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Project Details

This time we are working on a translation for Node.js, this is a free server environment, that happens to be open source. Many times a web server is tasked to open files on a server and then return content to the client, while other ways to handle this task are synchronous, Node.js shines because is asynchronous programming, eliminating time between the task and the end result.

Node.js is multi-platform, this means that it can work with the biggest platforms, such as Windows, iOS, Linux, etc. All these perks justify that big companies and websites, such as PayPal, use Node.js.

The Node environment can execute any program that is written in the JavaScript language, it creates a virtual facility, that also can be used for testing, problem shooting, and improve performance.

I'm very excited to work alongside Node.js to bring this project to Spanish speaking programmers and web developers, to ensure a better community to bring more websites to life.

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

This time I continued the translation of the same file I been working since the last reports, the file. This chunk of the file is for the Version 5.4.0 and 5.4.1 of Node.js, they were stable and it shows the changes from its predecessor. All of this file belongs to the Node.js 5 ChangeLog. As said in past reports a changelog is a list of the changes being made to the new version of node.js. This serves a purpose to organize this changes in a searchable timeline to the changes being made to Node.js. The security patches seem to have top priority versus other updates.

Each line is translated in the changelog is in this form:

[<0>bc1c0dc3fb</0>] - <1>doc</1>: catch the bootstrap docs up to date (James M Snell) <2>#4367</2>

This time Bootstrap is a new term, that appeared and caught my attention, this is actually a front-end framework that is used to design web-related content, like websites and web applications, like Node.js is also free and open source. Works with HTML, CSS, and JS
An application framework is used by developers to give structure to the software. This particular framework allows you to create responsive designs that are useful in multiple browsers, like Chrome or Firefox. Besides ensuring a cross-browser compatibility, bootstrap adds consistency to the projects being developed and makes the design responsive in multiples was, organizing info for a desktop site screen, and at the same time adapts it to the screen of a mobile device.

You can learn more about this terms here:


This contribution was translated to Spanish using English as the source language. My experience as an engineer and a translator in past crowdin projects have helped me vastly in this translation.

Word Count

A total of 1205 words were translated from the file.

Some translated examples in this file:

[<0>3048ac0b57</0>] - <1>crypto</1>: have fixed NodeBIOs return EOF (Adam Langley) <2>#5105</2>[<0>3048ac0b57</0>] - <1>crypto</1>: tener fijado que NodeBIOs devuelva EOF (Adam Langley) <2>#5105</2>
<0>fcf632bc6a</0>] - <1>crypto</1>: load PFX chain the same way as regular one (Fedor Indutny) <2>#4165</2>[<0>fcf632bc6a</0>] - <1>crypto</1>: cargar la cadena PFX de la misma manera que el regular (Fedor Indutny) <2>#4165</2>
[<0>334e73942e</0>] - <1>doc</1>: fix heading level error in Buffer doc (Shigeki Ohtsu) <2>#4537</2>[<0>334e73942e</0>] - <1>doc</1>: reparar el error de nivel de las cabeceras en el documento Búfer (Shigeki Ohtsu) <2>#4537</2>

Previous Translations of the Project

Proof of Authorship

You may check this project's activity following this link and clicking on the Top Members tab. There, if you filter the search options to show only the translations between October 26th and 28th (when I did the translation), it will show a report of 1205 words translated next to my crowdin account (which shares the same name as my steem account).


I'll also leave a link to my crowdin profile



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