You know that this is the perfect name for an app! :-)
I'll download the surfer now and will test it. Post scheduling sounds awesome! I'm also curious to try your editor, since this is one of the most important parts for us bloggers.

Thanks for your efforts @good-karma & team!

Thank you Marly for kind words! (Got caught up on your waves 🙊)
Yes, please let us know how it works out and if there is anything we can improve further. We are working next batch of improvements, I am sure you will love it 🙂 🏄

Awesome! After testing the release today, I'll be definitely publishing my further blog posts via Surfer - the variety of features is outstanding and makes blogging especially efficient and also entertaining!
Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and see you around

I will try this one for sure,. and let's the game begins.

great post for you @good-karma continue your successful career

Something that makes it unusable for me is that you can't zoom in on text. Like with the Apple magic trackpad. This means that everything looks very far away from the eyes.

We have added zooming feature, Version 1.0.1 will be out by end of the week. Stay tuned!

I'm keen to try this out, as I've been posting on esteem, lately :) When I clicked on link to download, I got these options, which should I choose from my laptop (I use Windows 8, by the way)

37.3 MB esteem-surfer-1.0.0.x86_64.rpm
37.3 MB esteem-surfer_1.0.0_amd64.deb
57 MB eSteem.Surfer-1.0.0.dmg
77.8 MB eSteem.Surfer.Setup.1.0.0.exe
Source code (zip)
Source code (tar.gz)


Post scheduling sounds awesome! I'm also curious to try your editor, since this is one of the most important parts for us bloggers

Thank you for great suggestion and feedback!

You're more than welcome! So I suppose you're also part of the eSteem team? I only tagged @good-karma since I didn't know who else was involved, but obviously the applause belongs to all contributors :-)

I manage discord esteem. Very appreciated all that contribute to esteem and this is a request from all contributor! Thanks for your feedback

Great! I just joined the channel :-) See you there!

Welcome to eSteem Discord Community!^^

amazing you all

Great job @good-karma! I'm testing it right now! :-)

I've managed to crash the app in multiple ways with always the same result. Crash and exe file delete itself.

To crash click discover and refresh a few times, I think the larger the resolution the faster it crash (once on a 4k screen)

Thanks, we will check it out and fix... added bug report to github:


You do a good job friend congratulations I hope you can support me with a vote I will be grateful

Hi i want to be your best friend to give a upvote...plz follow me @redwanmiazee10


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Great work! I will test and review soon. Resteemed!
One question - How are you calculating the conversion to local currencies for expected post payouts? I ask because when I compare the figures I see in GBP to what I would expect based on the figures I usually use at - they don't match up.
I attempted to use different calculations to produce the results seen in Surfer, but didn't come very close to the figures seen in Surfer.


Rate assumes SBD is $1, I think that's why there is a difference. It makes sense to improve that and use market value of SBD. Noted down and will improve that soon, thanks!

Oh, I see, ok, yes - a Real value for SBD would help. :)
In case you are unaware, there is a somewhat unexpected mechanism for converting the predicted post payout value into fiat values. I suggest using the guide made by @dragosroua on for a breakdown of how to best approach it:

Great esteem ... I really doff my hat to everyone working on esteem project... it’s really amazing how our community is blessed with so many talented and dedicated dev like yours @good-karma

I doff mine too. This guy's are too good.

Excited to try this fully.

  • First thing that struck me is the Pin Number upon start up. I can imagine a lot of people mis-typing their pin and then struggling to find it again or something along those lines. I'd maybe make a visibility option or a confirm-pin option!

  • Love that I can go to CNY currency

  • Since we're in desktop app territory, would be cool to have freedom to change the colour or background design to more funky things.

  • 10%, though well deserved, is still quite high as stated by others. I'd use it for 5% for sure (An issue I have with all developing front ends on here)

This is just my first thoughts but overall impression is positive!

Thanks for feedback!

  • If PIN code is wrong for some reason, after few attempts Surfer clears all credentials to save you from brute force attacks, of course you can relogin and set up new PIN after that.
  • Glad you like that ;)
  • We are working on theming and firstly night mode feature for next release and as we continue development we will add more options to tweaks
  • 10% mostly goes for development team we have and servers we provide for the community, such as hosting your images for free, notifications, api servers, etc. And any additional is used for improvement of the services continiously and bringing new applications, services on top of Steem.

this sound awesome. great news for all of us

@good-karma is there a benefactor reward for using it?
Great job regardless btw!

Is eSteem application free to use?

eSteem application is provided for free and can be download from Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore as well as from out official Github, but there is a beneficiaries reward split where 10% of your post and comment rewards shared with eSteem project. These funds are used for further development of the application and continue to bring services for its users. Part of these funds are allocated for notification server, image hosting and other service costs. eSteem also runs encouragement, spotlight and translation programs where anyone can earn extra reward by participating. Those rewards are also part of these expenses.

