Welcome Giveaway - write your first post and win a whale-vote! Week #3

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Hello fellow Steemers, You probably view this post because @welcomebot greeted you.


You are most likely new to steemit and still need to get the hang of things around here, but that is okay.

We are a loving community and we want to see what matters to you. So to get you started and known here, I am launching a giveaway.

Post the content that matters to you and get a whalevote (a vote that is worth a lot) to directly promote your post.


  • Be a new user joined less than 7 days
  • Be a new user with less than 50 reputation
  • Introduced yourself to the community
  • Wrote a second post with original content about a topic that matters to you
  • Voted on the post
  • Voted on at least three other entry
  • Bot votes will be ignored

If you fulfilled all these conditions, write a comment below with a link to your post and a small explanation on what you wrote and why it matters to you.

Other Steemers will then read and upvote your post and comment, based on how much they like it. And this is worth it for them too because if a whalevote hits and they voted for you, this means curator rewards.


  • The top 3 upvoted comments on this post get a 100% whalevote (worth over $10) on a post they choose
  • All others get a warm welcome and many eyes on their first post

Please call out spam and copy pasted content! This should be a genuine thing and not a money grab. I reserve the right to ignore the votes on content I feel abuses this content for a quick gain.

A big thank you to @officialfuzzy and @jphenderson for sponsoring the whaleshares for this giveaway. Money made in this post will be used for even more whaleshares in the next giveaway!

Last weeks winners were:

To redeem your vote (or receive whaleshares to vote yourself) please join the discord: https://discord.gg/v2KnvzE


Hey, I am here for 6 days. Tomorrow is going to be my 7 day and my first payout. Can't wait for that to happen.
My intro is an explanation of my username. You should check it out, its awesome.
It's about the power of an idea.
I want to bring high quality, original content on steemit.

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If you like what we're doing please upvote this comment so we can continue to build the community account that's supporting all members.

I just joined the other day and I wrote a post on my experience with cutting the cord. I can't stand Comcast so I decided to ditch them and create a home theater server for the whole home. Check the post here. I'm enjoying a better experience and only paying a fraction of what I paid before. No one should feel like they are under the boot of a corporation and I think that perfectly fits the goal of this social platform. On top of that I read more and spend more time with my family. It was a win all around.

I am very impressed by the social engagement and activity of this community. It dwarfs any previous experience I have personally had with other social platforms. The community entrepreneurial spirit and consistent encouragement is what makes Steemit truly an awesome place to virtual hang out. I combined both my introduction and first post based on a personal anecdote about what it was like growing up in the city that truly NEVER sleeps...............New York City. See my post at:

Im an open- minded person so when i first heard of steemit from @tj4real ,i just wanted to know what it was and today is my 6th day and i can say is im loving it.
I joined because i have a dream i want to materialise and i cant do it alone so here to fish out like minded people just like myself, connect with them and see how it plays out
Here is my intro
Hey! Checkout blog post on Steem https://steemit.com/life/@kwakumax/who-i-am

You are really moving @kwakumax. I like your pace...already on 44 on reputation

Hey All Of Your I am very much thankful to you thay steemit accepted me as a member and you all are here I would like to be in touch with you and will read all the post which are valuable . I am Sophia Olive I use to do travel and I have no experince about steemit saw a video and I was intrested to be involved into this community You Can see in my blog my post My Name is Sophia Olive

You can get knowledge about myself from here and If you want to know anything about me . I am here to Tell you . image

Welcome aboard Sophia... like you I am new to the fam as well.

Thanks it is really aprecited your welcoming me ..I just posted my new post which you can see to tk get involve into it Your comment on my post The Beautiful Lady on Earth with Yellow dress Will be really apprecited

Great post sophia , you just earned a follower , check out my blog too , n dont forget to follow :)

Thanks Really appreciated. I hope for the good post from you .

You can check my Introduction it will help you to get in touch with me


Hi, i am Neel from India. I'm an optimistic person and love to read new technology related stories. I like Macro photography, tinkering with cellphones, using different Linux district, and learning new stuff. I heard about steemit some time back but somehow ignored at that time, but stumbled upon again a grabbed the opportunity to become a member of the steemit family. I have written the bow post on Gimp which I like to use a lot as a powerful photo editing software. I hope you will like my post.


WOW! this is so cool. This is what i love about Steemit. The community is truly amazing, i have had so many questions, and more experienced users have been totally 500% helpful!

I do qualify on all of the points above, and I'd like to enter my #introduceyourself post, as I think it would be nice for other Steemers to read it and see if we have the same interests! Here's de link! https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@princessmewmew/welcome-to-the-jungle-princess-mew-mew-is-on-steemit

I enjoyed your intro post. Creativity and cats! Love both! We currently have 4 cats and I have had 8 total over the years.

