[STORY] --> Awaken - Part 32 - Enchantments and Engagements

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Part 32 - Enchantments and Engagements

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Part 31 - Rest and Rection


Silgren exited the room with two crossbows, two full quivers of iron bolts, some belts, and a small travel-pack with backup supplies. Mayval was waiting near the leather packs with Grayden. She'd already filled him in on the situation as much as was necessary and was helping him fit into the cloak. It was far too large for him even in a smaller size. A pair of garden shears hung visibly on the wall in the kitchen which she hastily grabbed and returned with to make modifications. Silgren had loaded both crossbows, put on the travel-pack, belt, and then affixed the quiver to the belt with ease. Mayval finished the modifications and set the shears on the nearby table. “It's not my best work, but it'll have to do,” she muttered. Silgren brought her the other crossbow, handed her a quiver then fitted the belt around her waist and tightened it. There were several metal pegs around the belt, rounded at the tip, and a metal slot on the crossbow's bottom side so it could be carried at the hip on the belt. She noticed the same slot on the quiver and attached it to the belt.

The flickering light of the fireplace drew Silgren's attention and he became concerned the fire may attract attention. He approached and within a few moments of silent focus the fire died down and was extinguished, leaving behind the silence of a smoldering log. Mayval, although intrigued by this display of magic didn't bother to waste time asking questions. “Silgren, we should hurry to my place,” urged Mayval, “I've already advised a few others to round up who they can and meet up there.” Silgren nodded, “I hope they remembered to bring their hunting supplies. Sounds like we're going to need all the help we can get.”

Part 32 - Enchantments and Engagements

Somewhere down the path from Silgren's place, a commotion of shouting and heavy footsteps in the puddles could be heard. Mayval went to the open front door and could see a group of people in the distance who appeared to be helping people get to the other end of town.

“Silgren, we must go now!” she urged.

“Just a moment,” responded Silgren, retrieving his study notes from the table, “I'll be right behind you.”

Mayval crouched down in front of Grayden and brushed his hair back, then put the hood of the cloak onto his head. “Stay close to me," reassured Mayval, "Everything will be alright.”

While Silgren disappeared to the backroom to store his notes in a safe place, Mayval took Grayden by the hand. Carrying a pack of scrolls with her, they walked out into the rain and down the path.

“Mayval!” yelled out a familiar voice from up ahead. The woman approached, shielded from the rain by her umbrella.

“Yavahne, good to see you're okay,” exclaimed Mayval.

“I'm glad to see you too,” she responded, “but we're still missing some people.” Yavahne looked back over her shoulder to the group that had gathered and shouted instructions. “Everyone! Make your way to the Guispira's... Nelodov, go with them and make sure they're safe!”

A tall young man with sandy-brown hair nodded back to her. “Sure thing!” he responded.

“Just a moment!” interrupted Mayval, pointing at another young man.

He wiped away the water from his brow that dripped down his face from his drenched, jet black hair that was flattened to his forehead. “Yes, lady Feldwick?” he responded, stepping forward, bow in hand and quiver on his shoulder.

“Stay with our group. We may require the extra help,” said Mayval. She continued, “Grayden, go with the other group to my place.” Grayden tried to protest, but Mayval was having none of it. “Help keep them safe. Now go!” ordered Mayval strictly.

The two young men shook hands, and the older of the two, Hartelos, wished him blessings from the Twelve. Nelodov sheathed his iron short-sword and assisted someone with a fresh leg-wound in making their way. “Stay close and be alert,” shouted Nelodov to the group as Grayden joined them.

Silgren caught up to Mayval, Yavahne, and Hartelos a moment later. The retreating group could be seen heading down the path off to the left. Grayden was visible among them due to his unique cloak, so Silgren didn't need to ask where he'd gone. “Sorry I took so long,” apologized Silgren, patting his pack, “I was preparing more scrolls.”

The greetings were brief, mostly just reassuring nods. Mayval set to immediately getting everyone on task, “Alright! Yavahne has informed me we're still missing some people. It's likely that those close to the town's entrance have taken up hiding spots and are unable to flee.”

Silgren, remembering days past when Orvus informed him that they'd barely escaped from a swarm of elemental fiends, had a plan to put into action. “Everyone...” directed Silgren, “form a circle and hold your weapons, bolts, and arrows within the center.” Silgren opened the pack to look for scrolls tied by green and yellow twine and grabbed a fist full of them.

Hartelos held forth his bow and quiver of arrows and Mayval held forth her crossbow and quiver of bolts. Then Silgren gave Yavahne his equipment, and she followed suit. Silgren stood in silence and cleared his mind of anxiety, doubt, the cold feeling of the raindrops splattering on his face, and the foreboding melody of the rainfall. The fist full of scrolls started to glow and crackle, then burst into flame. A bright yellow and earthy-green light poured from the scrolls into their equipment. Everyone could feel their weapons vibrating intensely for a few moments, emitting an intense light before the magic seeped inside and settled, leaving behind a faint lime-green glow. Silgren smiled and wiped his hand on his cloak leaving behind a smudge of blackened ash. Yavahne handed back the crossbow and bolts to Silgren then advised the group that she'd keep back if a battle broke out and relay the fiend's movements and locations.

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The group quickly made their way south to the town's entrance, taking a hard left and then a hard right. Upon arrival at the final southward stretch, they could see quite a few watery, spherical creatures pulsating and floating about. They were rather large, more sizable than a boulder, and seemed to move with purpose as if they were patrolling... looking for those who'd hidden.

Silgren had never seen a water-wisp elemental before apart from depictions in old texts. He motioned to the group to take a left at the intersection. “We're going to use the houses and freshwater barrels to our advantage,” he advised the group, “so don't bunch up... we don't want to give them too large a target.”

Keeping a low profile, the group moved behind the house to the back and took up defensive positions. Silgren used a series of barrels containing fresh water to conceal him, while it served as a sturdy surface to steady his aim. Mayval did the same, taking up a position behind a stone well with a wooden roof cover. The overhang provided a reprieve from the rain, which was getting progressively worse. Hartelos took up his position behind a modest stack of firewood that the town's folk in this area shared.

“Silgren...” whispered Yavahne, now crouched alongside the wall behind some wooden crates of mulch, “just across the way there's two of them.”

The group readied their weapons, aiming. “Mayval, Hartelos... you two take the one on the left,” directed Silgren, “I'll deal with the one on the right.” Silgren's target moved out from behind a small tree, giving him his best possible shot, and then he squeezed the trigger.



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and the story continues ... your writing flies quickly, without hesitation. it is a pleasure to read you ;)) keeo on

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Hi @hypexals-spiral, I feel the end is coming. Good story!! All the episodes are perfectly spun or at least the last 4. Greetings


I'm going through slowly an applying more strict editing and spacing to make it easier to read.
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OK thanks. I will be reading soon

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