2 decades webmastering on the Internet and looking forward to the next big thing (?) ... steemit ...

This is my very first post!

I first saw the Internet back in '95

  • I saw 2 things the Internet would do:
    • Connect People to People
    • Connect People to Information

People used to gather on the front porch

  • sharing stories with family and friends

But people became scattered

  • making it difficult to gather on a front porch.
    • The Internet was a way for scattered people to gather
      • A Virtual Front Porch.

We put together a site,

  • found some good chat programs.
    • Started connecting people to people
      • Anyone remember PowWow?

We tinkered a bit with World's Easiest Home Page (WEHP)

  • Basic page for non-programmers to have a WWW page
    • but some other sites came along that went viral
      • MySpace

Email connected people to people.

  • It was FREE
    • send letters to one or all of your family
    • Create mailing lists
  • Does anyone still communicate with email?
    • 99.9% of my email is commercial or trade connected.
      • I very seldom get an email from a friend or family.

We put up a Bulletin Board on JESUSaves

  • and it really took off.
    • People from all over the world
      • Sharing information about being a Christian.
    • Some really great fellowship
  • and learning about other denominations.

We got several million page views

  • 3-5,000 unique visitors a day

As with all things,

  • The old gets replaced with the new.
    • Myspace lost out to
      • Facebook

Facebook sucks

Facebook has arguably been the best way for people to connect with people for a few years now.

  • But it's not a perfect platform.
    • Privacy concerns
    • Concerns the government is spying on us through it
      • Even experimenting with it to see if they could alter your mood. Yes they could make you depressed by showing certain news in your timeline. And you passed it on to your friends and family.
  • You don't have much control.
    • Your posts show up willy nilly to your friends.
      • You cannot organize your info as you want it.
    • Facebook can choose to not allow you to share certain info.
      • YouTubes and posts they don't want shared disappear from your timelime
      • Reminds me of George Orwell's 1984
    • Sometimes they change the whole layout.
      • You have no choice but to accept the changes if you want to keep using the platform.
  • AND it is not a good way to Connect people to information.
    • There just isn't a good way to pass along information
      • It's there and then it's gone.
  • Admittedly, Facebook is currently in the lead with several billion users, but...


Facebook will be replaced by one or more technologies and sites. (???steemit???)

  • Mainly because Facebook is only interested in you to make money by selling ad space to companies who want to know all your personal habits and information.
  • Partly because they are a poor platform to connect people to information.
  • People will wake up to the intrusions into their personal life from web sites like Facebook.

I've been a webmaster since '95.

  • I've tried everything from
    • writing HTML with notepad
      • and later CSS with notepad when it came out
    • to programming up a site from scratch using php & MySQL
    • to using several of the canned CMS programs

I made a living from my sites and creating sites from others until about 2000.

  • since then, it's pretty much been nothing more than a hobby.
    • I have had the complete KJV Bible online for 20 years.


I was looking around studying a jabi I had when I found steemit

  • jabi
    • Just Another Bright Idea
    • pronounced jab eye
      • feel free to use that term as a replacement to the boring word... "idea" :D
        Just Another Bright Idea

I'm looking to help overthrow Facebook.

  • my jabi was using blockchain technology and distributed computing.
    • steemit is using blockchain
      • so here I am
    • learning what all it has to offer
  • I really like the basic idea of steemit
    • and think it has great potential to become the next big thing

About me:

I am @WizarDave and created thus approve this post.

  • I'm a 58 year old water and wastewater operator for a small town.
  • 5th generation on a small farm
    • homesteaded by great... ... grandpa from the US government in north central Missouri, USA.
  • Happily married to my beautiful wife Sylvia.
    • Father of 2 boys who grew into men.
      • Grandfather of 3 blood and 5 step grandchildren.
  • Non-denominational Christian.
  • Constitutional, thus Conservative political junkie
    • who believes there is ample evidence there is small group of families who control the world through control of
      • "money,"
      • "education,"
      • "mainstream" media,
      • all major corporations,
      • infiltrating most organizations (did you see the Libertarian Party will not allow the greatest libertarian ever Ron Paul to speak at their convention?)
      • ... ...
  • WizarDave on FaceBook

welcome to the magic that is steemit!

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