Thank you so much for checking out my post! Means a. Lot!

Hey Vinnu, thanks so much!! I tried the thing with #banjo and #minnowsupport and... IT WORKED 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊!!!

Great post! Mind if I ask what the the thing with #banjo and #minnowsupport means?

Hi love! Basically @banjo and @minnowsupport are bots on the discord app that will upvote your post for you. Check out @vinnu s post above, he explains it step by step. AND IT IS AWESOME!

Great, thanks so much! Upvoted

… love it … so funny! :D

Steemit is so neat! I can tell we both like cats 😺 haha nice posts!

Hi, I read your post, and make an upvote.. great post! see you around :)

Hello. I met all the conditions, so I wrote this comment with courage!

This two is my introduction, and I wrote another post about introducing a korean rock band.

Introduction : https://steemit.com/kr/@yonah/hello-everyone-this-is-yonah
Introduction 2 : https://steemit.com/deutsch/@yonah/hallo-aus-korea
post : https://steemit.com/music/@yonah/jambinai-the-most-successful-korean-post-rock-band

And I upvoted quite many posts, including this one. Thank you:)

Impressive (german) introductory post! Like it :) Welcome on steemit! Enjoy the steem ocean :)

Hello @reggaemuffin ,

Greetings from sunny Mauritius. I believe i do qualify based on the above criteria. I am a professional chef having worked for famous worlwide known five star hotels with 15 yrs of experience. My reason to join steemit is mainly that i have a dream that i want to realise with the support of the community.


I am ready to sacrifice my career for that good cause as i have had enough of cooking and serving the well off people of the society. We have a lot of people out there who needs the community to come to their help, a small effort from each and everyone surely counts.

Below is my intro link and my career up to now. I hope to be selected to have a good start in my project.



Winning a whale vote will be a great support and boost for the future of my project.

Culinary yours

Inspiring. I have had many people ask me why I chose to stop and give someone in need the $5 in my pocket or why I chose to donate old clothes and appliances to organizations that help the homeless instead of putting it on eBay or having a yard sell.

I am not rich, but I am not without either. I have my family, my kids are fed, clothed, and healthy. We have a home and a car. I chose to give without receiving, because the tiniest things can make a word of difference to those in need and that is enough reason for me. I wish you the best!

Thank you a lot for the support dear! That's some great words of wisdom you just mentioned ! Amazing !

Awesome I'm in!

Here's my introduction post along with my documenting my first 24 hours on Steem.

This post is represents my first public article about me "escaping the military", which I wrote as a conscientious objector. I was released from the military and was introduced to Steemit, the next day.

There is a reason I'm here!

Hey lovely steemit community,
I am also fairly new to the community so still a lot to learn and hope this giveaway is a good chance for just that!
If you are interested in my blog feel free to check out my introduction post.

I wrote my second post on the Freedom of Speech, why it matters, where limitations are and if there should be limitations at all. In my opinion a really interesting topic especially nowadays. Different opinions matter, bring progress and debate. Yet we should look at logical implications of unlimited free speech. Hope you got time to maybe look at it, I put quite some time into it, if not then that's also fine!

If you liked it or also think it is an interesting topic feel free to leave me an up-vote, excited for reading you content as well!
Cheers & thanks, Tjark

Financial problems have always been hunting me. That is why this article really matters to me. Financial issues should be looked into. Not will our kids will suffer the consequences but also the future generations.

Hello, I've joined steemit recently, did my second post today.
You can see it here: https://steemit.com/art/@zneeke/empty-old-sketchbook-a-fountain-pen-some-colors-fears-and-the-plan
I joined as I have created a personal challenge for myself to start blogging and do it consistently. I'm working on that now and it's going well so far.

Good luck all. :)

What a nice opportunity this is 😊
I wrote about a good way to start your day.

I hope to inspire people to be more healthy.
So we slowly take our own responsibilities back in life and stop relying on third parties to take “care” off us.

This is what matters to me. Let us slowly take our freedom back, step by step! Start with your health this is very empowering in my opinion.



Thanks for reading
Much love

I just got introduced to Steemit yesterday and it's just amazing!
I am a musician, producer, entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast.
Here to inspire and get inspired :)

This is my first blog: https://steemit.com/music/@hardikv/the-future-of-music-education-an-imagination

Here is my intoduction post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@hardikv/hello-steemit-musician-producer-entrepreneur-fitness-enthusiast-and-a-creator


Hey dude :)
I like the things you do. Maybe checkout some of the stuff i already posted here on steemit. Maybe we can do some sort of collaboration? Im currently building up a small studio and I'm trying to get into producign with a DAW like Ableton.
I followed you :)

This is such a beautiful way to get us beginners started in the community, thank you so much for the opportunity!

