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Hello everyone🖐!!!!!!
Today I'm going to discuss my all experiences and knowledge about Partiko. As a beginner i dont know much about it but whatever i know, i want to share it and promote partiko.

Partiko is a fast and beautiful application on steemit. It is creating a very long blockchain on steemit with its day by day increasing users. It is very easy to use and just give a beautiful experience of steemit.
Its every day updating features, easiness of use, and many other things make it popular among Steemians. Partiko has not stopped here, its a ever updating app and ever growing blockchain on steemit. Soon it will create a great history of blockchain with its millions of users.

Recent Updated Feature
One of the recent updated features of partiko is partiko chat. Its just an amazing feature of partiko. Its just like icing on the cake. It provides a much better way to introduce with our steemian friends which is not possible by only commenting. It help in improving relations with our followers and followings and provide a easy way to discuss more on any post related issues.
As informed by partiko, all its users soon get more new updates and features in upcoming weeks. Partiko founder is working on it. For this purpose, partiko has started a ** SP Delegation Plan Round** and have completed its 2 round with a great response. So many users take part in this, it all shows love for partiko
Any user can take part in this delegation round and can get some bonus partiko points and an upvote from @partiko with a thankyou comment.
Here are some screen shots which i have taken from @partiko to show you

What is Partiko Points?????
Its just a beautiful feature of partiko. You get some partiko points when you post anything, upvote and comment to anyone using partiko. You can use these partiko points as-
√ To get an upvote from partiko exchanging your partiko points.
√ To send message to any users not using partiko.
√ You can also save them and compete with the highest partiko points holders, just for fun.

Partiko Contest
Besides its features, there are many ongoing contest everyday by partiko or in name of partiko by its lovers.
A recent contest of partiko was show love for partiko. It was a contest for showing your love for partiko by some imagination and creation. Many users take part in this contest showing their love for partiko.

One ongoing contest which will end up this week is for partiko partner #7.
A partiko partner is 7th position in partiko. A partiko partner is responsible for promoting partiko on online community. You have to do anything to impress partiko for getting this position.

Why Partiko??????🤔
I don't give this question's answer becoz i want that you yourself realize its answer by using partiko.

As a beginner i was also unaware about it. My friend @kalpanasvyas20 introduce me with partiko. I much impressed with it that i feel
Oooo! 😟Why don't i use it before????
I also suggest my friend to use it. I always want to remain the member of partiko blockchain.
Thanks to @partiko for all support.

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