SAVE THE DATE: Steem.Camp Germany, August 22-26

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We are happy to announce the 1st Steem.Camp in Germany!

The idea of organizing a Steem camp was initially conceived among a couple of Steemians from 🇩🇪 at Steemfest 2.0 in Lisbon. We imagined a self-organized steem creativity camp for around 5 days at a nice camping site, somewhere in Germany. The plan would be to create the right environment for crypto-enthusiasts, bloggers, artists, foodies, photographers and their friends to come together for workshops, barbecues, frisbee and campfires ...

... cold drinks and a hammock ...

... today we are proud to announce a final date !

22nd - 26th of August 2018 | Wed-Sun

Steem.Camp is from August 22-26, Wednesday to Sunday.

At Freizeitpark "Vulkan" in Nieder-Moos im Vogelsberg near Fulda.

Four nights, of community-organized steem creativity camp. Come with your tent, your bus, or just a sleeping bag and stay in one of four Tipis.

Freizeitpark "Vulkan" in Nieder-Moos im Vogelsberg near Fulda:


We have found a very nice camping park in a region called "Vogelsberg" which is close to Fulda, about 1 hour north of Frankfurt, Germany.

Freizeitpark Vulkan, 36399 Freiensteinau


The three-hectare amusement park offers a tipi village, miniature golf course, children's playground, petting zoo, barbecue areas and a facility where you can drive model cars. Adjacent to the park is a small lake.


Ticket sales will begin soon via Discord.
Tickets are limited. Be quick !

Call for Action:

This works as a community-driven event. If you like to join in and support the Steem.Camp please spread the word ! Do you want to come ? Do you have any ideas for workshops ? Do you like to cook or hack ? Anyways, let us know in the comments and join our Discord !

Happy Camping !

2018 team
Illustrations by @keepdoodling

Website: Steem.Camp

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its seems pretty amazing experience to be there. The venue looks great and so much to be made just to be there. I hope Germany is only near in our place to say Hi to our fellow Steemians out there. Great plan ahead guys and waiting for your post about it


Where are you from, @hiroyamagishi? I am from Uganda. And Germany! Certainly a nice place, with some deep cultural heritage spanning generations, from what i read. It is a place you want to visit, if able to.


Yeah man steem camp in Africa will let us train steemit armies of child soldiers for steemit! The kids you train will spread steem around like its ebola : D . Steem will colonize africa faster than the british :D ahah

Ugandan knuckles will find a new home on the blockchain, do you know da way?

· do you know about that 'Ugandan Knuckles' friend of mine? I had a brush with him, on something to do with content 'plagiarism'.

I took issue with his copy/pasted work, and somehow steemcleaners acted...dude now trolls me...obviously blames me for the loss in his 'rewards'. And more than me, he is now generally Anti-Uganda. lol.

He should be the first i lead to Uganda, to see the beautiful land and its beautiful people!


Saludos, Interesante punto de vista, lo seguiré, estaremos en contacto.


@hiroyamagishi. Am thinking we could do a steem meet up wherever we are. We musnt be in germany. What do you think? Greetings from @ayahlistic


Wow your name is like the word "nihilistic" but with the word "ayahuasca "


Yes wow so nice to hear that steem camp.


'Wish I can go...


Great initiative

An excellent idea is to make this type of camp in all countries where there are sustainable communities of Steemit.

Personally I have very good experiences with the camps, because when I was a teenager, my family belonged to a club where we could camp, ride horses, play tennis, basketball, football, enjoy some swimming pools and be mainly outdoors with lots of sunshine, a whole week and these we did all the holidays.

The truth that the enjoyment of these activities is priceless, apart from the fact that you can share and interact with people, are experiences that last in your mind, when they have this positive magnitude.

This is the way to go for steemit. I can only imagine meeting and knowing in in person, the several wonderful friends i only just communicate with here on steemit!!