I am a comic artist, I joined less than a week ago and I meet all the requirements posted. Please, check out my introductory posts:


To see that what I care about the most is celebrating women's strength at a time where misogyny and sexism are hitting hard again in North America (and elsewhere). My stories are centered on women's issues and rights and my female characters are three-dimensional and never sexualized. Enjoy!

First of all, thank you so much for the invitation! :) It does seem like I met the conditions.
I like to think of myself as a versatile person, so anyone that knows me in person would not be so surprised finding out that I opened an account on Steemit. Currently, I am a medical student (soon to be MD), who enjoys life, art, music, photography and taking pictures, watching movies, attending concerts, loves practicing Kundalini yoga, preparing and eating vegan food. This little moto or quote that you can see next to my name is leading line in my life so to speak: "Heart over matter", since I think there is nothing above or nothing more important then LOVE!

This is my intorductory post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ardas/journey-of-awakening

And this is something that I am currently passionate about - communication in health: https://steemit.com/health/@ardas/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-of-modern-western-medicine-future-md-view-part-1

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

Here is the link to my first post with original content:


This is the first chapter of a novel I started writing a few years ago. I got the first six chapters finished before I stopped working on it completely.

The reason I stopped working on it is because my life wasn't going so well (it still isn't to be honest), so I just got really depressed about things and couldn't bring myself to keep working on it because I didn't want my depression to come through in my writing.

I've just recently been trying to pull myself out of it and give life yet another try. I came across this site and liked the concept of it, so I've decided to share the story here as I write it. I'm hoping that I might can find some encouragement and motivation here from others as I'm having a really hard time generating any on my own anymore.

So yeah, that's my story. Well, it's nowhere near the whole story, but this probably isn't the place to bitch about my life.

If anyone can take the time to read my first post and just give me some honest feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm pretty sure that I've checked everything off that requirement list.
My second post is actually a contest that I entered. I was writing my third post (own content) at the time that the contest came up.

I'll share my contest post because I do enjoy to take pictures when I can. I'm still fairly new to Kentucky where I have only been living for just over three years. I use to know many neat places back at home in Canada. I wasn't sure if I could also put my introduction in here too (not for the contest). I like meeting and getting to know people, so in my intro post I talk a tad bit about myself. I'll leave the link here for anyone interested, no pressure lol

But here is the link to my second post showing one of the things that I like to do. :)


As a studied philosopher as well as an internet entrepreneur I'm thinking a lot about social and ethical questions. A result of this is @steempact – the new charity kick off powered by the steemit community :)

In the same time I love the funny and kind of awkward aspect of some moral questions which is why I started a serial of posts called "Daily Dilemma" today :) Here's my first post on that: https://steemit.com/funny/@robofox/daily-dilemma-1-how-to-comply-with-the-golden-rule-in-public-restrooms

… oh well, and this is my introductory post: https://steemit.com/introducemyself/@robofox/what-an-inspiring-project-hi-all

Greetz to all of you :) Enjoy the steem ocean!

This is my first day here, this is my second post, my little fella :D


Hi everyone!

I am fashion model and YouTube blogger.

Today is my second day on SteemIt and I am already addicted to it! I met alot of nice people, entered contest and getting to know SteemIt more and more evry second! I don't think I will sleep tonight =D ahahaha

In my first introduction post I was telling shortly my full of adventures and sudden decisions story of changing my life and model career once and forever!

Fashion industry, modeling and fashion photography are my favorite fields and I want to bring more of this to SteemIt community. I hope you will enjoy my videos and posts ;)

If you are wondering what am I talking about, feel free to check out my first posts and stay tuned for more ;)

P.S. @welcomebot @reggaemuffin I hope I did everything right to enter this contest =) If I missed something please let me know =) I am just second day here and I am so confused by alot of amazing information around here!




Please consider my post. I am helping spread awareness about my son's rare condition. He is my inspiration and helps remind us all to appreciate the small things in life.



I joined few days ago. I love life, freedom and adventure. Books and writing is my passion.

check this out please

Hi guys I recently joined the community less than a week ago. So far this is the best thing I've found on the internet in a long time! Basically like the first time I discovered Bitcoin. I recently wrote a post introducing myself. The highlight was pictures of my puppy Inka. She's my baby, and to be honest has got me through everything in the past year. My best friend died in a tragic accident, which I talked a little about in the post. It's strange because I don't even talk about that with people in my life. I've mostly kept it in until now. Something about the community makes me trust you all, and let's me express my feelings. To 6 days using Steemit!

cheers, @darklink
Here's the original post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@darklink/hey-guys-new-to-steemit-let-s-see-i-ve-lived-in-the-amazon-had-a-pet-monkey-escaped-my-childhood-cult-learned-chinese-and

I meet the conditions, thanks for the invitation!

