1,000,000 Steem Accounts

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Today, the one millionth account was created on the Steem blockchain!

The number of new users joining the Steem platform each day continues to grow, and at an increasing rate. More impressive than the number of accounts, however, is the amount of user activity we have.

  • Every day, the Steem blockchain is producing more than a million transactions. That is more transactions per day than all other blockchains combined!
  • There are around 60,000 unique accounts transacting on the Steem blockchain each day.
  • Steemit.com gets over 250,000 unique daily visitors, and there are hundreds of other DApps interacting with the Steem blockchain, which have large and growing user bases.

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How does this compare with Ethereum?

According to etherscan.io, there are currently around 33,000,000 unique ETH addresses. However, it is difficult to compare the number of Steem addresses with the number of Ethereum addresses since the two protocols are used in different ways.

Typically, most Steem users create a single account which is used for the majority of their activity. On Ethereum it is common practice for individual users to create hundreds or even thousands of wallet addresses. For example, ETH users often create a new wallet address each time they perform a token transfer. While some Steem users do create multiple accounts, users tend to favor a single account due to the fact that Steem is a stake-based social blockchain. They typically use this single account to communicate with other users and to accumulate Steem Power along with its resultant influence. For this reason, the number of Steem accounts is a much closer representation of the number of actual users than the number of ETH addresses.

For example, despite the seemingly massive number of accounts on Ethereum according to DAppBoard, Crytpokitties remains the most active application on Ethereum, with a 24-hour “Activity” of only 2,777 events (as of May 16th). For comparison, eSteem (a mobile application for Steem) averaged 9,372 transactions per day over the last 7 days. That’s over three times as much activity as Ethereum’s most successful application!

Overall Cryptocurrency Trends

A Cambridge study estimated that there were around 2.9 - 5.8 million unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets, and the number is continuing to increase exponentially. Steem is well-positioned to take advantage of this influx of attention due to its outsized representation with respect to real-world applications. Unlike many of the “vaporware” projects out there, Steem already has a large number of functioning apps that ordinary people are using every day of their lives.

As the only protocol on top of which entrepreneurs are building applications that “real people” can use, Steem is also helping to legitimize the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. Applications such as busy.org, d.tube, and dlive.io are the kind of websites that people are familiar with and comfortable telling their friends and family about. Instead of cryptocurrency being some abstract concept that people hear about on the news, Steem turns it into something real, thereby helping to bring attention to other legitimate projects in the space.

Where does this lead?

As more entrepreneurs learn about Steem, they will create an ever-increasing number of innovative applications that provide even more value to people all over the world. Thanks to our ongoing developer portal work there are now more resources than ever to assist those developers, making building on Steem even easier. These new applications will draw in even more users, which will in turn make Steem even more attractive to new entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap their own applications.

Thank You

We feel uniquely privileged to be playing our part in this positive feedback loop, within which growth leads to ever more growth, and are incredibly excited to see what amazing applications will emerge from this process and this community.

Steem on,

Team Steemit


i want to remind i was the first site/blog to mention Steem - https://fuk.io/june-2016-altcoins-reports-coins-and-projects-to-invest-in-for-profits/

search google, nobody else did it before me!

😂😂😂 even before steem themselves. How did the let that slip.

poser :-) haha

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

@kingscrown - I follow all your posts and most of them point to something good and have some really useful information. Your first mention of Steem was just one of those posts. :-)

The 1 million milestone is a big one and I hope there are many more to follow, including making Steemit one of the best sites on the net, not just in terms of numbers but also in terms of content quality and value.

I just wrote about the topic - in case anyone is interested:

=> 1 million Steemians! | How Many Are Active?

Whoa! Finally, We achieved our first big milestone. A lot to follow.

How long will it take to hit 2 million? I guess around 1 year or less.