I wish i could be there! But Uganda is too many miles!

Otherwise, my best wishes.


Maybe one day will happen in Uganda and we all just come visiting you :)


That would be a blast. Uganda is certainly a beauty of a land you want to visit at some point.

If you are looking at rotating venues, definitely consider Uganda. The crypto industry is not yet so popular here. In deed, it is looked at with suspicion.

I wish i could tell you some of the myths with which it is associated!

It is incomprehensible that money can exist on 'computer'!!! That is 'devil' money!

A bringing people together would go a long way to clear some of this myths, and get all to understand that the crypto industry, steem specifically, is not just about 'computers' and 'invisible money' but in deed, about people, about global networks.

So far, the majority of Africans who have embraced Steem are mostly from West and South Africa. We from East and sub-saharan Africa are still few. Hopefully w grow to a point where even before this comes, we are able to self-organize into sub-steem camps bringing together East Africans, and over time, Africans on steemit.

Ooooh! Saving the date for sure!

Whoa, thats cool initiative for our fellow German steemians. Wishing you a fruitful endeavor for having that steem camping. Thats very unique style of meet-ups. If only I am near in that place, I will surely be there too!

😲 what a brilliant idea!

Really cool and very tempting: tomorrow I propose it to the family!
I propose also to organize #geocaching... would you?

See you soon! 10 hours
Thank you!


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#geocaching: Yes, absolutely.
Feel free to join our Discord server (link in the post above)


Discord server joined, thank you! ;)

Great!!!! @michaelcj is organizing one in Nigeria soon.

The venue looks so beautiful. I wish I can be there. Any one wants to sponsor me to Germany I am ready. Lol

Sounds cool! Hopefully people won't be spending too much time staring at their screens checking their steemit feed.

I will come, with all my followers.


That was pretty funny :D

Realy owner.I agree to join your camp.Where are you from?

Nice idea, will try to make it from the UK :)

Ui, I like the idea. A great opportunity to give workshops!

You did a nice job on the logo aswell!

But why did you announce the camp in English only? Isn't it supposed to be in Germany?


Can't make a german-language post go trending like that.

We already have german, spanish and french translations and will post them soon.
This camp is in Germany, but was meant as an international event.


I see your point. I will share your announcement in my steemit pearls of the week :)

Leider ist Fulda zu weit weg von mir, ich hoffe aber ihr habt im August eine schöne Zeit., let me be the first to welcome you to Steemit! Congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.03 vote! Would you be so kind as to follow me back in return?

Thank you for this great post!

Thank you for this great post!

Leider ist das ein Termin, der gänzlich unmöglich ist für mich...... vielleicht vom 22/23. 8 aber m je geht leider nicht

its appears to be quite stunning knowledge to be there. The setting looks awesome thus much to be made just to be there. I trust Germany is just close in our place to state Hi to our kindred Steemians out there. Extraordinary arrangement ahead folks and sitting tight for your post about it

wow that is great and this time I will try my best to be part of it

That's good to hear...
Long live steemit

cool. viel spass euch in DE!


hi mate i know you can open PDF file easily but who don't know how to open a pdf file.........and you want to open it so read the article click here

This looks like something that would be interesting to attend because I know this would be a great meetup of steemians all over the world.

Salute to the organizers of this camp because I can only imagine what work would have gone into organising such a gathering.
Weldone and good luck

Yes it’s a nice idea but why only in germany ? There are lots of steemit users in every country so we can do it not only in germany...Let’s do it every month in a different countries and call it “steemsummer”

mega! aber leider so weit weg :(

Wow!!! 4 amazing nights of camping. This is gonna be fun all the way. I wish I'm in Germany so I could be part of this too

This is just a great way to get together and spend some days enjoying the summer while meeting with a bunch of steemians
I will really have to consider coming.
Thankyou for taking the time and effor to organize!

