Wait, is Señor Foot actually encouraging people to litter in the forest so he can read?


He's making the best of a bad situation, like you do when you eat peppers. <-- CLICK HERE FOLKS

Loved it and great idea on the translation job! I went and liked @anotherjoe s post and followed him too. Gotta have respect for us brave pepper people.

Gotta respect them hot heads.

excellent today's episode, true artist true example to follow congratulations

Thanks! I forgot all about it until I was flipping through the stack of papers.
I enjoyed it too, words have meanings!

Well of course I'm upvoting... you had me at UFO.
Great offer on translations btw, you're such a Steemit a hero!

Wow, Thanks for that!
Just trying to have fun and bless, wait for tomorrow!

What a great idea to have your posts translated! Theres many more people on steemit who can read them. And your funny bigfoot comics! Lol😉

We will see what people choose to do.
It's a fun activity that spreads the articles out across the globe and could get some translators paid too!
We will see!
Thanks again and always!