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Welcome to Steemit @eagleswngz

Totally agreed with ,
All that we need to do is to spread steemit to th world
it's a great platform to all of us
without any doubt

Welcome to Steemit @xdyousuf

Hope that the community grows more and more in a short term.

Thank you for this overview about which sites are using the steem blockchain.

Thank you for giving us a post with very clear data showing how much activity our blockchain has and especially comparing it with Ethereum because each of our 1 million accounts and everyone just browsing now have one post we can share for those wishing to learn more about what is amazing here and preferring a quantitative approach.

I will be resteeming this post shortly and intend to rely on it for future presentations about Steem!

We appreciate your service in helping build a world together where our voice has value and we get a share of it on Steem because this gives each of us hope that we might do what we love every day for “work” on Steem and have the rest of the time for our friends and family as I do today.

Thanks for making yourself the defactor marketing leader at Steem Blockchain. Steem will always be open to anyone who wants the positions, and you took the opportunity by the reigns and you showed that anyone with your daily work ethic can achieve millions of dollars online with crypto currency and hard work in media! You really led a great example Jerry and you show what is possible if an army of thousands of us all make videos like you!

Jerry I am trying to get a hold of you. There seems to be no real way to contact you. Would you mind checking Discord.

ooohh, you gotta wave some bills... thats how you get his attention...

Keep Steeming brother Jerry!

The number of transactions is massive because of automatic curation rewards, claims, spam messages, etc. - bulky stuff like this, that's not a real usage evidence. And I bet that 1000000th account was another spam botnet account. STINC needs to get their shit together.

WOW! That's some incredible growth.

Great post! lol
This is awesome news! Onward to 2 million! :)

Very nice!

Congratulations, my analysis coupled with a flight to quality after the bauble bursts, should situate steem to move higher.


The video article from "Ready Set Cryptos" which I highlight here: By far the best the best video mid to to long term future of crypto... In blockchain, Market and Intelligent after bubble look. falls into the class winners. Even though it doesn't know who the winners and losers are... but based parallels between Steem's adopters path and the Open Source path Android adopters went down, there is no doubt when the bubble burst Steem should be around for a few decades.

The one caveate!
If contract currencies on the steem blockchain become commercialized into an easy to use component technology, vetting/curation by witnesses. We are talking fate-a-complete as far as I am concerned!
Because widespread adoption should occur.

A very scary look into the future of crypto currency

Great milestone, congratulations to the whole Steem team!

I've got a wish to address @ned: Besides tutorials and services for developers, it would be awesome to have an information pool for regular users, like a place where they can deeply inform themselves about the functionality of the eco-system, features, rules (copyright, abuse, etc.). We've got the welcome page, but this is not enough. Only video tutorials would already make a huge difference. Also there is no return channel - no support center where people can address questions and ask for help.

We've got 1 M accounts now, and if you use Steem on a daily basis you notice that a lot of the newer users have very few knowledge about the system and also have no clue where to inform themselves. We as established users try our best to provide them with all the information needed to have a smooth start. Yet, I believe that an official contact point (something like you built for the devs now) would be fantastic and considerably help to improve the quality (and also reduce spam/abuse) on the platform in general.

Thanks for considering this.

The best is yet to come :-)
Marly -

How many accounts have spent money and powered up some steem power - this is all that matters.

That's amazing! STEEM will change the world!!

Congratulations to all Steemians from the four corners of the earth. We can only get better. No one can compete with us. We are the best.

Hahaha.. Thanks @aggroed for the 10SBD from your 1 millionth post.. You are a blessing!!

Congratulations steemit and all stakeholders playing different parts, big or small, in contributing to the growth of this network. Excited to be a part of the journey!

This is great news! Thanks for sharing with the community!

Strictly speaking, it's 1,000,001th account due to the hidden very first user, @miners (id=0). So @quo (id=999,999) is the real millionth account :) See this: https://steemit.com/statistics/@blockchainstudio/real-one-millionth-steemit-user-and-hidden-very-first-user

ps, @ned I'm curious why your id is only 497, I guess you used other accounts before, right?

