Announcing Fundition - The First Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform

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Dear Steem community,

After months of hard work, with the help of my small, but dedicated team, I am happy and excited to release the first platform of FutureShock (our apps incubator) that we believe will make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people across the world (including yours).

Find out more about our vision for Fundition here:

Help us change the world:

As a Creator: We call creators “ Founders ” for a reason. We invite you to create a Fundition campaign that will support your vision for a better future, whether an invention, a symphony, or a nonprofit organization. Now is the time. This is your chance. Start innovating on this decentralized platform; there are no fees, and all transactions are peer-to-peer. There is literally nothing standing in your way.

As a Steemian: At Fundition, we have a vision of a fairer world, where power is not only in the hands of a centralized few. We hope to instead support projects that foster real and lasting change. We have therefore carefully built into the Fundition platform a system of HEART GIVING. Much like other Steem-based apps, but unlike “likes” on other social media platforms, the “upvotes” (or what we call HEARTS) on the Fundition platform are worth Steem currency, and are supported by the Steem blockchain and its Proof of Brain algorithm. In other words, when you give a HEART to a project, that project will be given currency (Steem) for their merit-based efforts. But you do not necessarily need to reach into your (fiat) wallet to support those projects. (And you will even be rewarded with a small amount of HeartPower in exchange for your support of the project.)


Will We Fail to Change the World?

Throughout history, creators, inventors, and other geniuses have failed to change the world.
Why? – Because their ideas stayed only ideas. We aim to change that paradigm.

Crowdfunding startups have changed the ecosystem for entrepreneurs and artists already, and in recent years, crowdfunding projects have generated billions of dollars in revenue. However, corporate crowdfunding platforms continue to take substantial fees for minimal service. The coffers of these centralized platforms continue to fill up, generating massive profits for the company, without any significant innovation or development.


History shows us that it’s creators who sweat and bleed for their innovations, while too often, capital supporters take their ideas and earn large profits. Unfortunately, creators are often left with little to nothing.

This is why we created Fundition. We believe in empowering and supporting artists, creatives, innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs. Directly. In a decentralized way.


About Fundition & Our Contribution to the Community

Fundition is a next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform, built on the Steem blockchain, that aims to replace extant, outmoded, centralized models such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and Patreon; while offering a valuable solution to link creative entrepreneurs with like-minded supporters.

At Fundition, our goal is to put more time into making Steem grow, instead of trying to increase the value of our account. Our goal is to put coal in the locomotive of the Steem train instead of building a slow train of our own. Our interest is in scaling the community and value of Steem, rather than simply scaling our own endeavor.


We are using a new system at Fundition called HEART GIVING. This is built upon the merit-based rewards of the Steem blockchain, and it goes one level further. Instead of rewarding projects or contributors with currency or fiat, they are given HEARTS, HEARTPOWER, and lifetime HEART SUPPORT. At the moment all of these gifts are powered by Steem, SBD, and SP, but we are working to develop an SMT (Smart Media Token) called the Heart Token, which will be released in the near future.

I have also come up with something called Proof of Merit (PoM), which is an ethical overlay for the Steem blockchain. Fundition is based on this PoM, and we have a somewhat more detailed description of PoM in our PurplePaper (with much more discussion to come):

In brief, the idea of PoM is that plankton, minnows, dolphins, and whales should have relative parity. Steem does seek such equality for its users, though it has struggled with uneven distribution (mirroring income inequality in the fiat world). We believe that Fundition addresses both the long-time users of Steem, and the beginners, wanting to get started quickly.


About Our Team

My name is Aytaç Ozden Cetinkaya ( @hightouch ), and I am the founder of FutureShock and the Fundition platform. Before these project, I worked to develop the DTube platform, and I have a wide knowledge of the Steem blockchain’s operating system, the thinking process, and the necessity of an ecosystem. Before this work, I spent more than a decade as an engineer, specializing in the research of numerical solutions using mostly Microsoft technology. I live between Paris and Strasbourg, France, where I have worked for many famous companies in my lifetime.