Hello @good-karma This desktop version isn't support myanmar font.Can you add myanmar zawgyi font for this desktop version?Now cann't use myanmar sad.I like esteemapp.Thank you.Capture.JPG

Good find, thank you! We will fix that with next version!

great news for steemit

downloading now the windows version. Please update esteem for iOS


Browsing on eSteemSurfer right now what a beauty!

edit A bug or two. I don't think the scheduler works ( I could be wrong ) also you can't insert a picture ( or, browse for a picture if that was the intent I don't know ). You can't edit tags after you post. Also, a refresh button would be nice on the post page ,I see it on the profile page so I don't have to click back to see new comments. Good job though!

Thanks for feedback! Yes we are working next batch of improvements and bug fixes... Stay tuned, scheduler works, you will need to grant permission first. Insert picture button has bug, but you can drag and drop image on editor for now. Post refresh is already fixed we will push next update in couple days.

I had a feeling that was the case! no worries @good-karma was just putting in my 2 cents!

This is really great. I like this app for all the reasons above. Infact, I wasn't even aware that esteem was an android app till I read this posts. Thank you so much. Steemit was so complex for me and now, life is so much easier. I resteem.

Thanks for using eSteem

eSteem will have a BIG year!!!

@good-karma , downloaded the DT Windows version and am looking forward to discovery. What 'password or WIF' do I need to login?

you need your master password to login, all your details are saved locally

You can use steemconnect as well!

Yes true, but should anyone be providing their "Master Key" for anything?

Using steemconnect you can use "Active Key" not need "Master Key"

Hi sir your app was the first contact i has with steemit thx to a misspelled name of an app let me tell u im very gratefull l

started using to see the magic by @good-karma and I loved it from my first use.

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Thanks @good-karma for this amazing app. It's working smoothly for me.

Feature Request, I'm not sure if there is an option to enable nightmode with a darker color scheme, but that is a must for me. Even better the ability to customize the colors completely. Other than that it looks amazing! Let me know if there is a direct channel for making suggestions, I'm an Idea tank... [resteemed]

Thanks for your request! Yes night mode is in works, it will have similar coloring as eSteem Mobile night mode. Please join discord channel (link in bottom of the post) to report issues or suggestions

New version can success

very good news for steemian

steem is becoming attractive more and more day by day !!!

I have longed to see eSteem pc desktop version. This a good development men. Here I go. It is feedback as we use. Congratulations @good-karma.

i love this post.
this is awesome ,informative
perfect name of this apps.
really great jobs
thanks @good-karma

Man this looks awesome, will take a look! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Thanks, let me know how it works on your computer 😉

For Windows is not match with the link!
Check it!

Updated by pointing download to Github release page ;)

Looks like is not allowing to have links to .exe files. If you'll copy the link and paste in the browser it will work :)

Thats right! I have try it! Thanks for clarification :)

oh, now there is only one proper link and out there you can download for windows/mac/linux directly :)

Yeah . I just check it! And more better like that!:)

i am surely going to give this application a try! it looks very well done and helpful

Very nice, I've been waiting for this destop App version of your eSteem! Thank you very much @good-karma, in fact I am using it now as I write my comment. One thing I ask, is there a toogle night mode? I would really love it if there is, because my eyes are so sensitive with light... I hope you could make a toogle night mode, please!. Thank you and God bless! Kodus to you sir...

Thanks for feedback! Yes night mode is coming soon, we are working on it... Stay tuned!

This is great!

Will there be a way to flag comments in the new version? I did not see a way to do that. I'm getting sick of these spammers! lol

Yes :) we will add downvote with next version release

Just wondering, is the next version with downvote coming soon?

Yes, new release is almost ready we are just doing some tests and fixing user reported issues.

awesome! It should say "flag"... Because people will downvote differing opinions instead of harmful content... Just what I noticed on @dtube videos.

At last, desktop version came. Now waiting for Web app. We have been watching "Come Soon" message for a long time. When this wait will over. @good-karma .And thanks for supporting Linux.

thanks @good-karma for making it easier for the steemians to work on the Steemit platform through the esteem / esteem-surfer app.
Good luck and may God always bless you

Wow, amazing !!!

I can't be waiting to write my new article on this app. #Esteem still to grow Up, Up, And Up !!!!

Thank you #Esteem

It sounds amazing. Thanks so much for all your work to keep STEEM hip, relevant, and cutting edge.


Thanks for your feedback! :)

This is pretty freaken awesome man light on eyes and seems more professional

hello sir i dont understand about pin code..please reply me

PIN code is extra security and you can set small 4 digit or character for quick unlocks...

Hello @good-karma,
Thank you so much for the nice app as the desktop version. I've been waiting for a long time for it. I like very much the feature of @eSteem.
Happy Steeming and Happy Surfing :)

Sir @good-karma thank you for all your contribution all this time, always work we always support you.

wow is very cool good job is not my fault from the first choosing successful esteem application always give the best for all of us 👍👍👍

it always great news dear.
i am happy that now it is available on desktop.

wish best of luck to your journey.