Okay, I am editing this comment with my intent to participate.
My name is Ronald, but please call me Ron @ronmamita

Here is my steemit-intro:

I do a great amount of research into institutional governance and I truly wish for your support in amplifying worldwide awareness and being the change we wish to see on earth.

If you like this post, do not forget to upvote or follow me or resteem

Going on day 6 here for me, was drawn out of interest in cryptocurrencies and stayed for all the art, photos, and original content.
I wrote this post, doinitwrong 101 - Upvote IS NOT like a FB like, it has actual power (steemit 4 dummies), as a means not only to express my new experience on steemit yet also to perhaps guide others who may have been making the same mistake I was (learning from the mistakes of others).

😁 Sharing is Caring 😁

Thanks for offering this thoughtful welcome giveaway to all of us newbs. I believe I meet all of the conditions for the giveaway! Please consider this my intent to participate in the giveaway.

My name is Zack and I go by @zacherybinx
Here is my Steemit Intro post/Guide on Where to Find Free Stock Photos:

I love Photography and have researched many sources on where to share stock photos so that's what lead me to writing the above guide.

My second post was for #BeachWednesday photo entries located here: https://steemit.com/beachwednesday/@zacherybinx/beachwednesday-some-beach-shots-for-you-all-d

Thanks again for putting on this giveaway! May karma come back to you!

Welcome to SteemIt =)

Hi there Steemians,

Thank you for this beautiful platform full of inspiration and ideas. Looking forward to see the development in the coming years.
My friend @s3rg3 brought me to the idea of starting to blog 2 days ago.
My second blog is about a topic that causes a lot of disagreement and issues in my workfield. I'm very curious how you feel about the topic. So: please take a peak at my blog :D


I'm a data scientist, a lecturer and a 100% geek. Sometimes I feel that people do not appreciate some of the technological advances surrounding them in full, and when I feel that I feel compelled to share my fascination or understanding of things.

It somehow seemed logical that I must dedicate my first post on Steemit to an explanation of the blockchain technology "in simple terms" (well, as simple as they get without sacrificing the important parts).


Steemit is based on a blockchain implementation, hence what could be better platform for hosting an explanation of how it works inside, right?

I am a creative soul and a bird lover. I heard about steemit from my boyfriend @grimmyx and I wanted to try it. So I am here.
I would like to entertain you with funny gifs, videos and other content with my little birdie and to share some of my thoughts and stuff.
You can find more in my introduction, my first post (thought) and second post (funny gif).
I hope you'll like it :)

Thanks very much. :)

Hi I am brand new to Steem, just started today, and i am looking forward to my journey on STEEM and getting to know the community. My intro is about my core interests and what i will be posting throughout my time on STEEM, i hope everyone enjoys my posts and i hope to make new friends and contacts along the way... happy posting everyone :) ... https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@kaomsebai/who-am-i-by-kaom-sebai

Well, the warmth of this community doesn't stop to amaze me. I have been greeted by people that want to help and contribute to me optimally enjoying this website. Therefore, I wrote a starter post and ofcourse a introduction post.

My main goal is to make people aware of privacy and security on the internet, by tunneling super-recent advice and incidents right through to the public of Steemit. From hacks, fraud to other nasty things; if I can help a reader prevent becoming a victim; I'm happy. This reflects in my first post, an accessible way for Stemians to encrypt and privatize their internet traffic.
The post is located at https://steemit.com/news/@crypsis/still-browsing-the-internet-unprotected-a-quality-vpn-service-just-got-released-for-free

To read more about myself; https://steemit.com/introducemyself/@crypsis/hello-world-hello-steemit-please-welcome-a-new-curious-visitor-from-europe

Thank you very much for this opportunity people, write on!

Hey I joined less than a week ago and I wrote a post yesterday about multipotentialites. I Hope you'll recognize yourself in this post and this will teach you some things.


Thank you for this opportunity.

Edit : Oop wrong post

Brand new on here, and my head is exploding with ideas! What an interesting community / concept ....

I wrote about staying relevant --you can read the post here . As someone who moved around a lot (at age 25 I had not lived in the same place more than 18 months), fitting in, and being relevant are sometimes painful situations to overcome.

