SULAWESI: Diving under my house ...!

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This is an authorized translation in English of a post in French by @marc-allaria: SULAWESIE - Stop#7 - Reportage: Plonger sous sa maison...!

As my primary language is not English, there are probably some mistakes in my translation.

Remember that the person who speaks here is NOT me, Vincent Celier (@vcelier), but Marc Allaria (@marc-allaria), a French guy.

SELAYAR - Part 1

Tiger cowrie

* * * * *

I leave Bira in the right tempo. Not too early because the place is pretty and relaxing, it would have been a shame to deprive me of it, and not too late because to tell the truth, I see here some impulses towards tourist companies that I do not want to redo in my life. The status of traveler suits me very well. So far curiosity has been the binder of my meetings with the villagers, I do not want interest to take its place.

* * * * *

Javanese moray eel
Direction [Selayar]( and its isolation. But after a few hours of sailing, I decide that Selayar will have to wait a bit. I find on my way an island displaying sumptuous cliffs flowing vertically on the fringing reef. More than 100m deep in the display of my electronics and I'm only 50m from the edge ... The place seems promising for diving, but the anchorage seems to me inaccessible. Finally I find a collapse on the reef with a sand tongue 4 or 5m deep. I drop my anchor, the wind gently pushes Aurora towards the falling and immobilizes above the blue. I am 10m from the reef, I dropped anchor 5m deep, and my depth meter indicates 60m deep! The dream! The conditions are unique and the weather seems stable for the next few days. Only thunderstorms remain to be watched to avoid the dangerous consequences of a reversal.

The next day, my impatience makes me wake up at dawn to prepare the diving equipment. The compressor is running, the diving equipment is ready, the batteries are charging, the safety block is in position, it is 7AM, I'm ready to do something that I've never done since I left there is already 2 years old. I will do what divers call a straight jump! Banal, yes, but a jump right from the Aurora bridge to dive 60m + directly under the sailboat!! It's already less commonplace, at least for me!

I jump with an empty safety jacket, plunge instantly and find myself in an instant along a wall of 60m with the hull of my boat in shadow on the surface. Happiness must not be very far! The diving is beautiful, but it is not the most important. I could dwell on the plumbs, the depth, the few curious sharks, surprising macros, but I prefer to insist on the happiness I felt and the luxury of knowing I am diving under my house.

Crinoid plan decoration

I spend a few days without moving 100m. Morning dive, landing under the hull, working photos, relaxing nights thinking that under my pillow a few meters away the sharks I have seen during the day must be swimming...

And then the weather report looks threatening for Aurora, which should not turn in the other direction. I leave the anchorage with regret, but crazy with happiness, and finally sail towards Selayar ...

* * * * *

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Happiness must not be very far! The diving is beautiful

Happiness is absolutely free, the fear is only a state of mind which isn't real, I can say, It is a product of our imagination. Good diving, I really enjoy reading. It has been my hobby too, I love it so much though I'm not that good. The beautiful images you used depict nature in its uniqueness and simplicity .

Nice your photography.


Thank you @moniroy. You can find more on my blog and also a new photo contest. #seaphotorgaphy ;-)

So Sweet

I love the write up. Its amazing!

Thanks for sharing @vcelier

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Excellent post are species that did not know good job friend greetings and success

Wow these photos are amazing, I would love to one day dive here, so beautiful. The underwater world is just fascinating for me. I want to explore more of it.


If you are a diver, we have a discord channel to promote the divers community in steemit.
We are few, soon we will be more!

You are welcome.


Oh I do love that idea, thank you so much letting me know about it. Will check it out.