Investing In Steem Power - The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon Part Two

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I would be lying to you if I told you that I have all the answers to all my problems before I take action on my problems. I don’t. I am just learning as I do things

One of the benefits of being a steemian is that you get paid to learn. I want to tell you a secret. I do a lot of posts. But I started off just doing blog posts on wordpress. Sometimes I do blogs for clients and it is my very first year doing blogs in steemit . I know the concepts because I know the language but that system in steemit is money advantageous to me. I am blogging expert so I still find a way.

What I have found in working for a successful platform like steemit is that it never tells a blogger that they can’t do something. Even if it is not on the menu, steemit will make it for them. That is the approach I take in my business. I never tell someone I can’t do something, I always find a way to do it. After you do it though then it is a skill, you just got paid to learn.

This whole year was a learning experience. It wasn’t a getting money experience even if we got money in the process. A milli billi trilli thanks to @steemaustralia @promo-steem @oracle-d & without forgetting @jackmiller

When I preach steem power a lot of people think that the purpose is so that one day you can get enough money so you don’t have to post on steemit. We think that steem power is the first step and then you get to ball out. In part you are right. The goal is to get to the point where the level of income you have coming in is so strong that nothing can take you down no matter how hard you spend. For those starting from a rock bottom of zero dollars upvotes from their minnow fellows powering up (aka not spending all that you earn) is the way.


However, the key of steem power is to get comfortable with contentment. What I have found is that this interestingly has a benefit on your investment portfolio.

The hidden secret of steem power

A hidden benifit of steem power is that when you have steem power and you come into money you don’t have the emotional pull of spending it so you can show off to people. My ego is in my financial statement. This allows you to take that $10k and throw it at an opportunity that can make you $100k or that can cash flow you out of your job and not care if it wins or loses.

When you are powering up and your lifestyle isn’t dependent on windfalls, bonuses, or even your upvotes you can go on the offense bigly. I preach investing across steemit but one thing we all know is that you earn big when you invest big. This is still a new concept for the minnows who expect to get a little from a lot but that just isn’t how investing works.

You can be as right as you want to be but if you are only investing 100 bucks you can get a 50% gain and still be broke. The real key is to hunker down and accumulate massive amounts of steem power that you can then throw at sure things.

Those sure things don’t have to do crazy numbers but if you invest large enough you can make big money. An example are the loans the lenders give out. These lenders are usually private families that have massive wealth. They lend out millions at 10% and then live out of the interest. They can take on less risk because they invest larger.

Your goal needs to get big money so you can bet on sure things instead of throwing your money at MLM, pot stocks and other foolish schemes hoping to turn a dollar into a million.

The real takeaway here is that my powering up habits create a lifestyle that isn’t looking to get a big chunk of money so I can take that trip or buy that bag. Instead I throw trip and bag money at steem power because I don’t want the trip or bag anyway. This afternoon I took 10 steem and transferred to my savings account. When steem prices hike earnings my account will be worth around $200, I will have profited about $150. Guess what I will do with that money? I will throw it at steem power and now I will be up 100% on my upvotes. All because I am emotionally detached from my money. I use it only as a tool and nothing more.


I am more concerned with what I can earn than what I can lose. Since I don’t have the NEED money for sneakers, trips, clothes, watches etc I free myself up to lose money. If I lose my status in life doesn’t change. If I win my status in life doesn’t change. That is how the wealthy get wealthy and stay wealthy.

Most of my life I have gotten money I didn’t expect and blown it. I blew it because I had already planned my life of survival out without that money. Thus if I blew it I could still solve life’s problems. These days all unexpected money is stashed and powered up. As a steemit account owner one of your number one lifelines is your steem power on hand. Not your stuff, not your trips, not your converts but your cash. Idc what they say, steem has power. Credit is cool and all but steem cash has value.

So steem power here is more than just a way to get you started, it frees you up as you grow to take massive risks that will make you massively rich. This is the hack. Steem Power gets you the money to get started and it also allows you to use the money you accumulate without the mentality that “ooh I got some money let me spend it”. I know this sounds very simple and obvious but success isn’t difficult, the difficult part is the emotional ties to stuff. I am so emotionally detached from money that no matter what amount of money I get I can’t come down and buy into consumer culture anymore. This has been ingrained in me by seeing my mentor who is worth billions who makes hundreds of thousands of month but never changes his position in life.

So don’t go buying into what we are sold that a suit or a car or a house will make you successful. No, a financial statement will make you successful. When you go to the steemit wallet they don’t ask you how many pairs of Jordan’s you have they want to see your steemit account balances and steem power score. Steem power is power.

I encourage you to steem with us and join our promosteem partnership. We are doing a great work and if we keep up the pace you can be into five hundred steem power before the middle of next year. They are also hosting a 150 promosteem contest. If you want to participate this right here is the link to the contest entry:

Thank you for reading!

Be great, invest well

Uncle T


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