Beginning my Steem Korean Tour

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Interviews with and Yonhap to kick off my Korea trip. MK news organization is the 92nd most popular website and and Yonhap ( is the 77th largest website in Korea:



Hi Ned,
Welcome to my homeland, the land of the Morning Calm. Please enjoy the beauty of Korea and our hospitality! I wish you a productive trip!

Nah....Portugal is better.....better wine(and I know about it because I am a drunk)

Nice country , i will love to visit your homeland someday,, very soon.

Hello haejin...i see you becoming great someday. You are the first to welcome ted to your home land and wishing him the best, am also wishing you the best


It's the robot usses! (Sorry, don't know how to spell usses).

나는 이것이 Steemit과 한국의 중요한 여행이라는 데 동의한다.

네드 네 이놈! 컴터는 켤줄 아느냐!!!

우형, 이거 네드가 보면 다운보팅감인데? ㅋㅋ
(자체 가즈아 태그)

그럼 케익이라도 하나 선물하지 뭐


No, that's not the Korean hospitality or manners!


It's not the fear of downvote but must be hospitable and polite to the visitor.


넘 우낀다...눈물납니다.

이게 뭐야ㅋ 너무 웃겨요



Ned's Talk!


이 사진을 주셔서 감사합니다. 한국에 대한 중요한 여행을 기록하는 데 도움이됩니다.

Welcome to Korea @ned!! I hope you make a lot of great memories in South Korea :) I'm sure a lot of #kr Steemians going to welcoming you with big warm hugs tonight :D And don't forget to try the REAL Korean barbecue with Soju(Korean traditional alcohol)!!

REAL Korean barbecue with Soju (Korean traditional alcohol!!)...

That sounds delicious.
I'm sure Ned is gonna have a good time in Korea with so much love from Steemeans there.
I wish I could be in Korea too right now.

That's great! With the volume we get from exchanges in that part of the world, it makes sense to help more people understand Steem. Enjoy your trip.

Brilliant observation @donkeypong, we have over 32% in trade volume form korea, it is Strategic and logical to tilt to korea. I would do same myself being in @ned's shoes.

Great strides @ned, I believe the outcome will be mind blowing, I hope you will feed us back on it as well

agreed, go where the investors are!

My thoughts exactly!

I had that thoughts too
The volume from that region is tremendous and superb!


This is an opportunity to get investors from Korea

Exactly..... You spoke my mind 😂

It's very strategic and very wise really the perception and the intention is really brilliant, the right choiceof location

good power move @ned, any chance of delegating a bit of steem to a brilliant project @steemhunt like @dtube / @dlive have -- i believe it to be a great addition to the steem blockchain -- all power to you, will be watching the korean posts with interest!

haha cheers mate 🍺
Always thanks heaps for your support on Steemhunt project :)

no worries mate. i got you. you got me? i got you. that's how it works! :)

@berniesanders hey wtf? why are you down voting it?

I wish you would dedicate as much time to Steemians as you do with investors ...

Where is the love brah?

More investors might help out the whole blockchain. We would make more money if the price of steem wasn't so low.

He doesn't even care bruh.. Money comes first.

Check out communities that's where the LUV LIVES
@artzone @wafrica

Greetings, good friend, good job, the one that makes blessings for you

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Welcome to Korea.
I can't believe you have lots of developers.
I hope you focus on complete Steemit site.
It feels like 1 amateur made it by himself.
It took already 2 years!!!!
What are you doing now?
Stop to attract investors, Make steemit first.
I'm sick of being lagged.
Whatever enjoy your trip.

(Please don't flag me, Ned..)


@ned, I see you shaved! :)

Don't forget that you can actually pay something by SBD in Seoul. For instance you can drink tons of beer and food and pay by SBD at Seonyu Base.

Seonyu Base
1 Seonyu-ro 51-gil, Yangpyeongdong 4(sa)-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Use SteemPay there (, or use the bloody inconvenience transfer tool in!

Wishing you all the success @ned ... hope this tour brings much more exposure and growth for this great platform!

hope you have a great time in Korea.

We should only up vote quality contents.

Agreed. I will not upvote the OP.

Lol the bid bots didn't get the memo.

