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Part 31 - Rest and Reaction

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Part 30 - Breakfast Before Dread


Kogg, agitated, cawed at the group for attention, pecking his beak at the deck. The old man reach into his pocket, retrieved some berries from a loose pouch, and laid some down. Kogg dodged the pat on the head, nudged the berries away and cawed back in protest. “What's gotten into him?” asked Orvus looking over his shoulder. The old man, confused, shrugged at Orvus. Merobaku turned, looked back at Kogg and sensed an anxiety she'd not seen Kogg express before. Kogg cawed again, louder, while he hopped up and down. Merobaku traced Kogg's stare to where she'd been concealing the stone of power beneath her dress, in a custom, hidden satchel she'd been given by Mayval. The old man tried to ask Kogg what the problem was, but Merobaku had already retrieved the stone and held it out towards Kogg, who'd cocked his head and then taken abrupt flight. Orvus and the old man stepped back as Kogg landed on Merobaku's forearm, made contact the with stone, and then took to the air. “Kogg!” cried out the old man, “W-what's the problem?” Kogg cawed back at the group as he flew into the distance, heading back towards Algen.

Orvus felt a wave of dread fall over him as he stared out at the horizon. The Captain had heard about the commotion on deck and came to find out what the issue was. “Captain!” shouted Orvus, setting down his travel-pack to retrieve a few bamboo flasks of gold Ormus. The Captain noticed Merobaku and the old man staring south-west, turned and could see Kogg flying back to the port at Algen. “What's going on, Orvus?” asked the Captain as Orvus approached and handed him the flasks. Orvus spoke urgently, “These flasks contain gold in a pure, powdered form. Please allow us to borrow a small boat to return to Algen.” The Captain glanced down at the flasks, back at Orvus, and then looked over his shoulder at his First Mate and gave a nod. The First Mate spoke loudly to the crew on deck, “We're stoppin' here. Ready our guests a boat!” The group gave the Captain and crew their thanks, then Orvus led them to the back of the ship. The sails were retracted and while the ship slowed down, the group was instructed to get into the small boat which was now ready to be lowered down into the water. Orvus thanked the crew and got in, followed by Merobaku and the old man. The boat was lowered and when it made contact with the water, Merobaku held out her arm and called forth her spear. In a golden flash of light, Wasp Nettle appeared in her right hand.

Part 31 - Rest and Reaction

Silgren's afternoon was coming along nicely apart from his flooded lawn due to a full day's worth of ever-worsening rain. A whole day being cooped up inside wasn't all that bad as he had Grayden to keep him company, and had tasked him to help with the chores and general household upkeep. While he sat by the fire to keep warm, he read over his research notes and pondered deeply on the best way to incorporate the gold Ormus powder into his alchemical formulae. The newly awakened skills within him flashed symbols which rotated and collided in his mind in a manner most unfamiliar to him before having interacted with the stone of power.

Source Image - Pixabay

A knock on the door jolted him out of his trance-like focus. “Grayden,” shouted Silgren, “could you get that?” The door to Grayden's room swung open and he emerged, dirtied from scrubbing the floors. The front door burst open before Grayden could even get halfway there. Mayval entered, flustered, with a concerned look on her face. “Mayval?!” sputtered Silgren, noticing she was trying to catch her breath. “Silgren, I need you to come with me immediately!” urged Mayval, shaking, barely able to hold onto her umbrella. Silgren set his study notes down and stood up, eyes locked on Mayval, while she stood in a puddle of cold water dripping from her soaked footwear and dress which clung to her body. Grayden hadn't a moment to process the situation before he was dismissed to his room. Mayval stepped forward, did her best to collect herself, and with a serious look on her face she spoke, “Get your scrolls, we're under attack!”

The look on Silgren's face was a mix of shock and confusion. “Attack?!” he stammered, rushing past her to the room under the stairs where he kept his emergency supplies. Mayval followed closely and stopped behind him at the door's threshold. Silgren had already opened several wooden lock-boxes. He looked at Mayval and gestured feverishly, “In, in! Shut the door.” While Silgren checked a leather pack, he stuffed more scrolls into it and then Mayval spoke as quiet as the situation would allow. “At the edge of town... these creatures made of water ambushed several families.” She paused, her voice clearly cracking in emotional distress. Silgren knew what she was implying. He didn't want to hear it but he continued for her, getting to the point, “How many?” She shook her head in sadness, “A few managed to slip away during the chaos... but I'm afraid we've lost half a dozen or so, maybe more.” His eyes locked on her own again. The severity of the situation filled the room, palpably.

Two leather packs of scrolls now ready, he set them beside her and moved to a wooden chest and pulled out a change of clothes. “Change into these!” he urged, tossing her the clothes over his shoulder. With his back to her, she hastily undressed and put on the dry clothing. He further removed three, thin, strange-looking body cloaks. He tossed her one and it thudded on the ground at her feet. She stared at it, intrigued, while he changed from his thick grey cloak and put on the other one. She forced it over her head and tugged it down, adjusting her shirt first before her arms emerged through the sleeves. “What is this, exactly?” she queried, patting at it to flatten the stubborn material. “It's a special, chemically treated thread,” responded Silgren, distracted, as he looked about the room for anything else that could be of use. He continued, moving to a cabinet at the far wall, “The process opens pores in the threads, which are then dipped in a unique mixture of beeswax and thydle leaf charcoal.” “So they're water-proof then?” asked Mayval. Silgren made a brief, affirmative 'hmm' sound as she fitted the hood over her head with a fond admiration. “Bring the other cloak to Grayden,” directed Silgren, “and bring the packs of scrolls into the other room.” Mayval tucked the folded cloak under her arm, grabbed the packs and left the room.

Silgren exited the room with two crossbows, two full quivers of iron bolts, some belts, and a small travel-pack with backup supplies. Mayval was waiting near the leather packs with Grayden. She'd already filled him in on the situation as much as was necessary and was helping him fit into the cloak. It was far too large for him even in a smaller size. A pair of garden shears hung visibly on the wall in the kitchen which she hastily grabbed and returned with to make modifications. Silgren had loaded both crossbows, put on the travel-pack, belt, and then affixed the quiver to the belt with ease. Mayval finished the modifications and set the shears on the nearby table. “It's not my best work, but it'll have to do,” she muttered. Silgren brought her the other crossbow, handed her a quiver then fitted the belt around her waist and tightened it. There were several metal pegs around the belt, rounded at the tip, and a metal slot on the crossbow's bottom side so it could be carried at the hip on the belt. She noticed the same slot on the quiver, and attached it to the belt.

The flickering light of the fireplace drew Silgren's attention and he became concerned the fire may attract attention. He approached and within a few moments of silent focus the fire died down and was extinguished, leaving behind the silence of a smouldering log. Mayval, although intrigued by this display of magic didn't bother to waste time asking questions. “Silgren, we should hurry to my place,” urged Mayval, “I've already advised a few others to round up who they can and meet up there.” Silgren nodded, “I hope they remembered to bring their hunting supplies. Sounds like we're going to need all the help we can get.”



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A fluid reading from beginning to end. What I liked the most was the opening paragraph; It is wonderful to invite to continue reading. Then the development of this chapter was very good; And the end is very subtle.
It has been a real pleasure to have read you, regards @hypexals-spiral

hi dear @hypexals-spiral, very interesting chapter, your writing flies fast and is not boring, except for some snag with the translator ;)) keep on and congratulations on your curie vote

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