Looks like it is a typo. I ran a query and neds id appears to be 49. While at it I also got some details about the first 100 users on Steem https://steemit.com/steem/@gokulnk/steem-first-100-users

See my original post (https://steemit.com/statistics/@blockchainstudio/real-one-millionth-steemit-user-and-hidden-very-first-user) and reply to your posting.

See also https://steemd.com/@thisisnice7 which has id=49. (The reason why I didn't include the entire first 100 users was there were many of this kind of ids.)

Yes, the very first account of Steemit Blockchain Platform is hidden..

Woohoo. This is great! One million!

Considering that Steem is basically only a blogging platform, and Ethereum is a multi platform, 1/33 is a very good number imho. With the thousands of ETH tokens, Steem is winning the battle.

LOL was i the millionth? My account just got approved today.

I'm glad just to be one of the first Million... I'm sure this is just the beginning!!! Thanks for sharing

That calls for a celebration !!!! :-)

Great milestone indeed. When I joined first time, Registered users were 400000.

A nice milestone to have passed.

Now we can press ahead, hopefully as a united community and put Steem where it belongs - at the tippy-top of all the blockchains!

Exciting times :)

I really do not understand why some people don't take Steem seriously... more transactions than every other crypto combined, that is something to be said for sure.


It's been a crazy Adventure watching steemit grow. Didn't sign up in 2016 for some odd reason. Waited til early 2017, but glad I joined.

yes,steemit is rsing so fast....it has bright future as we;;


why don't steem introduce chat feature?

An amazing milestone! Here’s to the next million!

lol. Is it just me or does the 1,000,000 Steemian look like a bot account name?

Oh the irony, if it turns out to be true :-D

I kind of does to me.

thats great news

I sent him 0.5 SBD with a congratulatory message in transaction memo.

Congratulation. @xmlvnx

That's a wonderful thing you did.

Well hello to all those million users :D

Wow. That’s cool and impressive and very indicative of continued growth

Wow, more transactions than all the other blockchains combined is the most impressive information I've read since a long time.

Every day, Steem becomes more striking and scalable in the world of cryptocurrency in Venezuela Steemit is already famous for helping the Venezuelan to seek economic relief, what better than rewarding you for what you like to do. Every day, new applications help make life easier for one as a writer. an example is busy.org for me, one of the best applications that rewards him for posting on his website with his 2 BOT of healing, for me better than this impossible.

Congratulations to the 1 millom user and let's hope that steem keeps growing.

@ned, I think you made a little mistake here. Haha... you silly rascal! I was the millionth! Give me a hug and I'll give you a magic... well, let's talk in private maybe! Everything you must know for now.... is that this is (by far) the funniest thing... happening on this chain of blocks!

I'd like to be the first user to get a million followers....
Then we are talking youtube, twitter instagram and facebook followers...

I beleve in Steem, happyuser1.jpg

but we have a huge way
to go, for grandma and
uncle ben to adopt it!

For fair balanced commentary follow me. and

I think it would be very hard. it might take a while, but you've got a good shot

Ned can you please focus energy on getting users signed up quickly. So many are complaining they have to wait two weeks and many leave because of it.

We appreciate your latest effort of getting the word out! Thank you for that. If you have an idea how we can support with other projects in this effort let us know. I'd be happy to help with our @steem-bounty project.

Damn right, how are the new users supposed to get in while this issue isn't solved?

Besides bringing even more new users to the platform, I think we should make sure that the highest share possible of those we already have, is turned into active users. Currently we have ~60K active users per day, which means that a large number of these 1 million is not actively participating in the eco-system.

Social interaction on Steem needs to be even more intuitive (structure / design / education) and also attractive (algorithm / rewards).