Damn THAT'S what happened. :P

Just fucking around but I wonder how many did upvote this for that reason on the DL.

This is great news @ned, the future is bright for the whole world! #teemsteemit

Yes very true. With great brightness and hope for the future.

Thank God I found steemit

@steemit has changed me and my families life.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

@ned I have waited for this. We are behind you. I hope your trip to Korea will boost the community. I am looking forward to have you in Nigeria. The largest market for Cryptos in Africa. Together we shall take steemit to the moon!

Welcome to Korea, @ned!
Currently there's a big festival called Olive Con being held at Coex in Seoul from today until May 6th. So it's basically Lifestyle products fair organized by CJ inc. Long story short, 5 Korean steemian artists got together (including myself, but I am in USA right now so I can't physically be there) and they are showcasing their artworks at the con. Their booth is called Steem Art Cloud and they are doing it to promote Steemit to general public who are interested in arts and crafts but has no clue what steemit is.
Also, they are accepting payments in SBD onsite through Steempay, an web application created by @asbear. This will be a truly interesting place to witness art and blockchain emerging together, at one of the biggest cultural event in South Korea!
I think you might find this event interesting and I definitely recommend you pay a visit while you are here :) Safe trip!

Sounds fantastic ! Hope you get a great response from the crowd....sounds like you will. ;)

Steem is going places.
I believe the Koreans have good business prospects and would give Steem more exposure♨️.

Enjoy your Tour.

@ned 한국에 온걸 환영해!

you are absolutely right. I think the same.

I would be curious to know how you see there on the ground the general response of the peace treaty and end of the half century war between north and south is playing out there.

I went to Berlin in Nov. '89 when the wall was brought down by the people and it was even bigger than being in a country which just won the world cup. I can imagine after so long, it may take a while for it to sink in of what I would expect to be an amazing feeling of euphoria.

this steady is a fun time for you and can meet with friends in korea.
Thanks @ned for sharing your journey. 👍👍👍

Glad to see this - rarely resteeming such short posts but here is hope to more exciting news I hope? New deals, new listing, new launched within the Steem ecosystem? Enjoy Korea and do not forget to pay Japan and China a visit - might be worth a trip - much easier to explain blockchain and the value of Steem as such as in old Europe where people rarely understand the background of all that stuff :-).

Oh well, enjoy the trip. Is this trip for business or pleasure, or maybe a little of both? What's the plan for this trip?

cutting his hair for a start. oh look, he already did that.

This is most definitely gonna take Steemit worldwide....
I wish I could join you

Wishing you great success in the tour. Hope to see some amazing pictures from the tour and also your view about the places you visited.

Success @ned

Wish you for a safe and successful trip... as well as inviting you to visit my homeland Bangladesh to promote STEEMIT. I'll be your host and guide here:) @ned

@ned this is great news. Steem blockchain conquering territories and making the impossible possible. Congratulations.

@ned This is so great ,it will boost steemit and acts like this will flood steemit with an enormous number of new users day by day as already the crazy of cryptocurrency has engulfed the whole world. So i think this is a good step forward for both the non steemit users and the existing steemit users..


Hi Ned,

Glad to see you in South Korea my birth country. There should be lots of good opportunities for you there.

Go @ned, make the world a better place buddy. It’s all about the steem movement. Steem to the world

Glad to see you are in town. I can't make it to the Gopax meeting tonight but hope you enjoy your stay. You will be pleased to see abut 600 Steemians there. I think you will be treated well wherever you go in Korea. You are with good people.

Wow, first actual post I've seen from you since I joined steemit, love the good work you be putting in sir :)

@ned! Very cool interview. I hope it goes well.

Amazing interview from the overall boss. It can only get better. I wish you an amazing tour and experience in Korea

Welcome to Korea!
네드 잘 생겼네.
스팀, 스달 가즈아! 투더문!

Woohoo, good luck @ned! Just watch out for groupies ;)

El Gran @ned ha publicado! Great!

Thank You @ned for doing the Tour and promoting STEEM throughout Asia. I will be forever Grateful for what you and @dan, Dan Larimer created with STEEMIT and the Opportunities that it has given so many people that are here and the Multitudes of People that have not gotten here Yet....................... Steem On !