Following my four months of successful work on the DTube project, I made a conscious decision to turn my work next towards building something not only useful for the community, but above all, for humanity. Today, I have no doubt about having gone the right direction.

I took on the challenge on gathering a motivated team (some of them were already active in our associations), to improve the crowdfunding world together, with the goal of building the biggest decentralized crowdfunding community over the Steem blockchain.

Credits :

Fundition Team : @candia, @theshinstory, @enisshkurti, @goyard, @addicttolife, @overmybrain, @burakakdogan, @drkent, @free999enigma, @planetenamek

Fundition Advisors & MVPs : @fredo77200, @infromthecold, @acidyo, @coldbolt, @alucare, @liveyourdream, @nannal

I'm also thankful to @fabien, @reggaemuffin, @redjepi and @cloh76 for our discussions.

And a special thanks for my friend “The Visionary Marksman” Christopher KEO aka @ekitcho who helped me to make this a reality. To be honest, this wouldn't be possible without his help.

We created this platform not only to spread humanity, but to take a position and to bring a new vision to the Steem Ecosystem.

Thank you all for your contributions!
Let's build the future, all together on the Steem ecosystem !

Contribute to our Project

Give Feedback

We are open to your valuable feedback, to be able to build a good product that you may love. If you have any feedback or ideas that you would like to share with us, please comment under this post or feel free to contact us in our Discord channel.

Support and Share

If you would like to help us with our project, you can support with your upvote on this post. We will be grateful for your help! (ALL rewards from this post will be used to keep the platform on track.)

For business or partnership inquiries, please feel free to email your proposal to [email protected]

You can follow @fundition & @futureshock for our futures updates.

Don't forget if you support the first Fundition's project :!/@fundition/m33nd7t1k
You will appear on :

Futureshock video is at DLive


First Impressions...

First, I'm so excited to see someone tackle the crowdfunding application of Steem. I've been anxiously awaiting a development like this for a long time.

Logged in with SteemConnect easily. The site has a very pleasing design and seems very well done. Most of the site text is well done, but the Purple Paper could use some attention in it's english translation. It reads a bit clunky and strange. There are also a couple typos you'll want to address on the site. (Check the "Start New Prroject" button first!)

I'm happy to see the roadmap mentioning continuing UI design, bug fixes, app development, etc. From my exploration so far, I don't see a way to follow a project from within the site itself. I gave my first "heart donation" to the launchpad, "Save the Whales" campaign. I'd like to be able to see that in my dashboard and possibly see my heart levels across all projects.

There are some icons in the top right heads up display that are unclear to me and could use further explanation. The mention of setting up a recurring support subscription is also great, and I'm curious how it's implemented. Is it basically an integrated "Steemvoter" type bot? I didn't see any option in my cast vote.

Personally I think the aspect of growing your heart power and the supporter role you've defined, vs the backer role and it's direct transfer of funds, are the key differentiating factor of Steem and a huge selling point and should be emphasized even more! Voting is such a frictionless method of support it's wonderful.

The site fundamentals are also a bit confusing concerning defined goal projects (ala Kickstarter) vs. continuing creator support (ala Patreon). I'm hesitant to play around with setting up a Patreon style project without knowing if it can be edited or outright ended at a later point by the founder. Would love to see more documentation on that before I commit something to the blockchain!

I'd also like to see a bit more information on exactly how the system is working in terms of what Steem blockchain content is being included in the calculations. Does a project automatically end on Fundition if it's met it's heart goal? Do all posts made by the founder account count toward the campaign or is it tag based? Do votes on comments count toward the heart totals?

I'm sure all this will play out in time with more tutorials, documentation and refinement. Not jumping on you at all, quite the contrary I'm impressed, excited and enthusiastic! Just my suggestions for documentation and improvements.

Keep up the great work, looking ahead to much success!

First of all, thank you for your feedback.

We will improve both text soon :) and I m sorry if you had hard time to understand something.

I and my team are glad. You gave your Hearts to the first Fundition Limited Edition project.
Which mean that you will appear here :

Seems like you are talking about your items in your inventory. And this point will be explained in the future update with more interaction and more help (as popup, etc)

The recurring bot is in work, but I cant say much about it now. But I hope that will be well receveid by the community.

