Join SteemPact! Empowering Change Together – Week #1

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Hey fellow Steemers,
want to do something meaningful this Week? Then read closely!

SteemPact is going into week #1!


We believe that we steemers can unleash a tremendous power to push things forward. Together with you we want to make the world a better place. Let's empower change together!

What is SteemPact?

Our introduction post.
Each week you are given the opportunity to propose a charity that you think changes the world to the better. In addition to that you can vote on other charities. The charity with the most upvotes (in number, not value) will finally be donated the liquid reward of our weekly post. So your upvote will literally do something good.

What does this mean for steemit?

Each donation will be in the name of the steemit community, so we show the world that we can do something good! Furthermore we will encourage charities to join steemit and get donations in steem. For you this means you will get updates on their progress and can support the ones you like most directly.

How to nominate a charity?

In order to nominate a charity please make a comment on our newest weekly post (we will publish it every monday) telling us more about it.

  • Please make sure that there is a way to contact the charity in order to bring them to steemit.
  • Also include a link to the charity or a page with more information about it.
  • If you state that you donate all rewards of your comment and you win, you get 100 whaleshares sponsored by @officialfuzzy.


  • A charity is anything that you think changes the world to the better.
  • A charity does not necessarily need to be international, your local charity is fine too.
  • In order to prevent fraud we reserve the right to disqualify charities that we believe are not credible. In this case the donation goes to the next charity (second most votes).
  • Donations will only be payed out in steem.
  • Charities need to have a dedicated steemit account to ensure transparency.
  • We will release proof of every donation on the blockchain.
  • Nominating your own charity is allowed but should be disclaimed.
  • The liquid part of the rewards (50 %) of our weekly posts will completely be donated to the winning charity.
  • The vesting part of the rewards (the other 50 %) of our weekly posts will strenghten the @steempact account and thereby allowing us to support future charities by voting them up with more power. Should we power down the account, that will go to charity too.
  • The rewards of the comments will go to the persons nominating the respective charities. They are free to donate it (and can win whaleshares doing so).

I want to support this! How?

  • Upvote this post. Now you already have donated.
  • Look in the comments for charities you like and upvote them.
  • Nominate a charity you think is good.
  • Join our steemtrail (see below).

I want to support all posts you ever make! How?

We offer a steemtrail that you can follow. All upvotes from @steempact are for a good cause, so supporting the trail makes you automatically support good causes. We are also partnering with SteemVoter to make a @steempact guild available in the future. In the meantime you can use SteemVoter to autoupvote our project.

I want to throw money at you! How?

Please consider throwing money at one of the charities instead:

  • Send STEEM or SBD to @steempact.
  • In the memo write one of these:
    • The link to one of our posts. We will add it to the donated amount.
    • The link to a comment for a charity. We will donate it to that charity, but we will add it to the post if there are problems (see rules above).
    • Write anything else and we will try to find a suitable charity to donate it to.

Who is behind this?

@robofox and @reggaemuffin are running this account. We are supported and vouched for by witness @thecryptodrive. We will happily answer all your questions!


Thanks to @epicdesigns for the epic design of our @steempact brand!
Thanks to @thecryptodrive for supporting us all the way!
Thanks to @officialfuzzy for sponsering the whaleshares to bring users to donating their part too!



thanks a lot @steempact for encouraging me to nominate our conservation program.

We are Kedjom-Keku, People of the forest. Join us to save Misty Mountain Forest in Cameroon!

Our goal is to save and restore 1000 hectares of Misty Mountain Forest (called Abongphen Highland Forest) by 2025.

Our main objectives are protection and restoration of forest, raising education and awareness, improving of living standards of locals and research & ecotourism.

The Abongphen Highland Forest (misty mountain type) lies in the Kedjom-Keku area, whose name translates to the People of the Forest. It is a source of drinking water for millions of people and it is the natural habitat of the most threatened chimpanzee subspecies, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, as well as hundreds of other endemic organisms of the Bamenda Highlands. Due to unsustainable development practices, the forest currently covers a mere 2% of its original area.