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It's Really an extremely great program.this is a striking accomplishment @shahin1975 now I am again downloading regard application.

Using Steemit would be more fun with eSteem surfer. Thank you so much @good-karma for everything!

Hola querido amigo, he visto como te destacas y veo que haces un excelente trabajo revisare y probare esto pronto. Estoy muy contento de pertenecer a esta gran plataforma de steemit porque veo que puedo contar con su apoyo, Saludos humildemente desde Venezuela.

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Hello there!!, that it is awesome, thanks for sharing this with us. This new tool it will help a lot.
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!

I beg your support @good-karma to vote my posting with 100% vote I'm in need of money thanks for the support @rahmatthidayatt

Awesome! @good-karma I'm downloading the windows client right now to test it! Thanks for your efforts!

I beg your support @good-karma to vote my posting with 100% vote I'm in need of money thanks for the support @rahmatthidayatt

the posing is amazing
Thanks for your efforts @good-karma & team

Oh yeah, that was a great job buddy, i wanna be part of next development

here is my first comment from ur surfer mr @good-karma

I had the esteem mobile app, but havent tried using it, now i know better, i will commence usage ASAP

Thank you .This is really great. I like this app for all the reasons above. Infact, I wasn't even aware that esteem was an android app till I read this posts.

I´m using the app I love it but I need night mode

It is in works, stay tuned for future updates :)

I am just after downloading the app, and I must say that I love it! I agree with @yonilkar that night mode is really needed and am very happy to hear that it is in works. You did a great job with the app!

Dude you all keep up the great work! I have recently discovered eSteem and now the desktop client with its synced features and robust functionality. Sign me up 😀

I am new to the Steem platform, but an experienced app developer and have just started to build my own mobile application which will incorporate Steem blockchain. Your apps are a great inspiration, keep it coming!

You got my vote for witness.

Very cool! I enjoy this idea of this app! Absolutely!

Having trouble with the download. Is it possible to view it on a website? Is it available in the US Apple store? I'm on desktop it's iOS. I'll give it a try in the future!

Really a very wonderful program,i agree and very supportive my brother,@good-karma

Wow pos yang sangat bagus terimakasih telah memudahkan kami dalam berkarya

Really a very wonderful program,i agree and very supportive my brother,@good-karma

You do a good job friend congratulations I hope you can support me with a vote I will be grateful

really its a great pleasure for me to be in this community . thanks

thanks ,, it looks like i will make a new thing there

The way you do is I can understand and understand about your post, I hope I follow it and you teach, I beg @good-karma

this is a sign of a good researcher, thanks for this.

This is exciting news!!

well done..

Thanks brother!

Great job my friend. I'm a faithful esteem user!.

Postingan yang berguna, Terimakasih atas ilmu nya bang, semoga abg sehat selalu dan sukses selamanya ya bg

magnificent partners is an important breakthrough, and greatly simplifies the actions we would like to carry out. truly congratulations let's continue on this path

Do we get any rewards for using this app like we got when esteem was launched?

Surfer is also part of encouragement program, yes!

we will always follow, whatever is best

Thank you so much for saying things.

This is the application i had been searching for. i did request for it too. Can't wait to use it. Thanks @good-karma to bring this useful application for us :)

I've managed to crash in multiple ways with the same result in the same manner always crash and delete the exe file itself

For the discovery crash crashes and refreshing over time, I think the disaster resolution (once a 4k screen) as fast as it.

indeed man! that was a fucking spammer plagiarized comment

you are the best, we are always proud and always follow you @good-karma. hopefully always healthy and successful.

Hello @good-karma
Thanks for esteem on desktop I needed it in my life so much, saved me the stress of moving my work from Pc to Mobile before publishing.

I already made my first post using surfer on windows. It's been smooth so far :), although I noticed the default voting weight is fixed at 100% and there's no option to adjust it in settings.

All the same, Good job...kudos to you and your team.

Thanks @shuta! Default voting while posting? You can adjust your voting weight by hover over upvote button for 1 seconds and you will see popup with slider where you can adjust weight accordingly

Damn! I forgot to edit my reply.
Yes... Hovering over the upvote button brought up the slider.
Thanks @good-karma

Means eSteem is everywhere now while walking or sitting in front of PC, Its a revolution in Steemit client and now users will forget to use Steemit via any browser. You have captured the steemians 😂, All the best!!

Is it working now on desktop I am not getting how it works @good-karma. I want to know that it works on browser or it will have a window app like discord ?

Yes, It is desktop application. Works on your operating system, windows, mac or linux.

post scheduling for desktop will be amazing

Good job! Thank you very much for such excellent work!
Resteemed too!


very nice post

Steemit can work with it? and eSteem are two different apps (among many others like DTube,, DSound etc.) that run on the same Steem blockchain.

Good job. Buddy.

I am truly amazed at all of you who have worked hard on all this

This looks great going to check it out :D

thanks for your awesome fedback

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