Please remind me where the Bible says, "Go forth and spam in my name, and post thy irrelevant links scattered throughout the blog."

It ain't in the Steem Pope's copy here.

i have seen thousands of spammed comments from you... again... no one wants your spam... write productive content for the community...
i will spank your little scamy spamming ass!
Hail Satan and stop spamming!

btw.: god also hates spammers
If you love god, stop spamming <3


This is not the greatest post in the world, no. This is just a tribute.

I love the reference! Made me smile.

Bro check they twitter make this shit go viral I was trying to just spill my heart and they spammer me

it is not god his responsibility

get off my stream asshole.. i will flag every single post every single time

hear here

I think we should all start spamming the craziest porn in his comment sections. Maybe like Jesus porn or something really wrong.

all we need to do is continually flag every little post and his account will be nullified ... anything more is just excessive and unnecessary.

People like you are why I turned away from religion. It is important that you know you are a piece of shit. You probably think you are righteous, but the fact that everyone hates you lets you know you aren't. Or, you don't care and are just a genuine piece of shit. Either way, go fuck yourself.

Haha, I second this!

Annoying bot...

I wish I had a Digital Hammer for annoying Bot and Wreck this account for good!

Even God hates Spammer like you!

You are wasting our time thinking there was one good soul commenting our posts! grrr!

get the fuck off my page man I’m sick of your spamming shit every single post man!!!!!!!!

Turn your BOT off and Go Away!

... even GOD wants you to stop Spamming in his name; JESUS H CHRIST you fucking Pest!

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud

Stop fucking spamming my posts!

Please Bible Bot... Leave us alone

Everytime you spam me now I will go to your account and flag everyone that upvotes you and positively comments. So that all that people read in your comments are how people really dislike what you are doing on this site.

Do unto others as they would have you do unto you.
Do you like being spammed?
Do you like it when nobody reads your posts and leaves comments that don't matter to the topic at all? Is that God's love? Hmm is God so weak that he needs you spamming people for upvotes for him? Would not God want you to be kind and sincere? Maybe instead of spamming for votes you should just pray silently instead . Trust that God hears you and move on with your life. Instead of begging for votes for Jesus, maybe you should be a better example for him, you know?

Dear do not comment on my post because of your comments my post get hide.that is my humble request.

Hope you understand.
Thank you

Yar yi kia ha ...😭

Yes sir,u follow me,and upovte sir,I am also fools u and upvote

I give Vote and any one one follow me I also follow

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