TimCliff Witness Update 2018-05-22

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Hello Everyone!

Here is what I've been up to since my last witness post:

  • I hosted a Minneapolis / St. Paul meetup. TLDR: It was a lot of fun :) There are pictures and details of the event here.
  • I have started learning how to develop code changes for the Steem blockchain. My intention is to be able to work on some of the improvements that the community has been asking for, which are not currently priorities for Steemit. I have started work on two changes. I will write a post with more details about this soon, but if you want to take a sneak peak, the GitHub issues are 2140 and 2022.
  • A lot of my time continues to go towards helping users who are reporting issues in the steem.chat "help" channel.
  • I continued testing the new AppBase release candidate.
  • I submitted a pull request to the Steem repository to add a plugin that was missing from the new full node configuration for AppBase.
  • I updated all of my nodes to have the 19.3 security patch.
  • I continue to post the weekly Reports from the Witnesses series each week, which provides the community with an aggregated report of all the witness reports from the week.
  • I moved my appbasetest.timcliff.com node to new hardware after a server crash, as it was taking too long to resynch on the hardware it was on.
  • I made a proposal to make spam less profitable, but it was not very well received - so it will not likely go anywhere.
  • I wrote an article about why double producing is bad.
  • I participated in @shadowspub's witness chat show on Discord.
  • I opened several condenser issues with suggested improvements and reported bugs.
  • I also did some initial development to add a "Share on StumbleUpon" button to condenser.
  • I opened a lot of issues with suggested improvements for the devportal.
  • I also submitted several devportal pull requests including adding new nodes to the public RPC node list, and adding SteemPress to the community tools section.
  • I submitted several PRs to update the documentation in the Steem repository: 2477, 2444, and 2354.
  • I helped to review a community pull request that was submitted for HF 20.
  • I submitted a PR to Steemit's new "redeemer-deplorables" repository which contains a list of accounts for them to undelegate to. The PR removed the SP from around 500 accounts that were spamming the blockchain. I also submitted a PR to update/clarify the documentation in the repository for other users who are interested in submitting similar changes.
  • I created several issues in the faucet repository related to the signup process.
  • I continue discussions with other witnesses, stakeholders, and Steemit about potential changes to the platform.

Forward Looking Plans:

  • My main focus for the foreseeable future will be to continue digging into the Steem code and working on improvements to the blockchain code. It is an ambitions goal, but I would actually like to ultimately propose and develop an entire set hardfork changes, and get them accepted by the witnesses.
  • I have plans to write several posts over the next few months, including one on how to better align stakeholder objectives with user behavior.
  • I will continue to provide support in the help channel of steem.chat.
  • I will continue writing the weekly "Reports of the Witnesses" series.

Information / Suggestions / News:

Summary of Current Witness Parameters:

  • SBD Interest Rate: SBD is currently trading way above $1.00. Based on this, my interest rate is currently set to 0.
  • Price Feed Bias: My price feed bias is also set to 0. I am not currently planning to use the bias to increase SBD production, because I feel the potential negative consequences outweigh the potential gains.
  • Registration Fee: My registration fee is currently set to 0.1 STEEM. This makes it so that a new account costs 3 STEEM (non-delegated), which is about $9.00 USD at current market prices. Users who have accounts created with the minimum fee (3 STEEM) and are not delegated extra SP are likely to run into bandwidth limitations. It is recommended that new accounts start out with at least 15 SP.
  • Maximum Block Size: I currently have my block size set to 65,536. I feel this is sufficient given the current size of the user base and the amount of daily usage we have.

I welcome feedback if you think there are things that I can be doing better as a witness. If you think I am doing a great job, I would really appreciate your witness vote!

Thanks everyone for reading my witness report!

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I am glad to see that your proposal about trying to make spam less reward-able will be putting on hold for the moment. But I am also very glad that you wrote that proposal it did open quite some eyes and lots of people (like myself) were unaware of the dust threshold. I do appreciate all thing that you are doing to support the steem ecosystem and blockchain! That why I decided to give one of empty witness spots to you. I was hesitant about doing this, because I do feel that we should create a better middleclass on the Steem blockchain.
This is somethings which is missing at the moment.
We are all trying together to make something out of it. You as a witness, I by trying to interact as much as possible! Both are utmost crucial!
We, did set up recently a small community trying to prevent as much drop outs as we can within our niche! And I have to admit, it is hard work! If you are interested into following our small betting community, you can find us at @sbcbot! The purpose of the bot, is not to sell votes but the give starting people within our niche a push in the back. More niches should try to set up things like things because every users we can prevent from leaving steem will increase the interaction, hence will decrease the drop outs!
Our latest project is a world cup contest! It is getting bigger by the day! So, if you have some spare time left, feel free to join us! Registration is free, and like it should there are no upvote, resteem of follow requirements! You can find it on my blog!

So, thanks again for all the hard work. The steem ecosystem would be nowhere without guys like you!


"My registration fee is currently set to 0.1 STEEM. This makes it so that a new account costs 3 STEEM (non-delegated), which is about $9.00 USD at current market prices."

??? Should the .1 Steem be $3?


That is not how it works. The blockchain takes the account_creation_fee parameter that the witnesses set, and multiply it by 30 to get the amount it costs to create an account without delegation.

30 x 0.1 STEEM = 3 STEEM. 1 STEEM is currently around $3 USD, so that turns into $9 USD.

You are on my list already BTW this is hell lot of work....

I went to U of M ... twin cities rule

Your list of "some important updates" is very cool



Ah, cool. That's where I went too :)

Thanks for the update, @timcliff! I think it's great that you are working on some community changes that Steemit Inc. does not have the time to prioritize. I see a lot of people complain about benefactors for post payout being very weird right now, so it's good to see that you are doing something to fo fix it.

Keep up the great work!


Voted as witness.


My pleasure

You've been busy! Glad to hear you're working on changes the community has been asking for. Also, great to hear your voice on the Steemit Ramble witness chat again. Listened to it with a group of Steemians at the Nashville meetup this past weekend. So much fun! Love the in-person community building. Sounds like you've been enjoying it as well. :)

Wow, lots of good work done by you @timcliff
Like I feel you’re the only witness working believe me
You’ve been in and completed so many projects . I must just give it up to you
If I e not voted for you in the past they you just earned my honest vote. Kudos
More grease to your elbow, keep steeming and touching lives

I've really benefited from you some time ago, and I've voted knowing that I owe you my vote. One thing I know for sure is that you have great plans for this platform.

It is very good that they have eliminated the sp of many accounts that are only spamming ... there is a large group if I'm not mistaken they are like 100 account. that only publishes youtube videos


It needs to be a pretty black and white abuse issue to actually revoke someone's delegated SP.. Also, if they are using their own SP then nothing can be done.


I understand .. since a steemit account can not be deleted or blocked by the managed

Thank you so much for everything you’re doing. I love the idea of your working on some of the STEEM blockchain needs that Steemit, Inc. doesn’t have time to prioritize.

I just did a couple livestreams spreading the word since seeing the Chinese govt. come out with its rankings and putting STEEM #2. If they had more understanding of the SEC threats to ETH, wonder if it would have been #1 instead! Seriously though, I’ll take #2.

I think he is trying hard to do his job as a witness @timcliff, he already has my support as a witness on my list. Greetings and blessings!!

This is some great work mate. Great contributions to the community.

I'm going to vote you as witness right now.



Thanks :)

Thank you for the Stirling input and work here on Steemit.

Weldone sir.... Have seen few f the good world you are doing on the blockchain

You deserve the vote sir ND am voting right away


I read your witness report
And gaved my witness vote to you