@ned god welcome to Korea

wow it's a wonderful news for all of us for better development and progress. You are fantastic to make people laugh happily by making secure future. Thank you so much from the core of my heart, stay blessed and healthy ever.

Let the awesome of the STEEM blockchain be known around Korea!!!

Have a splendid tour.

@ned master supremo wooow

About time!! Yea it definitely pays to spread some awareness on a more mainstream level..

I wager the #kr community is gonna swoon over this piece of news?

well if you are active like this all the time, maybe you are, I don't know. your last post was 6 months ago. then maybe we can get back to ath and surpass it.

Welcome to Korea~ See you soon!!

This is great news, the future is bright for the whole world! #Steemit

Have a good time in Korea and plz make a good relationship with korean media
Go steem

I hope you have a good time in Korea.

This is pretty cool @ned. Thank you for introducing and sharing steemit. It is amazing and everyone should be on it.

Interesting. I hope to get an invite to join your next tour

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this information is really useful, amazing you may have fun there.

Welcome to Korea!

welcome to Korea.

Great to see in Korea sir. Lots of love. Steem to the moon.

Wow after a long time you posted a post @ned
You are helping poor people with @steemit thank you for introducing steemit to us. I loved it

Good to see you getting out to other countries for talks etc about Steemit. Hoping you come to Australia one day! That would be a kickass time.

Welcome ned! Hope you have a good time in Korea!!

you are very welcome ned :) thanks for coming to South Korea!

me alegra que compartan sus alegrías los felicito coreanos sigan adelante y que dios los proteja realmente disfrute su publicación @ned

Wow thank's bro.

@ned travels to Korea, and Kim Jong Un agrees to peace talks. Coincidence? I don't think so...

Fanatastic! MK News perfect candidate for SMTs!


Wish for a bright future of stemmit and great job done by you @ned 👍🙏

Welcome to Korea @Ned :)

Follow me and vote me bro!! Please 😄 thank's

This will be a great height for the steemit community, greater heights and good fortune awaits you sir.....always steeming to the sky...

When did you go to Indonesia Mr. @ned? We Steemians of Indonesia will surely welcome you warmly.

Welcome to Korea!
Enjoy your time and hope it could be good news for steem coin!!!

Most likely
Korea is pertinent in the soar of Steem/SBD
It sure will be some exciting news ahead

welcome to korea~

Steemit is going to explode soon with this idea. @ned ensure you explore the place. That coffee or whatever it is on that round table isn't enough. Learnt they have superb delicacies. Enjoy!

a bright future with steemit. Thank you for your trip

This is great news, @ned! Best of luck on your tour and I hope you can reach more parts of the world and make Steemit and STEEM known to people. Cheers and thank you!

I hope it was a successful journey!

Keep it up @ned. I love interviews :)

It is nice to have a special place.Have a good journey sir.Is very interesting post

Welcome and See you tomorrow🤠

Enjoy South-Korea, @ned! I hope you are able to bring in a lot of fresh investors and users from your interviews down here :)

Best regards from @valth

내일이 기대되네요^^

Give us SMT and hivemind! Safe trip



Welcome to Korea!
I see you Thursday :)

steemit gazua~

Korea is really a nice place if north and south can come together than they will be one of the most powerful Asians the combined force can overtake china and japan

a great trip, hopefully one day you visit our country as well. :)

Enjoy your trip @ned. It is absolutely nice to make people more aware of users aware of this platform

Welcome to Korea!

Welcome to Korea @ned! 환영합니다.

Welcome to Korea. :)

That's great news @ned...its make sense to help more people understand steem. Nice.

Welcome to South Korea Ned! Enjoy South Korea!

Go Steem, it's now or never!

I want to take you to Brazil! 🇧🇷😉

I’m heading to Ned’s Talk now :)
See you soon!

welcome NED!!

hope you have great time & wonderful experiences here :)

@ned first of all..i love to congratulate on your journey to success...making steemit a brighter world.. and also hope you get more investors on board for this stemit community to expand tremendously... hope you have to time to visit china as well..since their economy is moving at a faster rate... Wish All the Best Champ

Muy brillante la idea, realizar eventos para dar a conocer y promocionar a Steemit. Excelente publicación.

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