I will give a fast answer to your questions but we are also building our FAQ (in a decentralized way) and everyone will be able to find these kind of information soon.

On Fundition the project end only when the post passt 7 days. But with an update by the founder or by a collaborator the project will/can continue. That mean, you can start a project, do a little pause for weeks and continue to make updates to get it in the trending of Fundition (explore page).

Only updates made with Fundition count toward the campaign. Since we are the only platform to allow sharing your rewards. But we are already working to give the possibilty to make an update with all DAPPS platform.

Both comments and donations, on your post and on your updates are taken into count for the total heart. Sometimes Donations are not displayed, just need another refresh, but this is because api.steemit changed some things few weeks ago.

We will work to simplify our platform and to give extra tutorial to help new users to achieve their dreams.

Thank you for your time :)

I will keep an eye on your future updates on Steem. Consider yourself followed sir!

Great response, it covers pretty much all my concerns and saves me typing them all :)

I have to say this looks like a project with great potential, but certainly could do with a lot of polishing. Then again, this is at a very early stage; I will keep a close eye on this and see where it is heading.

Great post Great project and good idea ireally happy to read your good post.I proud of you.

Great and informative post keep going...

Awesome review, I did't have to visit the site :D tip!

This is one of those things you read about and think to yourself "wow. how hasn't anyone thought of this yet?"

The Great project and the good idea really happy to read your good post.

Nice artical of faundation vary nice plan and thanx steemit comiunity

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I also agree with this assessment. Looks like a promising project.

Great post, keep on steemit

Yea it's really a great post

Dear steemians!

Please click on the link to access to our discord channel, the previous link post by @futureshock is expired from now, please use this one:


Wow! I’ve been waiting a long time for a site where people can post their creative works and innovative ideas and earn some cryptocurrency for them! How exciting!

Do I need a Fundition web wallet for this?

Hi @ats-david
You only need your Steem wallet/account to start to benefit from all advantages of Fundition.
Thank you for your appreciation ;)

So...a prospective new user would just create a Steem account, publish a post about their art or project, then other users would vote on it based on whether those other users like the post, and then the post is rewarded based on those votes and the voters get a little bit of rewards for finding and supporting the post?

This is brilliant!

Good job, team! This should revolutionize the Steem blockchain! Can I donate all of my money to this, or are there limits?

Looking forward to it

you are a sports lover. Right?

Soccer lover :)

Excited to see such a platform live, we do need a decentralized crowdsale platform. Also, some functions can be realized in Bitshares.

Hi @jademont
Dont hesitate to join us on Discord for any suggestions :
Thank you

Discord joined... maybe, I'm the first Italian on your server? ;)

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For a total calculated bidbot upvote value in the amount of $515 USD.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @futureshock and is by no means a judgement of your work.

Will help so many steemians.

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Wow man this is good stuff! I've been wanting to put a crowdfunding campaign together for a while now. I've studied Nanotech and would like to kick off my own project / research institute / innovation hub centred around nanoscale assembly technology. Basically to build a functioning nanofactory. Think that's something someone would fund?

The future looks bright!

Good luck and it is a nice effort i pray for your success.

Thanks @thedawn for this kindly comment.

Awesome idea and I like how it is on the steem platform. Anyone know how that NYC eviction guy is doing? I think he got funded from here and I think he was able to keep his place.


Finally , this is going to be a great project !

Did you had any doubt about it :)
Thank you for your appreciation bro dude @steeminator3000

I am looking forward to see your future! Good luck!

I don't even have the words to say how much I can't wait to see all this in action :-) ! A great project that I hope will open Steem's doors to as many people as possible! Special mention to @hightouch for the enormous work accomplished, huge thank you!

Yeah and I hope this project and futures will help humanity.
Thank you @planetenamek I am also proud to have you in our team ;)

This seems like a really interesting project, I am going to take a look at it because the potential for this application is amazing

Thank you @barne734
Dont hesitate to join us on discord and give us your feedbacks and suggestions :

Good Luck @futureshock

wow. i think this is a great project. let me read more about this project

@futureshock thank you for creating the first Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform because for the first time we have a place where we can fund projects without huge fees in the middle! I am happy to see this on Steem because it gives all of us hope that just showing up here and contributing each day is enough to make a huge difference in the world! I found this via @drkent's recommendation!

