How i believe Steem can be promoted by any of us Steemians to help Steem go to the moon

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First of all steemit needs steemians why steemit loosing everyday some steemians.Now you will say everyday steemians are adding..No Not Nop. Think only why we are loosing our fellows steemians.

Now how to promote steemit:

For this step you have to resteem this post.

Here some suggestion about steemit i gave my friend on facebook for promotion of steemit.
We spend our time on Social medias like facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Sound Cloud and many many more social sites we use but we can not got profit on these sites,however we give our all data to them for sell others.See the picture,
I told him many times and he is now a good steemian between us,steem goes down but he didn't left.I suggest many of my other friendss on facebook and other site.And some of those are steemians.

Now i think my point is cleared for this step.

Your work:

Go on your all social media apps and tell about steemit to your friends Because some peoples not know about steemit our work to tell us the way of Steemit then they make some money from here because other sites have not earnings or diffficult earning then the easiset way of earning is in steemit. See this is a logic to add people here.

2nd step:Let's Discuss Steemit Promotion.

We take steem to the moon.Yes,and if you look closely, it is on this very model that steem will end up thriving.Many content-sharing blockchain-based platforms may pop up, that look to offer more balance in terms of reward distribution etc but how will they compare to the "steem-blockchain" also, when it comes to security, capacity, speed, fees and ease-of-use?And can any content-creation platform out there, beat steemit/steem in the aspect of "a reputable community of great minds"?
Whatever ends the second step the main point is,

Like, retweet, and engage with other people who are posting and talking about Steem.

3rd Step:

Create content on other platforms about Steem.

Yes it is different from others Creating content on other platforms (Disqus, Reddit, etc.), and talk about Steem wherever it is relevant..
How was the idea.

Steem Article:

Here is an article with content to inform people about the Steem blockchain and STEEM cryptocurrency: It's time to start paying attention to Steem
I think this article is very well wrote by sir @timcliff.

Some main points:

  • Promote Steem, but don't spam.
  • Focus on STEEM as an investmen(your time your wealth and health :D).
  • Focus just not only on steemit use all th Dapps also.(busy,dtube,dlike,musing..etc)
  • Tell everyone you know on Steem to participate in the the SteemBlast events.
  • upvote and resteem this article to others.
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