SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Collect badges and win free SBD - 1700 SBD prize pool!

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Sounds really cool - But will I really need to resteem EVERY Match post?

Upvoted for visibility!

Resteem requirement has been removed. Thanks for your feedback.


I registrred myself how to join the contest @arcange Sir?

Do we need to vote 100 percent ? I just registered.

It's really an amazing contest. I want to participate in this. But To participate in this contest there is need to send some steem or SBD. And I have no any steem so I cannot participate.
And thanks for organising this contest.

just wanted to post exactly this. I was planning on using my secondary account for this contest, as resteeming every single post is something that would have completely hidden any content of my blog. But even with the secondary acc, it felt not good.

Glad that it's been removed!

so a secondary account means you have two accounts? Is it allowed in Steemit? i am a newbie so help me understand about this part. Thank you @sco and @golddeejay

Hi. Yes, you are allowed to have unlimited numbers of accounts. BUT: You have to pay a 5 STEEM creation fee for them, and aquire them via anonsteem, not steemit.

OMG, for sure not, this would spam the blockchain to death :)

Guess you have too^^

I am wondering if a hundred accounts on my list resteemed the same football post 3 or 4 times in day. It will all be messed up.

I hope those i am following are not considering that...then we see again soon, sometimes in july.

Can I write a post in Hindi

Can I write a post in Hindi

Yes. You are encouraged to add to the diversity of steemit. There should be a tag you can use for your language.

Really want to register, how can I register my self??

Amazing contest. I will participate

Do the votes have to be 100%?

I'm excited about fun stuff like this on STEEM! Thanks for putting this together, @arcange. I hope a lot of people enjoy it and come together for some fun.

You’re the man Luke!

@Lukestokes and @Arcange thanks for letting us enjoy the contest.
Also, thank you for sponsoring this. i voted your witness too.

That's a beautiful idea :-) I will certainly participate :-) Thank you for creating this betting game !

Thanks a lot for organizing this! I have participated (and guessed) different times but now that I know the rules better :-) I will use this better.

nice idea, u guys de creme de la creme . greez s. error

So, after 16 days I noticed this contest !
I really liked to join from the beginning, now it's too late already.
This shows one more time how poor the information system on Steemit is.
There are so many things to fix on Steemit.

Hello friends @steemitboard. I am posting the contest and making certain translations into Spanish for all Spanish speakers and to publicize the contest. Thank you for this initiative and consider giving medals for anniversaries at Steemit and for the birthdays of the users. Thank you very much for your emotional support.

Thank you for the translation @isabelpena

My Mother, This is great. Very good. Congratulations. They are very beautiful.

thats really cool i will definately take part in it and i hope i win!!

Join me:

Sorry please clarify:

Register the contest by sending 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with “worldcup2018” in the memo.

IF we dont send this sbd would our correct guesses be awarded still ?

No, the transfer of SBD/STEEM is what register you and allows you to be rewarded

is all good and i like all system idea and program i will i understand all and this infomtion so helpsull me and awsome work steemit kerry on

This is interesting contest! Pity that I came to know this late but I will try to participate XD

i will sure participant this contest

Its not work.
I register on there on .010 sbd and .010 steem .
It could not return my reward

I do not understand it plz explain

Please can i still register and how do i go about it?

I am kind of discourage @steemitboard, bcus i dont get upvoted on my post and its like i am just wasting my time. Well want to let you know how i feel i'm not encourage thanks.

Getting success on Steemit is a long run. Stay committed, focus on quality and interact with others to create your network.
Good luck @ehiso.

Thanks for your advice

@ehiso follow me for a follow back. I will give you some upvotes

Nice one @arcange - I also started a contest that combines 50% prizes for steemians and the other 50% overall prize pot that goes to charity. If you are interested check the account @sportsgeek that handles the contest. The more contests we have, the better. Any question on rules let me know.

Never been a fan of the World Cup but I am this year!!! :D

Big thanks to the sponsors and @steemitboard!

Awesome to see the sponsorship increasing.

I love the contest idea, but resteeming so many posts...sometimes 3 or 4 in a day will messed up someone's blog and everything.

The resteem requirement has been removed. Thanks for your feedback.

That is amazing. Thanks for considering our opinions!

Great idea and exciting World Cup Football Contest, @arcange. I registered already. I just promised myself on the weekend that I'd stop resteeming so many posts so I'll only enter a few of the match contests. That's ok, though. I will enjoy the rest of the contests from the sidelines. Sending you lots of energy for all the work you'll be putting in overseeing this. ;)

The resteem requirement has been removed. Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know @arcange aka @steemitboard. I will still resteem some of the match posts and/or maybe even write up a post or two. ;)

I had a few chuckles reading up on Russia and Saudi Arabia last night, then decided I'd sleep on it before voting. Now I have to go decide. Nervous! ;)

Thanks so much again for all this fun. I haven't followed and cheered on WC for a few years so I'm so happy for this Contest.

This will be fun! Its great to see how the blockchain can facilitate these concepts.

Saudi Arabia is won the match.This is new team in this world cup but they are play well.