I will resteem to help more of us discover and begin funding projects!

I m glad that you like it.
Thank you very much for your appreciation and your support @jerrybanfield.

This looks like a fantastic opportunity guys and definitely something that I’d get behind and make use of. The crowd funding space is a brilliant area to target.

Will keep a close eye on your progress and will get involved when time permits.

Nice to hear that :)
Thank you for the support @mazzle

great initiative, congratulations to the working group that is behind

@futureshock, welcome and congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.02 vote! If you would be so kind to give me a follow in return that would be awesome!

Great work. I will take out time to get details latter. Meanwhile, I have to resteem it for wide visibility.

@fundition & futureshock happy to join you...good luck

hmmm sounds interesting.


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Thank You!

Looks great! Steemconnect sign in worked @futureshock !

Check out my first Project!/@darkflame/saez15sa6

wow.... i can see the application of this to help attract talent, innovation, and ideas onto the Steem blockchain, hopes this grows into the crypto-gofundme-kickstarter-hybrid, would you consider:

  • donations beyond Steem, including wallets for other crypto?
  • plugging in community accounts?

just dropping ideas, well done @futureshock .... APPLAUSE!

hey @cemke come see how awesome your countryman is! Turkey FTW!

hey @dj123! it is really good work! I hope it works. I will try to be part of this project. It is good to see this type idea :) Let the heart giving begin!

I am proud of all of them, it doesn't matter if they are my countryman or not :)

Interesante proyecto por tratar de cambiar la vision para un mejor futuro innovando y descentralizando el poder ademas de proponer la transacciones de igual a igual luchar contra el plagio para que reciba la recompensa quien realmente la merece y el empoderamiento de autores me alegra que fundition este creada en blockchaing y que este dirigida a los diferentes niveles sean ballenas delfines o nuevos @hightouch si puedo colaborar en algo para ayudar a su consolidadcion cuenta con mi apoyo igualmente para @futureshock.


Gracias por sus comentarios @luis01gs, no dude en unirse a su discord : . También necesitaremos ayuda para la traducción al español pronto.

welcome to the future!! long live to @fundition!!

I would say more : Welcome to the future and long live to Fundition !
by : Dupont

Umarim basarili olursunuz sayenizde bizde basaririz gibi 😄

In other words give steem to the worthy project of your choice?
(I read the book ,Future Shock did you? Science fiction is the vaccine for it)

Exactly @everittdmickey, the PoM hide all infos about the user wallet and project are displayed randomly. So, the only way to choose a project is by the project itself (at least on Fundition).
It seems like you know from where we got our inspiration :)

Thank you for writing a thought provoking article about a new merit based platform. I have up voted and resteemed this article.

Verry nice post big thumbs up and a resteem from my side best of luck Advance.

salute u did great job
waise to me english me boht weak hun par apne axha kam kiya he
i hope k ap mazeed yun hi axhi apps bnaenge r hamen introduce karwaenge ham se share karne k lye boht boht shukariya
best of luck

Hard to understand except for the compliments.

Thank you ;)

hahaha its ok thats my style

i hope you success... good luck you you
hope your mission guccess
DQmZsshK2Wn2HBwi3MJXw8cE7DmGBLj2JxTnKEExxr4kog9 (1).gif

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Awesome post 👍 thanks a lot 🔥❤️

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Thanks for the great content!!

@futureshock dear it seems great to see your effort on steemit it help me alot and also after it i can feel that i have increase my confident and experiance while using steam it ,as a steemer i also want to make such a app or softwere but i m not so much experianced .
Happy to see your team work ,and team work is also key of sucess .hope your this effort and great work help a lot people indeed.

