Consensus 2018: Ned Scott in Net Neutrality Panel at 2:20 EST

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Steemit CEO, Ned Scott (@ned), will be appearing today at 2:20 PM EST (6:20 PM UTC) in a panel discussion about content monetization and net neutrality. The panel is being held as part of the Consensus 2018 conference in the Grand Ballroom West. Click here to view the livestream of the panel on


Oh i can't wait to watch that. Curious to hear 1. His take on it and 2. How he packages the message to make it palatable to the audience.

Links to consensus vids soon?

That is gonna be the best steemit conference ever since I joined this wonderful platform

$8.16! I can't believe my eyes. How is it even possible!?

Thanks for that link!

Good to see Steemit represented at Consensus. Should we expect a Steem/SBD pump during Ned's speech? :-)

This is one of the best events ever. First even like this when i am all in with crypto

Good luck with the talk, @ned! I'm definitely looking forward to tuning in to see the livestream.

And for everyone who is reading this and are to lazy to check the time conversions; it's in two hours and 10 minutes from when the original post was published.

Lolx. You are damn right many steemians are lazy.

I'm too lazy and my mobile data is about to finish. Hence I think I can watch this video tomorrow. I should!

If you are low on data, then you can read a TLDR post of it just after it's done to get the main points of it.

Sure! Let me first learn what is this TLDR. :)

It is short for "Too long, didn't read", so it's basically a short summary of the video :) I'm sure someone will post that.

@ned is really doing a great job, travelling from place to place for promoting steem and his work on SMT is worth appreciating. Good work @ned I appreciate your work

greetings to uphold success

@ned you gotta talk about what I need to hear this time.

Great move, @ned. You have our support anytime. Good luck.

images (9).jpeg

I know I'll be watching live to see Ned's point of view on the fcc and their lame leader Ajit Pai.

My mobile data is about to finish. So I won't be watching this one @ned. I'm curious to know your thoughts on net neutrality!

@ned i must say that i am glad at what you are doing. This great community has come to be because of the selfless service of you and the entire crew members of

This livestream and all that is happening is evident of what the future holds.

Thanks for doing the great job.

I am me @brightfame

very good effort from CEO team, hope fore steemit forward

Well it's been happening for a while now @ned appearances these days something is really coming, and it's going to be amazing

@steemitblog I can't See my transactions anymore, does anyone else have this issue?

Glad you posted this. Some have been touting that blockchain means an end to ISPs. Because of this, would the discussion about Net Neutrality be nerfed?

Moves being made left and right! I have a feeling great things are just ahead.

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