BORNEO: The jellyfish lake ...!, by @marc-allaria (translated from French)

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This is an authorized translation in English of a post in French by @marc-allaria: BORNEO - Stop#6 - LE LAC AUX MEDUSES...!

As my primary language is not English, there are probably some mistakes in my translation.

Remember that the person who speaks here is NOT me, Vincent Celier (@vcelier), but Marc Allaria (@marc-allaria), a French guy.


One of two species present

* * * * *

After several weeks of diving on similar profiles, we always want a little change. If the flat allows me to vary the pleasures a little, what the villagers and managers of the hotel tell me amazes me.

* * * * *

On a forest background
There would be in the small forest of Maratua, a lake. So far, not enough to take out my e-pen to tell it on Steemit! But less common, this lake, like only a few others on the planet, would have appeared following a fast decline of the water that would have imprisoned thousands of jellyfish. The same pattern is known in the [Palau]( archipelago and is extremely exploited by the tourism industry. As time passed, and the jellyfish finding no predator, they would have lost their stinging power. Although this feature is fully proven, I assure you that at this point in the story, the conditional is still in place!

Jellyfish by the thousands
So here I am engaged machete by hand in the mangrove. Soon, my adventure in "jungle" takes the form of a small hike along an old trail formerly used to transport wood cut in the forest. My machete being there only to remind me some perfumes of Guyana! A machete, a pair of fins and a photo box in hand, this is a very curious equipment for a hiker! The banks of the lake are not easy to reach, but I manage to find a place to enter this definitely green water. The encounter with jellyfish is immediate. At their first contact along my legs, my arms, I have some reflexes, which leave the place quickly to the pleasant sensation that brings the completely harmless softness of their contact.

Two species are found here. One is transparent, the other is pink. That's about all my science can tell about these jellyfish! I had never seen so many jellyfish. Thousands of them, locked up for generations in a small space perhaps waiting one day for a return to open water ...

Brittle stars and sponges

The water half salty, half sweet, is cool, the pleasant moment and the banks offer a whole set of sponges, brittle stars, "sea" stars, and small fish that bring a little diversity to my usual decor. Everything seems so foreign to me that I will not be surprised that new species are hiding here. Surely someone has already done this job.

Borneo will have given me many images and memories, it is now time to go to another land of discovery, Sulawesia.

* * * * *

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This is beautiful and nice
I found it informative


AWEsome ...


Thank you. You can find more on my blog

I really like the jellyfish type in the first picture, looks very unique and interesting. Such species can hardly be found in my place (Aceh)


I've found Two differents species into this lake. But I'm not specialist.


Diving with jellyfish jellyfish sounded really fun


Yes it is ! Nice remember

Oh my! This is so amazing! I would like to do this too!
After this post I will definetly visit your site again!
Btw, I would have been afraid, that some of those creaures can harm me, just like you 😉. Thanks for sharing that Awesome Post.


Nothing dangerous. They have lost their poison because no predators for them.


OK Fine, But i really don't have any idea about Underwater insects that's why i worried about it .

It is so amazing to see what this world we are living has to offer. I've never seen that Jellyfish before, the first pictures. And all that is unseen remains to be discovered. Really really interesting.


Thank you. Don't hesitate to go on my blog to get more reports about underwater dives

It is always said,something which looks more colorful is an illusion to our eyes only.No matter how beautiful the jelly fish looks,it has poison in it which can harm others.Similarly when you see a colorful frog or a much more colorful snake,just remember,it may contain poison in it.


These ones don't have poison. They have lost it with years because they don't have predators.