ha ha --nice distraction from the heavy stuff

I like to vary it... a lot.

Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate it!

Thank you, your stuff is incredible!

Love your blog and the content you keep putting out! You're even seeing bigfoot in your coffee now? ha!

That was a gift from @smailer, who did a post featuring Bigfoot!

Thanks so much for your encouragement @bitcoinparadise!

I propose a Steemit enhancement: a feed devoted exclusively to The Daily Adventures of the Last Bigfoot.


I've been posting them all in #bigfoot for a while now until they get that feature!

Thanks @richardjuckes!

Poor bigfoot! Everyone and everything is afraid of him! He really is just a big mush! Lol! Good one as always! Thanks😉

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Just another misunderstood hairy guy out in the woods....

so cute and scintillating...<3 warmed