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How I think Steemians and the Steem community can promote steem to more users and help steem go to the moon, would be to help anyone who wants to sell goods or services see the potential in the steem blockchain, much like Steem Monsters have done.  Develop a simple basic open source code (html) that can be used on virtually any web hosting services, for smaller businesses who want to have their own website and store front online with the options to pay in multiple ways exactly like Steem Monsters have done, and log into a member based website using a current or new Steemit account.  

  I would love to get some ideas support or tools from the community.  I being a bit of an entrepreneur and always looking for ways to improve things and make things easier.  Not a big coder, but I can get around a little bit on the keyboard, and think that it should be easier for someone who doesn't have the time but is busy building and maintaining their physical businesses, to have access to a code that allows them to customize a checkout for their online store fronts.

My Congratulations on a Job Well Done to the Steem Monsters Team.

Steem Monsters Team

nateaguila - Creative Director   @nateaguila

 clove71 - Sales Rep      @clove71

reseller - Director Of Social Media   @reseller

isaria - Director Of Content      @isaria

steemmonsters - Project Account      @steemmonsters

aggroed - Co-Founder & Ceo      @aggroed

yabapmatt - Co-Founder & Cto     @yabapmatt


This project is not open-source

Go and Check them Out they have done an awesome job.


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Hi @brad-saunders

I just found your old post and I must admit that I found this content very interesting and valuable.

I being a bit of an entrepreneur and always looking for ways to improve things and make things easier.

What sortt of entrepreneur are you if you dont mind me asking? What is your focus? Something related to crypto and blockchain?

ps. post a bit to old to upvote :(



Well I have found myself in many adventures. I was a sub contractor in construction doing roofs for quite some time. I started developing a health issue and have changed gears.

I just recently started my new adventure. I am a publisher in training, looking to release a private publication magazine in my area come spring. The magazines core focus is the neighbourhood in which it is released, creating a new version of media print. Social media in print form we connect the neighbors with each other and promoting local businesses helping them brand their company by sponsorship within the magazine.

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