As I get older and the pace of change boggling even the most adaptive minds, staying relevant is now an every day challenge -- but one I welcome with enthusiasm. Because it's just perfect for someone like me who thrives on exploring, adapting and .... living!

Steem is just PERFECT for me :)

Hey and hello! My name is Robert, I am from Germany and this is my third (3th) day on Steemit. My username represents my mission in life.

As I have never been able to set deep roots in a particular place myself I am now on the quest to spread my roots all over the world connecting people and communitites. That's the Rooting of the Robert.

So far my bordercrossing movements brought me to Thailand, India and soon to China all in which I did not just travel but was involved in different projects I am now going to recap with the help of steemit.

My first post, besides the introduction one, deals with my first steps in Thailand. Up to that point I did not know that what happened at this occasion would be the theme of my Thailand-time: https://steemit.com/travel/@rootingrobert/english-camps-in-thailand-are-different

( ゚ヮ゚)

I am an aspirant artist, photographer and blogger. I joined steemit few days back to get help and inspiration from fellow steemians. It would be great if I can contribute to the steemit with my work and companionship. Thanks, @theia7


I have joined the community few days ago. Well, I am a tech enthusiast and blog about tech. I am also a developer in android community.

I am in blogging platform since 2013. I love writing about tech and android development.

I hope to do good here.

In my second post I wrote about how can we understand the configuration of a headphone or earphone while.
As i am an audiophile, I know about the difficulties that music lovers face while choosing a headphone if they have no technical knowledge.

Here is my post: https://steemit.com/technology/@nitesh9/how-to-choose-best-headphones-on-the-basis-of-specifications

Then I also wrote about an awesome scientific question:

I hope community will like my work. :)

i joined today and added my post. in my post i talked about what i thought would be important to consider if you wanted to rent you house or your rental property. i would like any feedback to make better post. thank you.

Hello! I registered yesterday and made my first post today! It is both my first serious article as technically my introductory post. I think the weight of the content's importance speaks for itself. Please give it a read if you're a free thinker and want to contribute to a happy and hopeful life!


I made this post because I like photography and am interested in tracking the sun's progress in the sky from the view of our upstairs window. Please follow to see a weekly sunset and other adventures I post:


I'm attracted to steem for the socialist digital ecosystem aspect of the technology, as politics will be out of date in its current form very soon, as its too slow to react.. here's some politically charged original content. https://steemit.com/art/@penance/more-crazy-digital-thingz-politically-tweaked-babel-2017-original-vidz


New to steemit and I joined in hopes of finding a place to fit in.
I wrote about being creative in my first real post. Living life with BPD has made things difficult with many ups and downs, but one thing I can always turn to is my arts and crafts. I love to create new thing and try new projects. My daughter has inherited that trait and loves to be creative as well. We love to make things together, as well as working on projects of our own. I could in a sense say my soon is creative as well. He loves gaming and wants to create his own games.
Because of my shyness and social anxiety, most of the time my creative side is only seen by close family. Hopefully, steemit will give me a chance to share this side of me with even more people.

My post: https://steemit.com/life/@philogyny/being-creative

Hey steemit!
Feels great to be here :)
For introduction I wrote "A music Story" which you can find here:

I thought it might be telling more about myself to share a story with you than to just post some random facts about me.

Music is my passion and together with my brother I started this channel to share our thoughts and memories with you.

I don't want to restrict myself on any kind of topic. I also like programming and just talking about things that go around in my mind.

But for now I only posted some music and storys about music. There are still plenty of ideas that haven't been thought yet.


Follow me, get to know me and we can start some kind of collaboration :) I'm always happy to get to know new interesting people. And I'm happy that steemit offers such great opportunities doing this.

Greetings and good vibes
Malick Sidibe
Sidibeat :)

I believe I fulfilled the criteria, so here is a link to my second post. It is about my Art (I am an Artist) :) I look forward to getting to know you all better! https://steemit.com/art/@michelleart/orion-original-acrylic-on-canvas-painting-48-x-36
I am not even sure if I am doing this right, just joined and fumbling my way through.

All right!!

Must say my first day on Steemit has been a very nice experience! Helpful people and soo much interesting content!

Here´s the link to my first post. I´m basically on here to to spread passion, positivity and enthusiasm and to learn a LOT! One of my passions is electric cars and Tesla especially.. :) Check it out and upvote if you like it!



Hey, I joined about 4-5 days ago and would love to get a head start on my steemit career.https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@sta/kind-of-introduce-myself

The Dark side of travelling. In this post I tell the story of how I lost my documents while travelling and I give tips of how you can prevent the same from happening to you.