Verry verry nice post keep up the good work big thumbs up and a resteem from my side best of luck Advance

Good meetings and human gatherings for a good human purpose

Super Idee - super idea! Vielleicht kann ich es realisieren. - Maybe i can realize it. Lasst uns zusammen Spaß haben! - Let's have fun together! Im realen Leben - in real life! ;)

great idea this is the great way to go for steemit

Steemit needs loads of changes, first do that, rather then wasting money on camping.

  1. Bots issue
  2. Flagging by whales for removing personal grudges or for speaking the facts
  3. Better minnow/dolphin support
  4. Bad content on trending page
  5. Zero efforts from most of the witness
  6. etc.

Raping reward pool and then spending on these fests and meetups is not what should be promoted, when there are somany issues going on.




wasting money on camping.


That´s a great idea !
It is close to me :)
follow you...

best regards, Jan

its so cool!
i need!!

realy good

Great plan.we must be in Germany. I hope Germany is only near in our place to say Hi to our fellow in our steemit

Nice im thinking of supporting my community and tell them about Steemit

Oh my God. I'm sure this camp will give birth to new ideas and other interesting stories. I'm can only wait for the story, because impossible for me go there :(

Great initiative. I hope that it will be a great fun and more enjoyable.

Guten tag in Wonderbar Deutschland. The camp looks very nice. Five days of camping will give you guys so much fun and pleasure plus eating all the food would be fulfilling to the tummy. Bratwurst sandwhiches with ketchup and mustard is heaven. Do you guys do volksmarching too? That would be fun and exciting as well.

O my gosh. A day after my birthday.. I must go!!

Great idea! Really nice time to meet great people!!

really what a great idea. thanks for

Wow! Great idea!

I can even smell the Steem of the Barbecue ;)

It is seen as a good experience, for being in Venezuela I will wait for the post where they tell us the results of their experience, greetings

I wish i would be there. However due to the geographical boundary.

Greetings from Uganda. the location of the camp is so scenic 😍

What's gonna happen during the camp? Like the activities/events lined up?


There is no fixed lineup, yet.
We will have events like yoga classes, herb foraging workshops, fire workshops, frisbee freestyle competition, stargazing, cookouts ...
We will make a post about that sson, but first we wanted to publish the date and location.

This seems like a wonderful idea. I hope in the future there will be meetings in every part of the world

Hai there. I need your support. Please give me some sbd for up my sp. Thanks

Looking good guys. I hope there are a lot of videos and pictures.

Alright! I'm sure that will be really fun.

very good idea I hope to become all over the world this camp

very nice.. maybe you can also setup some webpage that people can come together.. For example from holland.


As mentioned above, we do have a webpage also a chatroom.
One initial plan was to go to Holland (Groningen).
If the camp is a success, we will certainly look into different countries.

How It Possible Only one post .....
you very great !!!
I like it

Nice podst dear

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Greetings from Poland

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

Excellent, it would be good if they did it in other countries to better coexist together!

Hi allI, would like to meet ya all in person. The magic behind Steemit really obsessed me. I am from Taiwan. Germany is so far away to me. But the event seem soooo cool I want to join.

Das ist ja mal eine tolle Idee :) Wollte auch schon mal auf ein Steemit Treffen. Bin noch nicht wirklich lange dabei auf Steemit. Habt viel Spaß!

Yah... Its good idea... I will try to join... Like you information
Very very nice..

Us here at fowl play will defo be coming :)

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Saludos; interesantes sus publicaciones, lo seguiré. Felicitaciones..

camping in germany ??
Wow, that is one of my dreams to be camping abroad

i wanna join this camp

The meet up is a great way to share ideas on steemit technology.

Wow amazing improvements steem always rocket 😋😋

Do want to go..... but... so far far away from Indonesia to Germany

This is a great idea, I hope there would be something like this on PH too

Very cool idea. We'r just new on Steemit, but we already like the community feeling in here ;) Save the date :D :D