ULOG: 🍅 September Gardening Journal

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September Garden Journal update

Our drought is over and now we are getting LOTS of rain.
The harvest continues...

Gardening Journal.jpeg

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I planted 2 Rose of Sharon shrubs. They are doing fine and even blooming a bit.

Buds galore!
The south one has more of a blue color to some of the flowers...


My planted-this-year holly has little white blooms. I ASSume there will be red berries next...

The zinnias have come back strong with the rain and are providing plenty of cut flowers.


The transplanted hosta is doing nice with flowers...

I orderd 48 creeping phlox from directgardening.com
They are teeny and probably 50+% have survived.
I planted them in the raised bed I grew cabbage in.
Does that count as succession planting? haha
I had planned on doing that with veggies, but the weather has been too crazy so I decided to devote my time to other things that need done getting ready for winter...


Looking forward to next year
I started a new raised bed for asparagus this year. They have great fern-like growth, so I'll ASSume we should start getting a bit of a harvest next year. Woohoo!

  • The big green plants are Italian peppers. They are loaded. Should have enough to freeze some! woohoo!


A few more zucchini. I like this variety, it doesn't overwhelm you with way too many, like some.

Harvested a couple more yellow crooknecks, too.

Looks like we'll have several butternut squash to put in the root cellar.
I've never grown these before. Who has some tips on when to pick them?


Here's what my 3 sisters planting ended up looking like...

Maybe I'll have one watermelon after all. The others didn't survive the drought...

Better late than never.
The cucumbers are finally starting to make...

One day's harvest.
We should be able to make some pickles this weekend...

My favorite garden veggie.
First we had a drought. Now it's raining too much. haha
My poor tomatoes haven't quite adapted yet to the drastic change.
I had to toss nearly all of the big ones, due to excessive cracking.
Probably half the SunGold cherry tomatoes.

image.pngMy dog Trixie making sure I didn't drop any edible SunGolds. haha

New planting in a new raised bed.
These are doing GREAT!!!
We will be eating some strawberries next year! woohoo!!!
The ones I planted in a bag did not survive.

Waiting to be planted
Hardy Kiwi Issaii
Silver Lace Vine
Rose Fountain Grass
Vinca Groundcover Vine

Gala Apple - Standard
Mimosa Tree
Chinese Silvergrass
Bud Light seed

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Thanks for your update @wizardave.
Let me start with those zinnias: they are so beautiful. I had some in the garden last year, and I loved how to buds looked like an eye just before the flower opens. :0)

Those peppers look awesome. I never plant them (we eat only sweet peppers), but I like the plant so much - -I'm going to get myself one next year.

Can you believe we didin't have a single zucchini this year? lol.

What a shame of those tomatoes...


Strange weather here. I replanted zucchini twice and they never sprouted... until the monsoon season (haha) drenched them for several days. I have 1 lone zucchini plant out of 2 packets of seed. It should have time to produce some for me before frost.

What a deal zinnias are. I can keep a bouquet on the table for several months for just the cost of a packet of seeds. However next year they will be free, since I save the seeds...


Smart thinking :0)

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