Papa Pepper's HOT Pepper Challenge for Puerile People - The Ghost Pepper

in #food5 years ago (edited)

Hey Joe, here are some peppers. The other one wasn't hot enough. Record yourself eating one of these, he says. It'll be fun, he says.

So, since I was recording a jackfruit anyway (coming soon!), I decided to take him up on it. Not knowing which pepper was which, I take this little red pointy one and give it a shot. Er.... maybe it gave ME a shot. You be the judge.


It actually was fun, in that "let's punch each other in the arm until one of us gives up" kind of way - but way too hot. The heat attacked and came down faster than the other one though, so that was a relief.

Thanks @papa-pepper. I appreciate you bro.

Steemin' on,
Another Joe

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No Joe! Water is no good. You need bread.
I'm afraid. I've been dreading my mailbox because I'm expecting some peppers too. I'm a fekkin' idiot! LOL

Yours mailed today!
I'd recommend the CHOCOLATE GHOST or the REAPER.
@anotherjoe ate the regular Ghost Pepper!

I told my husband about the challenge and he volunteered to record the event because...he needs another reason to laugh at me. LOL Fekkin' Irish humor. All's fair in love, I guess. I told him it smelled like chicken after he had 3rd degree burns from slipping in a commercial kitchen and dipped his hand in the deep fryer. Mmmmm.... CRISPY!

It is exciting!
I can't wait!

P.S. - I don't think that you'll go down in flames....

Haha, well, water is better than nothing. We don't buy bread, so that wasn't going to happen. Sometimes I have tortillas around, but nada right now. It was milk or water, and I just had the water with me anyway. :)
Have fun. You can match my tags!! :P

I just might @anotherjoe - I'm partial to #iamstupid LOL
Maybe I'll make a t-shirt.

Haha, as you can tell, it'll surely fit me.

Nice one!
The more roundish ones that are wrinkly with a little curved tip in the middle are actually the Carolina Reapers, which can actually be more than twice as hot as that one!
The GHOST used to be the hottest in the world though, so EXCELLENT JOB!

I thought the little ones were habaneros. We grow those here, so it didn't seem like it would be much of a challenge for me. They're super hot, but I was thinking much hotter.
There are some old families here who really know how to grow peppers. It's not just the kind, but the location, water, soil, compost, sun exposure, etc. Some of them know how to make them amazingly hot or wonderfully mild. I don't know what works, but they sure do.

Yeah, I like peppers grown in Texas and Mexico for that reason.
The climate does add to the pepper's flavor and heat.
Did you eat any of those reapers yet, then?

No, I guess it's the ghost that went into today's salsa. I'll post the recipe later.

Excellent choice, I love Ghost Peppers in Salsa, and I will even post my secret recipe eventually.

I always heard the hotter the weather, the hotter the pepper. Spritzing the leaves with a fine mist helps too. I grew some cayennes last year that were somewhere between the ghost/chocolates and the Reaper. Good organic soil helps too. I use Roots organic for all my container growing. Learned it from growing wee... umm medicine in Colorado 😉

Yeah, there are all sorts of growing tips one can learn.

I tried that once before with an unknown pepper from Mexico with black seeds. Never again! I had to smear flan all over my lips to help cool them off.

Looks like your pepper was pretty hot also!

And since you are doing challenges, any interest in trying this ?:)

Um.... lol, no
I did that in Mexico too, but it was a little round one, about the size of a marble. They were out on the table and I put a couple on my soup. It was good, so I just popped one on my mouth. Hrmmm, H-O-T!
The Carolina Reaper is supposed to be the hottest there is. I didn't try that one, though I might nibble just to see if it's that much worse than the ghost.
Here's contest from last year. No way!! :) It's hard not to watch so much pain though.

Notice the habanero is about in the middle. That's what I thought the reapers were. I was afraid it would mess up my mascara though. It sure did hers. :P

Only the one and only Papa Pepper would do something like this!

Nice work! That wasn't the don't eat the Pepper pepper though. The Reaper (the little pumpkin) was kinda like the gas chamber in basic training. The one you ate was very hot though and burned in my throat more than anything.
I'm still following you, those peppers are all super hot. And water just spreads the heat so you probably got it worse then that @matthewtiii guy. Oh I mean me😊

Yeah, I changed the title. At first I thought it was the reaper, but papa said it was only a ghost. :)

excellent video congratulations

Thank you! I thought it was fun, but didn't expect "excellent". :D

You're a glutton for punishment. Why do you do this to yourself?

Maybe you can find a way to mix the peppers with the different fruits and make a post about it?

Mango salsa coming up!! :)

Another Joe's Fiery Mango Salsa Recipe

Sounds like a $1000 post to me!

haha, I'll have to use that title then! Hopefully I can get to it on Wednesday.

¡Provecho! It amazes me when I go to a taco stand and I see Mexicans straight pick up a grilled serrano and bite right into it, even on an empty stomach. After a couple of years in Mexico, I'm starting to develop that kind of iron tongue though. I think I might disregard your advice and try it at home... we'll see if I survive haha.

Go for it!!
I've been eating hot stuff all my life, but there are plenty of folks who can handle hotter. I was so glad this one didn't linger though. It dissipated really quickly.
I guess that one was a ghost pepper, not quite as hot as the reaper. papa-pepper just told me. Choose your poison. :)