PS: With @steem-bounty you've brought a great asset to this blockchain, thanks for that @knircky :-)

is exactly what I say in a comment above ... and I see no other way to solve it than what also expressed in that comment

That's really important. My friends also said that they waited about 7 days to get signup.

Steemit has become one of the most important parts of my life. I normally despise social media, but Steemit is a jewel in our world. Thank you for it.

This is an outstanding accomplishment for the platform. Also, gives a good boost of positive energy for the whole Steemit community :)

You are an active member and you have a good blogging site. You can promote steemit more. thanks

Totally agree. We just need to spread the word

Cheers to the next 1 million!

Next 1 million could be quicker than the first 1 million

Good news is that it has been achieved even before expected. I love this family.

Too bad your retention metrics are absolute crap -- 13%

Puts a bit of a reality check on the celebration, doesn't it? I'd personally crack down on the bots, but it seems that is never going to happen to any real degree.

I stopped posting actively on my blog ~7 months ago. I had 273 followers then. I'm now close to 400, doing absolutely NOTHING AT ALL. Still think Steemit isn't full of bots?

I'd wager you'd be wrong on that score.


This is a great milestone for steemit
I see greater heights already
God bless Steemit.

I'm new here but I feel an early adopter when I look around! :)

1 million acccounts, and still our CUI is at zero!
Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 5.37.33 PM.png

I wonder how many transactions per day it would take to start seeing an uptick in CUI.. 🤔


that's amazing steem is making its way in the world, congratulations to whole steem family 😍
predict only good things in future 😊

2,000,000 here we come! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

I like that. Big lip of faith. Well that's just fate

Been waiting for this awesome moment for some time now! Time to celebrate :D

wow 😱 it's a great news..really amazing..thanks for share @steemitblog

Wait so im in the first 1 mil? Nice!

CONGRATULATION STEEM!!! :D Next milestone 2.000.000 ;)

Great news! Add one more member, I just signed up!

Looking forward to uploading some helpful and valuable content!

Luppers :)

I think this post is good to know some stats about Steem, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Wow, steeemit is a smart innovation,
I need ideas on how to take advantage of this steemit platform, and promot my ideas with it here in Africa

I am, I am happy to be part of a beautiful accomplishment...yes to many more millions on board, thank all who helped build this platform complete proud of its achievements here...to more succes and steemers all over this beautiful planet, I am surly spreading steem, everyday I ask people around me, if there part of it...everyday like a full time job. Bravo steemit.com


Who is Happy to be part of this?

Awesome! And this is why Steem is my platform of choice for the blockchain based mobile application I have just started.

Great community, lots of users joining everyday, and the underlying technology is the best blockchain currently has to offer for production applications. Full Steem ahead!


Amazing! When I started there were a little over 600,000! The growth here is incredible! Congrats @steemit!

Congratulations on reaching the first millionth.
Congrats to all of us who want to see steem flourish.

Very nice congratulations

Amazing news! Many have been wondering when this would roll around. I seem to recall a few people joking they better hurry up and make accounts for their kids or grandchildren. As many wanted them to be within the first 1 million!!!

Soon it will be 10 millionth account of the Steemit. Steemit and D'Tube are really unique platforms for Social media lovers.
Thanks to Steemit team who provide us a opportunities to do something new with such platform.
#Steemit #D'Tube #Blockchain #Blog

i'm very excited with the future of steemit, i hope this is just the beginning of something much bigger