To jumpstart my new Steemit Account, I've decided to launch a weekly series called "Pumpworthy News" summarizing The upcoming CryptoNews worth investing in. The goal is to find entry points prior to any pumping that may result in the news. To do this, we will be looking weeks - months out.
Check out our first entry at: https://steemit.com/investing/@promoplugs/pumpworthy-news-a-list-of-buying-imminent-opportunities-6-25-edition

I did an intro post, and have joined the discord whaleshares.
and here is my post about what is important to me. Music! Finally a platform exists where musicians and artists can potentially see a bit of a return on the hours and hours of work they put into sharing their craft.


Hello Steemit Community,

I just wrote my introduceyourself yesterday and I already feel so welcomed and at home by everyone I have had the pleasure of talking with.
I joined because I felt Steemit's platform was a place I could not only share my story of opiate addiction but build a community of people looking to leave this world better than we found it.
Why share this particular part of myself especially since a topic such as drug addiction is clouded in so much stigma? Well, part of the answer is in the question. Stigma keeps too many people from getting the help they so desperately want and need. As a woman who has over come her demons with heroin addiction with the help of methadone, I hope to show others we are not hopeless and we are not what you think.
I wasn't sure if I was even going to enter this giveaway, I just hope to make some contacts and a lot of new friends.🤗
If you would like to read my first official post https://steemit.com/health/@jenombie/seeing-death-in-the-face-of-opiate-addiction

Thank you so much,

Thanks so much @reggaemuffin! I was so excited to win a whalevote! Thanks for running the comp, I have told some of my friends to come enter this week :)

This is great! Thanks for the opportunity.
My first post was about why I got into Crypto Trading and why it's probably the best financial market in the world you can trade right now..


In the post I compare it to other markets as well.

I would love to share many tips from my vast experience as a trader for the past 12+ years, and show the Steem community how to make a steady income trading Crypto currencies. Just need some love and Steem to keep me fueled..:-)

Steemit is such a unique and exciting platform! I really admire the fact that this is a welcoming place that encourages people to engage with others by sharing their creativity with other innovative ideas and receive quality feedback/support. I reflect my personal creativity through my pictures that inspire me, ideas that I have for projects/businesses, and posts about various subjects that interest me (cryptos, stocks, investing, traveling, sports, etc.). My submission is just a basic photo that I took a while back that I revisited and decided to edit a little (a new skill that I'm starting to learn and build off of). The reason why it matters to me is because creativity is something to be shared and expressed, not suppressed. You can check the post out here: https://steemit.com/photography/@concept/san-diego-california

Hey Guys, I am a new user on steemit (signed just today).
I am a musician and composer from germany and I am very passionated about it. However it never paid out since the day I am doing stuff. So perhaps if you like and upvote what I am doing, there is future for me, Ben the great composer:) This is my post with the first of my ever made filmmusic-works. Thanks for your support! https://steemit.com/music/@senzenfrenz/introducing-ben-the-filmmusic-composer

I have been here for approximately one day, here is one of my post. I created this post to appreciate motherly love and also my brother who put together this meaningful sketch . I am loving it here https://steemit.com/art/@laolballs/upvote-this-drawing-if-you-appreciate-motherly-love

Hi everybody it's Ariel here.. In 5 hours I will complete my first 24 hours here and can't be more happy :)

I made an introductory post about myself.. You're welcome to read, I tried to make it nice :)
In this article you can know better where I live and the beautiful landscapes that surround me :)

Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've already wrote several posts in English and French, but the post which really matters to me is the story of my little kitten Niagara I found in my garden, very sick and between life and death.
You'll find it here. Don't hesitate to upvote, comment, and resteem it. And if you are really interested by my personality, feel free to follow me!

Hello everyone! I'm also a newbie and meet the criteria in this post. I'm still getting to know how Steemit works but so far so good!

I run a fashion, beauty and travel blog and I'm also a Londoner :)


Here is my introduction post:

Hope to get to know people on this platform!

Hi, I am new to Steemit and still exploring the community. I'm loving it so far!
My first blog is a travel guide to the remote Scottish Highlands - a beautiful area of the world I used to live in for the best part of a year. Travelling makes me happy, so I wanted to share my knowledge of this area as a little inspiration for anyone planning to visit!
Here's the link to the travel guide: https://steemit.com/travel/@nomadrituals/the-scottish-highlands-15-must-visit-places
And also the link to my introduction post for anyone interested (I make jewellery and love photography and hugging trees): https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@nomadrituals/introducing-myself-tree-hugger-jewellery-maker-and-traveller

Great initiative for us minners! I joined 6 days ago and meet all of the criteria above. My intro post is here. Another post I wrote on How to profit from flash crashes and Coinbase freezes is here. Upvoted, followed, and will join the discord. Thanks!

reggaemuffin, That is great information.

