1,000,000 Steem Accounts

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Today, the one millionth account was created on the Steem blockchain!

The number of new users joining the Steem platform each day continues to grow, and at an increasing rate. More impressive than the number of accounts, however, is the amount of user activity we have.

  • Every day, the Steem blockchain is producing more than a million transactions. That is more transactions per day than all other blockchains combined!
  • There are around 60,000 unique accounts transacting on the Steem blockchain each day.
  • Steemit.com gets over 250,000 unique daily visitors, and there are hundreds of other DApps interacting with the Steem blockchain, which have large and growing user bases.

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How does this compare with Ethereum?

According to etherscan.io, there are currently around 33,000,000 unique ETH addresses. However, it is difficult to compare the number of Steem addresses with the number of Ethereum addresses since the two protocols are used in different ways.

Typically, most Steem users create a single account which is used for the majority of their activity. On Ethereum it is common practice for individual users to create hundreds or even thousands of wallet addresses. For example, ETH users often create a new wallet address each time they perform a token transfer. While some Steem users do create multiple accounts, users tend to favor a single account due to the fact that Steem is a stake-based social blockchain. They typically use this single account to communicate with other users and to accumulate Steem Power along with its resultant influence. For this reason, the number of Steem accounts is a much closer representation of the number of actual users than the number of ETH addresses.

For example, despite the seemingly massive number of accounts on Ethereum according to DAppBoard, Crytpokitties remains the most active application on Ethereum, with a 24-hour “Activity” of only 2,777 events (as of May 16th). For comparison, eSteem (a mobile application for Steem) averaged 9,372 transactions per day over the last 7 days. That’s over three times as much activity as Ethereum’s most successful application!

Overall Cryptocurrency Trends

A Cambridge study estimated that there were around 2.9 - 5.8 million unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets, and the number is continuing to increase exponentially. Steem is well-positioned to take advantage of this influx of attention due to its outsized representation with respect to real-world applications. Unlike many of the “vaporware” projects out there, Steem already has a large number of functioning apps that ordinary people are using every day of their lives.

As the only protocol on top of which entrepreneurs are building applications that “real people” can use, Steem is also helping to legitimize the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. Applications such as busy.org, d.tube, and dlive.io are the kind of websites that people are familiar with and comfortable telling their friends and family about. Instead of cryptocurrency being some abstract concept that people hear about on the news, Steem turns it into something real, thereby helping to bring attention to other legitimate projects in the space.

Where does this lead?

As more entrepreneurs learn about Steem, they will create an ever-increasing number of innovative applications that provide even more value to people all over the world. Thanks to our ongoing developer portal work there are now more resources than ever to assist those developers, making building on Steem even easier. These new applications will draw in even more users, which will in turn make Steem even more attractive to new entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap their own applications.

Thank You

We feel uniquely privileged to be playing our part in this positive feedback loop, within which growth leads to ever more growth, and are incredibly excited to see what amazing applications will emerge from this process and this community.

Steem on,

Team Steemit


i want to remind i was the first site/blog to mention Steem - https://fuk.io/june-2016-altcoins-reports-coins-and-projects-to-invest-in-for-profits/

search google, nobody else did it before me!

😂😂😂 even before steem themselves. How did the let that slip.

poser :-) haha

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

@kingscrown - I follow all your posts and most of them point to something good and have some really useful information. Your first mention of Steem was just one of those posts. :-)

The 1 million milestone is a big one and I hope there are many more to follow, including making Steemit one of the best sites on the net, not just in terms of numbers but also in terms of content quality and value.

I just wrote about the topic - in case anyone is interested:

=> 1 million Steemians! | How Many Are Active?

Whoa! Finally, We achieved our first big milestone. A lot to follow.

How long will it take to hit 2 million? I guess around 1 year or less.

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Welcome to Steemit @eagleswngz

Totally agreed with ,
All that we need to do is to spread steemit to th world
it's a great platform to all of us
without any doubt

Welcome to Steemit @xdyousuf

Hope that the community grows more and more in a short term.

Thank you for this overview about which sites are using the steem blockchain.

Thank you for giving us a post with very clear data showing how much activity our blockchain has and especially comparing it with Ethereum because each of our 1 million accounts and everyone just browsing now have one post we can share for those wishing to learn more about what is amazing here and preferring a quantitative approach.

I will be resteeming this post shortly and intend to rely on it for future presentations about Steem!

We appreciate your service in helping build a world together where our voice has value and we get a share of it on Steem because this gives each of us hope that we might do what we love every day for “work” on Steem and have the rest of the time for our friends and family as I do today.

Thanks for making yourself the defactor marketing leader at Steem Blockchain. Steem will always be open to anyone who wants the positions, and you took the opportunity by the reigns and you showed that anyone with your daily work ethic can achieve millions of dollars online with crypto currency and hard work in media! You really led a great example Jerry and you show what is possible if an army of thousands of us all make videos like you!

Jerry I am trying to get a hold of you. There seems to be no real way to contact you. Would you mind checking Discord.

ooohh, you gotta wave some bills... thats how you get his attention...

Keep Steeming brother Jerry!

The number of transactions is massive because of automatic curation rewards, claims, spam messages, etc. - bulky stuff like this, that's not a real usage evidence. And I bet that 1000000th account was another spam botnet account. STINC needs to get their shit together.

WOW! That's some incredible growth.

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