CONTEST: 150 STEEM - "PROMOting STEEM" ENTRY: How to promote Steemit with your friends and not die trying

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I've realized that promoting Steemit and that people believe in what you say is complicated. Apparently people think that the only way to obtain a lucrative benefit is working 8 hours a day, being a merchant or stealing.

This particularity is very common in Latin countries, because it has not started fully with a financial education or failing that the mentality of how money moves in the world has not been updated, and right now society is transcending, reaching new levels of personal and economic improvement.

It has happened to me VERY MUCH, that I start to talk about Steemit, to explain only the basics and they leave me with "Ah yes bro, work together" or "seriously?, very fine" and there the conversation dies, I offer myself kindly to help them open their respective accounts and always have a but, as if they were doing me a favor, as if that would benefit.

Those who are reading these lines should already know that this social network, unlike other alternative ways of obtaining money on the internet, is not managed under the referral system that sometimes is a little uncomfortable for those who do not have the ability to put it into practice or for those around.

In Steemit you receive benefits only if you write something of quality, if you do not write there is no payment, as simple as that. And really, I think that's what got me into this network.

So, it is quite clear that you do not receive a direct benefit because someone you know is registered in this portal.

I do it because I feel that it is an aid to those around me, they can have another source of income and perhaps in the future I will delve a bit more about the world of cryptocurrencies and make them their sustenance. Anyway, I just do it to help.

Suggestions for talking about Steemit:

-Do not look like herbalife seller

That your friend, cousin, brother does not feel that you are talking about the social network just because you will receive some benefit. Remember that the help is for the other not for you, do not be as insistent as if that person were registered depending on your commission. You comply with giving the information with the sole purpose of helping.

- Speak as colloquially as possible

Do not use so many technical words for the message to arrive, use examples to explain how much you could earn per post; what is Steemit, but quite clear and precise.

-Get well to whom to carry the information

This is more than everything for when you do it with people in your environment (if what you think is to fly or advertise that reaches a large audience). Not everyone likes to write, not all have good spelling, not everyone is interested in this type of thing, so we could save time in this type of people and invest in people who probably hooked this social network.

- Make clear the fundamental regulations of Steemit

DO NOT PLAGUE: I think this is the most important rule and that should be made clear to avoid future misunderstandings with cheetah, lynx, among others haha.

-Offers your help for any questions

And finally, if you have any doubt or curiosity, do not hesitate to contact you so that you can guide them as far as you know.

I still do not know certain things about this social network, which little by little I have been investigating or reading posts. But all I know, I say it. If I know of a contest (that helps us a lot), coding or any curious data, I share it with all my friends who are already registered.

This is my entry for the contest by @steemaustralia More info here

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