I like what this project strives for. Is there any official website or something with more information about it? And would you like to add information about if you plan to donate the liquid earnings of your comment to the project too?

Thanks, there is FB page on our profile. This is our website Unfortunatelly it is not updated. But if you wait for 2 weeks you find our new updated website. All earnings are going for the project so even liquid.

Great :) Thanks for adding this!

Thanks for your participation, @kedjom-keku! Great job :)

I thank you for the opportunity.

Nice project, I can relate to this, I am owner of the sports publishing project @steemsports. Great work on this!

thanks a lot. I am really grateful for your support.
Anyone interested in our other stuff? Check out our Football4Nature Conservation Champions league to save Abongphen Highland Forest. We would like to provide you unusual experience of each match. But we need internet data which are quite expensive in Cameroon. If we earn at least 150$ we will upload 5 minutes highlight of each from 45 planned conservation matches. Anything above will be directed to tree planting to restore the forest.

each 1$ = 1 tree planted

wow its a beautiful place! :O

wow that can be really hard .. there are so many valueable cahrities, that choosing one per week may be too little :D just by browsing the comments ... nevertheless i want to introduce you to sadhana forest
they work for the motto

"give a poor person food, and he´ll have something to eat for one day. give him a tree, and he´s fed for life"

this is their homepage
you can contact them there ... they have forests in india, kenya, haiti
their latest project is kenya, and it´s huge

i know the founder in person, his name is Aviram .. he´s commited to sadhana forest with all his heart since 10 years now...
I state that I´ll donate all rewards of my comment in case sadhana forest wins.

Thanks for nominating @flurgx! Let's start by this and see later on if we can support more projects at a time in the future :) Great to have you here!

I love Heifer International.
They're mission is to end world hunger and poverty.
Our donations contribute to women's empowerment and social capital in third world countries.

When I make personal donations, I like to purchase the animals.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.59.01 AM.png

These animals generate income, food and milk, and better the environment.

I'm really proud to be a contributor they are doing great things!

I'd happily donate 100% of this comment!

That is really good! I like that it is not a one time thing but animals that pay dividends for years to come!

Awesome! Really seems to be a long term and sustainable way of support. Like it.

Thanks for your contribution, @aaronsthilaire! A very example of how to nominate a charity on @steempact :)

Thanks for opening up the doors of giving! :D

Fabulous idea!

The most grateful things has always i said thanks to, i found the people who cares about each other like they care about themselves.

Hi @steempact!

I've made a post about them, see it here:

I'm still trying to convince them to open up an account on Steemit. So I'll be sending all the earnings from that post to them.

Hope they'll get your support as well. You can contact them through Facebook messaging.


Thanks a lot for your contribution and engagement, @cryptodog! We'll check that out.

That's so harrowing and heartbreaking! And in the same time deeply touching to see what is possible when people stop to ignore but begin to do something. Great initiative! Upvoted!

Hi @steempact I would like to put forward the Cape Of Good Hope SPCA horse unit.
They are an amazing group of people who I am involved with that give a safe place to so many animals that need it.

Cool I hail from South Africa myself :)

Brilliant! I see we're on the same plan here. Upvoted and following. With @adra we have the perfect partner to kickstart this ; )

I'm a bit biased to be honest, but let me nominate @adra:
Everyone, check their introcution post:

Thank you! We are glad you joined steemit and hope to really make a dent in this world :)

i just invited Stephen to join Steemit with his Foundation , they are doing "small " things to make life easier for the needed ones in South Africa . I met Stephen on 2 years ago where we also had the ability to make money from our posts and to donate.

they just arrived on Steemit still strugeling with how things work here .

