Have you heard of Steemmonsters?

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Steemmonsters is a fast growing digital trading card game.

Or, to quote their own description:

A fully decentralized, digital collectible trading card game built on the Steem blockchain!

steemmonsters screenshot.JPG

So what does that all mean?

Basically, It's a game where you collect cards and do battle with other players to rise up the ranks and win rewards. A key point of difference is that any cards you acquire are your's, a digital asset that you own and can trade as you wish. The marketplace is active, and the cards have real value, some rare ones are worth hundreds of dollars. The beauty is that the cards are on the STEEM blockchain. STEEM is a social blockchain most known for blogging, where you can earn a cryptocurrency called STEEM.

Hang on a sec, do I need to know all about blockchain and cryptocurrency to play Steemmonsters?

No, definitely not. All you need to know to get started is that your password is important. Super important. Anything else you need to know can be picked up along the way. When you hear "blockchain", don't jump automatically to Bitcoin. A blockchain is simply a distributed ledger of transactions. It just means that instead of one great big company with lots of servers and storage holding all your data, a distributed network records everything that goes on (called transactions) on the chain. The STEEM blockchain is a good one, really fast, and with no transaction fees. The best thing about STEEM is that decentralized apps (called dApps) can be built on-top of the blockchain, and if you sign up to use one, you also have access to everything else STEEM has to offer. More on that later.

So, I have to buy cards, buy packs, spend lots of money, right?

Again, no. To get a starter pack costs $10 USD. (Around $14 AUD for my Aussie friends). You don't need to have any interest in crypto-currency, or own any to buy a starter pack. Credit cards or paypal can be used easily. This starter pack could be the only money you ever spend on the game, the choice is up to you. With this pack you will get an initial pack of 30 cards, enough to be able to compete and win daily challenges to earn more cards. The choice to buy more booster packs (at $2 USD each) is up to you. Included with the $10 starter pack is a full STEEM account, which can be used across many other dApps based on the STEEM network. The important thing to get at this stage is your password (your Keys in crypto speak). This is the most important thing, make sure you keep a copy of it somewhere safe. And another copy somewhere else safe. In an actual safe even.

starter pack snip.JPG

Is the game itself any good, or is this just some twisted way to suck people in to crypto.

The game is great, it is fun and challenging. There is heaps more to come, so while the game-play is uncomplicated at the moment, it is addictive and rewarding. The best features are still being worked on by the @steemmonsters team. The exciting thing to know is that other developers on STEEM are working on different games that will use the Steemmonsters cards. That's the beauty of "decentralised", it allows a great deal of freedom. The cards are your's, to play, keep, trade, or potentially use on other games in the future. If the Steemmonsters company went broke overnight and disappeared, your cards would not. They still are your cards. How does that compare to any other digital trading card game???

The best features are coming? Like what?

Tournaments are being launched early in the new year. Some of these tournaments will carry big prize-money - hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As with everything else, they will also be decentralised. What that means is anyone will be able to run a tournament, and set the rules for their own tournament.

Ok, I am interested, give me a link.

https://steemmonsters.com?ref=jk6276 - This is an affiliate link, I will receive a benefit if you join through this link. If you don't want to use an affiliate link, that's ok also - just click https://steemmonsters.com/# The images I have used above are screenshots from the @steemmonsters website with my affiliate link attached.

Please let me know if you do join from reading this post. The easiest way's would be on

Feel free to get in touch if you want more info on Steemmonsters or anything STEEM related in general.

Thanks for reading and have a great day,


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