There is a lot of place on Steem for anyone, and not only developpers. Keep trying to find your own ;)
And thank you for you appreciation @ahsanbukhari.

decentralised crowd-funding website , sounds exciting already. Will soon come up full power ready for my startup campaign
Thank You ;)

Great post ..I am looking forward to see your future! @futureshock Good luck and it is a nice effort .

great post my 100% upvote to you

Wow, I am am so impressed. This project will definitely change our life.
From day to day I am more impressed by steem.
So much is possible with steem.

But your work is one of the best. I mean how many groups can not run their projects because of money?
Now it is easier to get crowd funded, thank you for that.

But I think there are not just advantages. What if this kind of crowdfunding will be abused?
What do you think? Could it destroy steem?
I mean it would be very difficult to destroy steem but it is possible.

But well done! This project is so exciting and you have an upvote from me.
I will also follow you because of this project.

I think it will help so many people.

But what do you think? Could it be a weakness? I know it sounds stupid but what is your opinion?

Unfortunately there is tons of good Founders which can't reach their goals... because of the funds.

Since we are on Steem you can ask that question for each DApps ;) but I will give you a fast answer for Fundition and all @FutureShock Apps.

We will never permit anyone cheating on our platforms, I'm personaly involved to stop anyone whos trying to abuse of our platforms in any way. If you try to do so; you wont be able to log or interact anymore on our apps. Decentralization means freedom but not without justice.

The only weakness we see is the point of the future recurring bot system, some people may not agree to give a percentage of the steem reward pool to Founders. But we are hardly working to make it interesting for everyone from the newest plankton to the oldest blue whale. And dont forget coming SMT's will remove that barrier.

And finally there is no stupid question ;)
Thank you for your appreciation @griffenpete01

I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

Awesome review!!!! Thx <3

i like this post, excellent post

Great proyect I would like to join in

Hello @yonilkar
Feel free to join the Fundition's discord :

I hope work with you

Do you think it would kill the traditional crowdfunding pltforms?

@carlatortoza I cant say yes, but it has the potential for and we will do our best in this way.

OMG! So excited! About to dig into that purple paper now and then play around on the site! I have been eagerly awaiting something along these lines!

Happy to hear that @bryan-imhoff
Dont hesitate to give your feedbacks, we are listening the community and will make fast improvements to cover most of uses cases.
Feel free to join the Fundition's discord :

I think it will be a great platform.
Good luck.

Fundition is the future.
We'll support this project as much as we can with @steemalsace!
Good job!

Thanks for your support @steemalsace :)

I strongly appreciate your work.A lot of pray for you.

Decentralized Crowdfunding is the future. Please keep the good working you are doing with and good luck.

wonderful creativity.really amazing.very helpful post on steemit.keep up always.

The concept behind this looks great and as it is powered by Steemit, I believe this will prove to be a game changer in the future.

I really hope this will work out pretty well for all of us. Your platform seems to be a good entrance for ideas or projects to attract support from other steemians.

Will We Fail to Change the World?
Throughout history, creators, inventors, and other geniuses have failed to change the world.
Why? – Because their ideas stayed only ideas. We aim to change that paradigm.

Maybe we will have the chance someday, to make the world a different place without that greed and hate.

Wow, what a post! I got excited to see how much upvotes you got actually and the amount of audience viewing this. I think this project is truly amazing and hopefully, it will help starters like me.

We are excited too and will welcome you on our platform when you are ready!
Thank you @xxxirenexxx

hey congratulations @futureshock A GREAT STEP EVER TAKEN ON STEEMIT.Good luck and it is a nice effort i pray for your success.

What are the countermeasures against fraud?
You don't mention them at all.
And it's a serious issue.

Hi @lasearde
What you mean by fraud?
Dont hesitate to check the "how it works" page :!/howitworks

If you need more information you can reach our team on discord :

Very good!

Whatever you do ... stay true to your vision .. and don’t create a whaling system of control via voting power ... the world can never change that way . .. good luck with all that you desire

Even for @steemit whole stake I would not change my vision @navala.
Thank you for your support.

Good luck ... looking forward ....