Thank you for your submissions. Please make one comment per charity and follow tha guidelines. That means writing a small text to give users an overview of what they are voting for. And please state if you will donate your comment rewards or not.

my bad :( about donating comment rewards no idea how that works or how many that would be only started 3 days ago on steemit

See @aaronsthilaire post for a good example of how to submit an entry :)

deleted for now

I have resteemed this and I hope it will make a lot of impact and touch many lives. Kudos

Thank you very much for your support, @opanyin! :)

That is beyond awesome. I will be resteeming and following to see this. Can think of several worthy charities I would like to nominate. Love it. Using cyrpto for positive change. :-)

Great to have you on board, @exavier :) And many thanks for your kind support! :)

Welcome and just being honest. I love how we can use cryptos for real and effective change.

Love this idea very new too steemit and already love the support that get put out

I'm still studying it

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I want to nominate Kiva, an international peer-to-peer lending platform that is now close to a stunning USD $1,000,000,000 in loans made since its inception 12 years ago. You can find more information about this organisation on their website or in my blog on Steemit. Thank you!

This is awesome! Resteemed!!! I know of a charity that needs to join the community so they can benefit and spread good more quickly.

Good to see that people are taking initiate to make a positive change in world.

Steem has the power to make change in our locality.

I will also do some stuff to help people.
The real happiness is helping the others who need it.

Keep this project up

I love this website and I love that you guys are making a small but impactful difference here. It's just so incredible, so I wanted to reach out and say thank you.

Thank you @robofox for introducing this wonderful project!!! I believe this project will make the world a more beautiful place. I will upvote any comments I want to support as well as this post :)

Thanks a lot, @yonah, for your warmhearted words! Also in the name of @reggaemuffin and the whole @steempact community: welcome on board :)

Thank's for supporting this project, @yonah! Great to have you here :)

Excellent work. I upvoted

What an amazing idea, these are the things that make communities great :)

I need your help to help my African. Citizenz i cant do it alone circumstances just couldn't allow

Appreciat this effort @steempact
Makes me feel slightly better after a post that had me questioning the altruistic nature of platforms such as @steeemit -

The forest is always a good charity to support. Clearcutting and other RAPES of forest land are leading to the extinction of all life from this dirt ball! Every leaf provides oxygen for us to breathe. The rainforests are the lungs of the earth.

Hey, what a great idea!

Let’s unite forces with the Steemit Charity Contest and go for synergetic effects! Hopefully the charities that will get featured in both projects will receive larger donations in terms of post payouts and, well, the actual donation in SBD and fiat. What do you think?

I cannot see anything in steem voters.

I will gladly join and do whatever i can to help.

Thank very much for information



What an awesome idea! I'm pretty new here, but i am so proud to be a party of this awesome community for things like this.

Hello everyone, my name is Laura I'm 21 years old and I'm from Venezuela. Currently everyone must know the terrible political situation that crosses my country, a month people receive a minimum wage of $ 17 and is necessary to survive at least $ 200 a month. There are many people eating from the garbage, men, women, children and elderly are dying for not having to feed. Groups of people throughout the country, including my friends and I are uniting to help the people who need it most; I must clarify that because of the situation none of these organizations are legally registered because the government has paralyzed any process of this type, we are only groups of Venezuelans between 18 and 30 years who try to give breakfast to the neediest once a week. I would like to know if any of you can help me to participate in this contest because the more resources we get, we can help more people. Can see a little about the work we do on instagram, because this is the only current means we have in Venezuela to declare the contributions. @ meridasolidaria ON INSTAGRAM.

Thanks for reading this, in my blog I will be posting pictures about my beautiful country, and the work we do every day to get ahead and be free.

PD: @ MERIDASOLIDARIA is the group in which I am helping.

Good idea! I'm currently volunteering for (they make artificial reefs to save the marine life) I will talk to the CEO and see if I get to convince him make a Steemit account.

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Yeeehaa! ;)

Okey ... Great

Cool concept !!! <3 Love it !

Awesome idea, looking forward to participate. I would love to make a project to restore the "Arco Minero" in The Orinoco Venezuela when things get better. I'm loving the steemit platform and how can make contacts for make the world a better place. Together we are more powerfull.

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