I registered newly and dont have SBD yet.
Can anyone lend me 0.01 SBD until I got mine granted? =)

Ya hice la transferencia pero no me salen las preguntas, como hago?

I really liked it and it is indeed easy to do so .
Will be there ;)
All the very best to everyone as well.

@steemitboard this is so awesome.
Lovely one for the world cup. Am in and i want other folks to see beyond spam. I dont mind resteem almost all post either.
So much fun watching , playing and winning too. Russia see me in your street.
But please i think lots of new users if steemit it like myself need lots of encouragement with upvotes and the like, so our participation in all these contest.
Thanks to @steemitboard for their efforts often time.
Still Elisedaniels...Love for the Gospel.

Wonderful contest. I will participate in it.

I haven’t been keeping up with soccer, but I will play - sounds like fun! 😊

That's a great idea! Brings the community together! :)

I try to find the "World Cup 2018" page on my steemitboard but there is none. I am able to see the board of others so I am kind of wondering what's wrong with my account ?

Looking forward to a solution - want to collect those badges :D

It's a cool contest I am in... Wish me luck.


Who else is just going with Unanimous' predictions ? ;)

finally something related to worldcup 2k18

very exciting ! worldcup2018 with @steemitboardpool :)
fantastic events
thanks :)

I do not get the reesteem option. In this world I'm going to Belgium because the favorites are in the corresponding rounds and disappointed the fans.

Hello .... I received flags making comments in the wrong place of your contest ... I did not want to do something wrong, I did not translate from English into Italian and I put the comment as in the first post ... . is it possible to delete comments and remove these flags ... since I just wanted to participate in your competition? I apologize for my English use the translator ..

La bandiera è stata rimossa. Per favore cancella il tuo commento con la scommessa

Grazie mille.....deleted
..there is also in the bet of France

this is a very cool contest. I will participate in this contest. but I am confused how to follow it.

World Cup 2018 Fever....

este es el primer concurso de steemit en el que participo! suerte a todos, jeje esperando el siguiente partido.

Thans for sponsoring me i love ur conntent keep the good work and upvote on ny content

I have tried signing entering my name here but I am still not able to write my username or click on anything as nothing is even highted there. How do am togoing to view my board orstart participating

1 day to go,loved it...

I love it, although I've never won.👍👍💞

I think this is fun.. im interested even though im still quite confused haha.. great idea for pooling esteemians together!

I send 0.010sbd last Monday. I win 3 badges that day.Yesterday i upvoted for next matches but there has no result in my it needed every time to send 0.010sbd everyday?

Yeesssss the world cup is here....✌✌✌😤😤😤

los mundiales son sorpresa un ejemplo la victoria de mexico la alegría el color

Y las ganas de conseguir la amistad con el juego a nivel mundial

The World Cups are an example of an example of the victory of Mexico.

And the desire to achieve friendship with the game worldwide

Wow! Awesome sponsorship!

This is very lovely... I can't wait to be part of this 😁😁

I am in. Resteem done

This is one of the best and easiest way to earn free SBD coz as we all knows earning on STEEMIT is not a cup of tea for everyone but this will really gonna fulfill each individual dreams of earning SBD and that to for free..So gear up now everyone...Good Luck Folks

maybe and maybe not.

I have not been awarded a single badge for the last 3 days despite winning a bunch

I will participate.

I liked this team board World Cup contest for us to take partship in this.....

This contest is very good. I'm a football fan but I'm not able to participate because I'm a starter in steemit and I don't have that much balance to participate. Plz think the situation of people like me(beginners). Anyway overall it's an intresting content

VOTED FOR ALL! Have a nice seat on steemit! brothers and sisters

Sound good contest by @steemitboard, I would like to participate in this contest because I'm a die 💓 fan of FIFA.

Ini bagus dan seru, sekseskan.

Seems like interesting, I wanna participate on it!😊

I'll try to participate this :)

Will play with the new experience of the game. and taking the world Cup

How am I just finding out about this, I am so behind!

  1. The match posts will be created by @steemitboard or @steemitboardpool? Just wondering which account to follow.
  2. Any minimum vp % for the comment?

nice good gorgeous !!!

Best world cup contest i am ready sport football match .

Best world cup contest i am ready sport football match .

This is fantastic concept, this is beautiful I'm participating, can I send my 0.010 already? before doing anything?

Very much looking forward to this! :D

Wow great post
Your good idea

Thats so awesome

If I make a registration then I can participate in all the Contest of the World Cup

Nice contest , I will join it @steemitboard

good thinking

I am still unable to understand how to participate in it. Do I need to pay for it?Pls share link

If I understand correctly, we will need to resteem 64 posts? If so, that is little bit stupid. No offense.

The resteem requirement has been removed. Thanks for your feedback.

Good idea and present issue in the world wide

Its an amazing thought

@steemitboard football world cup team a win and good team

i have a quation how to join the match???????

“RUS - Russia win”

BRA-Brasil menang

Nice one, and i will love to be part of it

Nice to listen to it.... Is there anything to paid in SBD to participate in this contest.....

RUS - Russia win

Count me in this could be really fun!

I guess one question I had was is the .01 SBD/Steem only for registration or do we have to send it for every game? Thanks

i like steemit board

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