@reggaemuffin this is great. Badly i saw this post just today while zapping through the #introduceyourself posts. Its my 7th day on steemit today. Maybe i can join with my introduce yourself post i did today :)

If not, no problem, u sure have my upvote and i'll resteem this post for new users.

Have a great day!

Sure thing :) If you missed it by a day, feel free to still join :)

Thank u :D

I love it Soooo,Much cause it's an amazing world of STeemit.
the real fact of it: Steemit is for all the people of the world...

I'm new to this amazing world but not alone
Here's MY_iNtro:https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@suraj/me-myself-on-steemit

Hey everyone, Just starting out on Steemit here.
My name is Jake, im from Toronto, Canada. And right now I'm in Ecuador, soon to be backpacking my way to through Central America, eventually to be living at and working on building a vegan community / fruit forest in Belize.
Going to be posting a lot of my pics from traveling and adventures - joining me will be my sidekick travel gnome Gnorman, I get a pic of him in all the best spots I visit.
Also interested in putting out some health and nutrition related content - lots of fruit, spirituality, veganism, and possibly some alternative media type stuff.
I've got lots of stories, photos, opinions, and knowledge to share, and would love to see the same from others!
The post that I was most excited to share so far was my birds eye view pictures from above the famous Cambodian temples!


Check out my posts so far to see if you're interested, and follow if you wanna keep up! Thanks for reading !

Hi there, I'm Karl! I am pretty new to this but I am super excited to be a part of what I call "The Interactive Cryptocurrency Movement."
I am a writer for a site called Logical Anarchy, but my favorite post so far is a bit personal. I have spent my entire life travelling but with this post I got to share a bit of those travels with the Steemit community. I hope you guys check it out! (There is even a humorous addition at the end.) https://steemit.com/photography/@wimpiam/old-photos-of-places-you-should-go

I wrote about my dog. It matters to me, because I loved him a lot, and it was probably the best dog in the world to me. He was part of a breed that you probably never heard before.


Hi everyone. I have just written a post motivating all new members on steemit that they can make it on this platform. Can you please follow this link to upvote and comment on it. Thank you all in advance https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@patrickpeace/in-steemit-look-up-to-the-sky-as-the-limit-and-never-settle-for-less

Good day, My name is Julian Svendsen. 17 years old. Interested in American politics, living in Norway. Norwegian politics too Liberal for me. I am writing about mainly news articles and politics. But the post I used the most amount of time concentration on was the following article.


Hi guys I have been here for three days and a few hours. I have researched different issues under different topics in the past because I like to learn and self educate. Here's one out of the many research and original content I have written: https://steemit.com/life/@simeonburke/juvenile-delinquency-a-must-read-for-every-parent-aspiring-parent-and-soon-to-be-parent
This article is relevant to every parent and any adolescent who is not willing to learn by making mistakes. The article is important, because it helps any reader to understand how negligence, ignorance, social, and psychological factors may encourage adolescent delinquency in our current society. Thus, helping us be on the look out for young people who are constantly under peer pressure or experimenting with crime(theft, drug abuse, sex abuse, alchoholismetc.) Thank you for your time and attention
Have a lovely week I hope you enjoy reading and I hope you learn something too.

Awsome contest.

My introduction post:
My second post: Guess where im from xP :

Is there any post here that explains for a noob like me if i should power up, if so how much , or how much does it impact an account voting power etc... would love to understand those numbers xP
Keep steemin !

I believe, like me many make the decisions to change in other to become who they think they should be but the moment they are faced with challenges we seem to go back to the old man and that is not who we really are... https://steemit.com/life/@crownsamuel/temple-thoughts-who-we-are-genesis-24

Hello, I am Julian. I stumbled on Steemit via suspicious means. Joke, I just clicked a link I found on some old forum honestly. Hehe anyways I am excited to be here. Of all the forums I have joined, this one looks really community oriented and interactive. The last forum I was on called me a lecher just for posting 7 replies, just saying. So this forum, that rewards and encourage users to post, is a nice change and I like that. It is really nice to meet you all.

Hello there team, I just made a post about the biggest hobby of mine: language learning. It will give you an quick insight to how I think about languages. This will be my main focus area, because I can contribute the most. Hope you like it!

My name is Harry Newman. I'm a 22-year-old personal trainer living on the east coast of Australia.

Even though I am still young I've experienced my fair share of challenging life situations that have forced me to grow as a person.

These difficult times in my life (which I will share on Steemit when the time is right) is what makes me passionate about my purpose....

Helping others improve physically, mentally and emotionally. Which is what brings me to Steemit! Sharing knowledge so others can improve themselves!

