THE DAILY ADVENTURES OF THE LAST BIGFOOT – An Original Comic Strip @papa-pepper created back in the day

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I originally created this comic strip almost a decade ago, when I was working in a warehouse that could get quite boring. The original goal was to make a comic for every day of the year first, and then attempt to release it, since that would give me a head start. Unfortunately, neither happened.

However, when I was looking through our storage unit for some old photos for my Why I Would Recommend Not Ripping Off a Drug Dealer post, I happened upon this goldmine, the Daily Adventures of the Last Bigfoot. Since I now have an outlet (steemit) I thought that it would be about time for me to release them to the world. My new goal is to remake each one and post one (almost) every day, so please be patient with me. Don't worry, I'll still be out in the woods and the garden, I'll just be sharing some jokes in-between.

Keep in mind that these were created before Les Stroud and others began their searches. Even back then, I had already found the Last Bigfoot. Good thing I had him hidden in the storage unit, otherwise, we may not still have him.

Soon, you’ll be able to join the Last Bigfoot as he embarks on some hilarious adventures with his incredible sidekick and best friend… who you will have to wait to meet until later. Yes, that’s a promotional teaser. Anyway, stay tuned and keep your eyes open; you just might catch a glimpse of The Last Bigfoot.

Also, if anyone is listening, can we please add a "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CLEAR?" confirmation step on the Submit a Story page? I accidentally bumped that "CLEAR" button several times and lost a lot of work. Thanks!

Thanks for your time, and hopefully you'll enjoy what is to come...

As always, I’m @papa-pepper, and here’s the proof:

FINALLY: proof-of-bigfoot

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The preview is actually more fun than the actual comics. Perhaps better build on those ideas and then do new stuff? Besides, drawn on paper they look better!

I'll consider that. Let me see what I can do.

By the way, have you read "Understanding Comics" by Scott McCloud? He has a few other books on comics, and one of the problems with how it is re-done vs how it was on paper is juxtaposition. It is quite important!

Never even heard of it, but thanks for the insight.
I think soon I'll do a test of both mediums, and see what people like.
Thanks again!

It is the "Prometheus Rising" of books on sequential art. More or less a masters degree on comics as a comic. Lots of insight in very acessible form.

Now we finally know what happened to the Sasquatches!

Yeah, blame me.... I got the last one, but I'll share on Steemit.