Even the world of cryptocurrencies is not a written story, it is in the process of writing and I think that it will stay that way for a long time. The real changes are still for the verse For my part I put my two cents in the time I have available teaching what he learned in the novices on the platform, this is a way to ensure that we continue with the good content.
There is nothing left but to congratulate Steemit for this great achievement! a million is said easy but it is not
As a contribution to the entry of new users to the platform, we recommend a program of awards per referral link, but without putting it in high value so that the creation of ghost accounts is not encouraged. The idea is to continue being a platform of active members that increase the value of Steem.
Aún el mundo de las criptomonedas no es una historia escrita, esta en pleno proceso de redacción y creo que así se mantendrá por mucho tiempo. Los cambios reales aun estan por el verso Por mi parte pongo mi granito de arena en el tiempo que tengo disponible enseñando lo que él aprendió en los novatos en la plataforma, esto es una manera de garantizar que sigamos con el buen contenido.
¡No queda más que felicitar por Steemit por este gran logro! un millón se dice fácil pero no lo es
Como contribución al ingreso de nuevos usuarios a la plataforma, recomendamos un programa de premios por enlace de referencia, pero sin ponerlo en alto valor para que no se fomente la creación de cuentas fantasmas. La idea es seguir siendo una plataforma de miembros activos que hagan aumentar el valor del Steem.

This is fantastic. And such impressive growth over the past 6 months. When I first joined in October last year I think we only had about 400,000 accounts. :)

This is the real hard work of the steemit team, we are very happy to hear it. Imagining how everyday new users grow and old users are still in it is a great thing, we must thank everyone involved in this steem project, especially to the steemit team that has worked so hard to date.
steem on!

It's just the beginning, there is more to come my friend, this platform deserves more than this.

It is indeed a major milestone worth celebrating. Hiting the first one million mark can sometimes be the hardest butnonce hit, soaring higher becomes relatively easier. Great stat and insightful comparisons of Steem and Ethereum!

congrats woohoo


I'm afraid The number of inactive users and churn rates are also very impressive. Do you know how these numbers compare to existing social media?
And will there be any action to cope with it? Or is it not really an issue?

And we'll never know what type of user he/she is until he posts his introductory, or starts spamming, or plagiarizing, or maybe trolling. Haha, just my 2 cents thought.

Amazing! It would be great to see how it compares to traditional social media too!

Did you say hello and thank you to this millionth person?

H. G.

Thats awesome!!

Yeay, I'm a new Steemian. I really enjoy here. I hope I could find a good friends

A great milestone reached. Hope to see steem grow further. And be a great platform.

Wow is the best


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That's a great news for us. I am always with steemit.

Indeed. Nice going guys!

Congrats to the entire community and Steemit team! In my 5 short months of being here I've seen so much to be excited for! Can't wait for the next million accounts to discover the awesome potential of this blockchain!

Awesome news!!

Great News, i am happy to be part of steemit

I have been waiting for this milestone for a while now. 1.000.000 users. Such a pretty number. :D

To the moon boys and girls.

Sería interesante saber quien fue ese nuevo usuario, para felictarlo desde mi blogg.

Congrats ned and team

Wow! That's great!

Big congrats to this great community!! Steemit Rocks!!

Yay! Glad to confirm it here too, I read about it from a friend in the afternoon, he does not give the full details like this.

It's such a good news for us all, more adoptions shows their is a future for steemit and it coins..

Thank you for such enlightening information.It is encouraging that there is so much activity other than the social media posting going on in the wings.

I think it could be the saviour if Steemit cannot bring some order to the voting on content publishing.

Congratulations for such a huge milestone peeps!

Steem is clearly meant to be one of the greatest blockchains out there. The comparison with ethereum is promising and shows steem potential!

You guys keep developing steem and we users will keep creating content and making communities even stronger.


This is great news. Here's to the next million.

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This is the sort of blog that we should be sharing OUTSIDE of Steemit.

If you have another social media account with any sort of following, then please make sure you share this!


Congratulations! We need now to get to 2 millionth accounts!

Sent 200 accounts to 'the cleaners' today, and one group of 80 only showed one wallet address in the memo. Any ideas on the count of unique people?

Still, good news that the Steem Blockchain is managing this number of transactions well 👍🏾

This is so exciting as it symbolizes a milestone for the Steemit community! Awesome how far along this place has come, with people from all over the world bringing forth their experiences. It's what makes this place different from all the other classic Social Media sites.

Here's to all the users! cheers :)

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