Have a read of my first proper post here https://steemit.com/heath/@harrynewman/cognitive-blindspots-your-mind-can-t-see-them-but-they-are-certainly-there

Good luck to everyone, wishing you a nice day from Australia!

this is encouraging for people like us new commers in the house.
this is galvanising the spirit and making us to brace up for more
I made my first post yesterday as in introducing my self to the community.
check it out at
https//steemit.com/introduce [email protected]/introduce myself. my first post.

Hi. This is my first day. My cryptocurrency investments have allowed me to have free time and now I'm trying to create projects to maximize the well being of people in the world.
I posted this on how to fight get ready for an A.I. ruled future.

can't fill the condition. : (

Je fais de superbes articles sur les cryptomonnaies. Je vous donne des conseils d'investissements. J'analyse pour vous les ICO à ne pas rater.
Alors je vous invite à aller voir ma chaine francophone.

D'autres articles très rapidement. Je vous embrasse les loups !! 👊👊

Dears steemit Readers, Do not hesitate to follow me now, we Follow you.
We're glad to have you join us. You will love it here. Looking forward to reading your future posts.

Click here to:

I'm a writer and I've recently become a member of Steemit. I am serializing my trials and tribulation while inside a Spanish Prison facility in a unit of insane criminals while I was working undercover. The story is pretty intense...


This is my second article https://steemit.com/life/@musasshi90/about-me-story-continues-why-i-left-the-company-which-i-work-more-one-yearhttps://steemit.com/life/@musasshi90/about-me-story-continues-why-i-left-the-company-which-i-work-more-one-year, few free to read. This article is about why i leave the company, I want to encourage the youngster must survive in order to gain more experience, one day, it will be easy to cope the pressure

I've just wrote my second post in my 3 days of steeming. Check this out @acemedia. I am an IT enthusiast and a lover and follower of cryptocurrency. I have just submitted a post about a topic dealing with cryptocurrency. I like writing and Steem as giving me the opportunity to purse this hobby.

Becoming Crypto Knight I wrote this post out of my concern for the safety of my fellow Steemers, Steemians and all persons who use cryptocurrency to alert them of their possesion and current role. I want us all to be safe.

Hi Steemit!

It's my second day here and the welcomebot alerted me to this contest.

I'm a musician so I wrote a small piece on why music is important to me and included an LP I made. Music is such a special medium that can transcend all other barriers of communication and I would love to connect with other musicians on this platform.

Here is the post, the music is ambient/electronic: https://steemit.com/music/@juliakponsford/why-creating-music-is-so-important-ambient-lp

Why did I write this? Because I want to learn - it's like when you swim and enjoy looking around (rest).Thank you!

Hi, I'm Klara and I'm a young photographer from Czech Republic. I'm trying to write some post with photos mostly of the things I love the most which are sports, dogs and animals in general. Lately I started to add some camera setting info to show other what I use for shooting.. So I can maybe get some new advices or to help some newbies in photography worl :).

I hope add some really nice photos so I'll be gratefull for sharing them with some mr epeople :).


my last post is maybe a more interesting and its about sport called Ultimate frisbee. :)

Hi Guys...it is a pleasure to be among like minded members. The reason for writing on steem, particularly the first post, is because I see on a daily basis many people struggling to come to terms with their true purpose in life. Many have bought into the paradigm of consumerism, commercialism as well as many other low energy vibrations. I spent a good part of my life in a corporate world, and realised that I too was a robot to shareholders demands, even as a CEO. I was never truly free to make the changes necessary to achieve a perfectly harmonious environment. For the past 2 years I have dedicated my time and energy to helping guide others to realising their true authentic self, as well as achieving their dreams. I look forward to connecting with other like minded members, so that as a collective we can change the way humanity progresses.

My first article posted https://steemit.com/spirituality/@askdeano/where-is-home-and-why-are-we-here
My intro https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@askdeano/my-first-day-to-experience-steemit
My latest article https://steemit.com/community/@askdeano/a-new-sustainable-community-in-europe-preview

Thank you!

Hey everyone. Thank you for trying to help new members of the community.

I wrote about a personal experience. Watching the fire incident at Grenfell tower in London on tv, it brought back memories of a fire incident at our home many years ago. I was moved to share my experience, to encourage others, so they know that no matter what is going on with them today, the sun will always come out tomorrow. Life goes on.


Hi, am MahiSNair, really glad to see such a platform.. hope to see the community grow and learn together. this is my introduceyourself post -

Great initiative! I have only 2 years old here :D

Hi friends,
My name is Thanh, and this is my story, please spend some time for this lovely story.

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