last post encouraging them to perservere and return to posting.

So my point is we can do many things to try to bring people to Steemit. We could also brainstorm for ideas to get those who are inactive to return to posting. Especially those that I found with incredible posts and very good posts. People who add value to this platform.

We have to do better at encouraging the people with great content. It is sad that they were the ones to get discouraged enough to quit or take a break.

I have posted on LinkedIn and Facebook, I have also printed a card to promote Steemit. My wife @ronafe and I have tee shirts we wear in town, we are getting ready to print more varieties of tees in different colors.


We have successfully got 4 people to join in our area and one friend from Nigeria.



Thank you for your time!
Daddy William

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Waooh! This is a great undertaking....letting people know that you thinks about them, is a boost that works miracle...
Thanks for such movement.....as for your voting power exhausion, you will be filled soon....sometimes we need to empty ourselves for fresh energy to come in.....Jesus will refresh more...God bless you.

Lately we have been holding a three days revival in my local church...plus my daily work stress i couldn't bring myself together to make a post, but we are about rounding up....to God be the glory! His word is really power.


Thank you! There are things more important than Steemit. The church revival is one of them. We have been traveling and ministering in many places lately and thousands are coming to Christ. Hallelujah! All glory and honor to Jesus!
Glad yiu stopped in!

Great job for promoting steem, read this blog i know about promoting and how to make quality content,thanks bro

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Support my blog bro

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You are certainly very dedicated to things you believe in my friend!


I was dedicated to doing wrong before Christ. Lol! Thanks bro!


Yep, me too!
I’ll tell you about it sometime..


That would be great! I look forward to it!

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