This seems to answer my question which I asked in my post and its quite interesting to realize that I saw ur post right after posting my question.... coincidence !! I dont think so. I think its a great initiative and addresses a vital solution to the serious content makers. Thanks for developing this platform...

this was my post:

Obviously :)
Dont hesitate to give a try on Fundition and submit your project.
You and your friends can collaborate on the same project and share the collected hearts automatically ;)
Thanks for your appreciation

buenos dias buen proyecto lo de esta plataforma espero se desarrolle rápidamente exito

Hallo @futureshock saya sangat mengagumi postingan saya.karena anda baru bergabung tetapi anda langsung bisa meningkatkan reting dan mempunyai upvote yang banyak.bagaimana caranya agar saya bisa bergabung dengan anda.mohon petunjuk.

fine earning photo good

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Thank You! ⚜

This is one initiative that will definitely change how crowdfunding is run and help people with the great ideas to realize their goals. We who believe in this initiative powered by Fundition need to encourage people to support this project. Keep this up!

That's exactly what in we believe.
Thank you for support @dceroo

you are welcome

Hey! I just followed and upvoted you :) follow back and we can help each other succeed @mahamlicious

Super exciting news !

The problem of a wasted talent would have been decreased and the rate of abject poverty would have been subdued if a type of this project is common and accessible to all humanity. Looking inwardly, the Africa underdevelopment is stemmed majorly from a problem like this. There are many wasted and wasting talents in Africa community simply because of lack of support to creative and innovative minds by those who have the ability to do but refuse to, because of their selfish attitude of not allowing others to climb the mountain. Am happy for seeing this 'life -changing' project that tends to promote the viable ideas and extend fortunes to those who deserve it by their efforts. More success.

Hi @rasheym,
We hope to change the face of crowdfunding but it will take us some time for sure :)
I agree there is many wasted talents over the world, and to be honest I could be myself one of them without the help of my team and @ekitcho.
I dont totaly agree with that selfish attitude, think just that we are all differents, and minnows have mostly no idea about how much some people are minded because tons of people asking for simple upvotes.
Steem, even if its unbalanced at start/for new users, give you the way to climb that mountain and I and my team will work harder to be the proof of what I m telling you now.
You just have to find how to climb that mountain and to work on it ;)
Thank you,

good story

goos post congratulations

That's amazing!

Good job guys. Words can't explain how joyous I am with this. Dreams finally coming true. Yes! And it will come true.
Keep up the good work.
Following For any new development.

Thank for you this kindly comment :)
Dont hesitate to join our discord :

WOW! Very Attractive and Helpful Post. There is a lot to know from this post

Good Post!! Congratulations

This sounds like a noble cause

Great post!

fine earning and videos good

I appreciate your welcome for the future. Go ahead

Very well done!

This is defo the future. YouTube is broken and here it's fun. Lot's of different types of creators making interesting content without restriction is a breath of fresh air.

Supporting creators with no fees = win.

Peace to all.

Great post, keep on steemit world

Do you think helping people to build his shelter is a good project for your project ?
I've been rejected from so many crowdfunding sites, that I prefer asking before submitting it.

It's a container house, underground, goals : ecology, resilience, ...

Hi @itharagaian,
You are welcome to publish your project.
Dont forget that you can also make it open to collaborators so they can give you an help to reach the needed funds and/or keep the project alive with their updates.

Personally I would be glad to see your project on our platform.

And for information :
All projects are welcomed on Fundition, as long as they do not violate our terms and conditions. We respect freedom of expression, as well as decency and common manners, and that is why we have established some basic rules to follow. Please respect these few rules, and please do not engage in the following:

  • Defamation, insults, or coarse language.
  • Any comments suggesting endorsement of unlawful or dangerous acts.
  • Overtly offensive remarks of a sexual, political, racist, or harmful nature.
    Any user engaging in such behavior will run the risk of exclusion from Fundition without prior warning. Please respect one another, and yourself.

The rest is here :!/howitworks

done, if you see it, feel free to share you thoughts about it, check @lebastion

Amazing project, thank you and looking forward to when it goes live

Thank you for your appreciation @kevinli.

The project is already alive on : so don't hesitate to try it and give us your feedbacks.

You can also participate to our First Limited Edition project and give some hearts for :!/@fundition/m33nd7t1k

You will be rewarded by appearing here :