BORNEO: Big Fish School, by @marc-allaria (translated from French)

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This is an authorized translation in English of a post in French by @marc-allaria: BORNEO - Stop#6 - Big fishes school...!

As my primary language is not English, there are probably some mistakes in my translation.

Remember that the person who speaks here is NOT me, Vincent Celier (@vcelier), but Marc Allaria (@marc-allaria), a French guy.


Big school

"Big Fish Country"! This is the name given to the most popular dives on the island. Once is not custom, the big fish meet where the current is strong. In this case, at the entrance of the famous unknown pass. Four knots of current is not rare event at high tides. Here, divers bring hooks to attach to the rock. I explore the place with the club of the hotel and their 10 divers, 10 strings of bubbles, 10 pairs of flippers, 10 sources of noise ...! There is no secret, approach the fish with a group of 10 divers ... it's just not possible.

Shadow of the shoal of fish

Going alone in such a place when the current is established would be rather unreasonable. Diving alone makes possible a certain freedom of evolution and philosophy of diving, but obviously brings its share of logistical constraints. After long discussions with the team of divers of the hotel I see only one alternative. Wait for the low slack at the beginning of the incoming tide and go down with the anchor in hand, the camera in the other hand, and from time to time the inflator in the other hand. .

* * * * *

Today the water is smooth, I'm on time, the water is particularly clear, and reward supreme, a huge black blob is under the annex. This is the huge shoal of barracudas, star of the corner and came to get me on the surface. The opportunity is too beautiful! I put the anchor inn the water and get as fast as possible to the bottom. I remain a few tens of seconds busy head down to fix the anchor firmly at the bottom. The task accomplished, I raise my head and discover erected a few meters from me the famous "fish school".

Two thousand to four thousand barracudas are there in front of me, facing me as if they had watched me do my maneuver from the beginning. The scene is simply surreal. In a few minutes, I'm part of the group. I could touch them by reaching out. I am totally surrounded. At times, their shadow eclipses the sun yet very present on the surface. My camera gives itself to my heart's content, and my heart gives me one of the most beautiful joys of my life as a diver. A little more shy, an eagle ray remains at a respectable distance in the company of a school of small trevallies and another group of snappers. Definitely, the place is appreciated by the "big fishes" of the area. This ballet lasts a good half-hour, after which the current begins to be established. I understand that I will soon have trouble swimming against the current. The dive will have been short but I'm not in a hurry, I'll be back tomorrow, and tomorrow again! I catch my anchor, the fixed on my stab and let me drift inside the lagoon by making my bearings at 2 or 3 knots of speed! What a feeling ! It's time for me to come down from my soft cloud back to the surface ...

* * * * *

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Guuuu!! spectacular experience @ marc-allaria, just look at his photographs makes the vastness of the ocean feel close to us. The fish draw a beautiful picture that seems to move, deceiving the eye.
I loved these photos.
Thank you for making it possible to see these photos @vcelier and know about the experience
Ahora en Español:
Guuuu!! espectacular experiencia de @marc-allaria, tan solo mirar sus fotografías hace que la inmensidad del océano se sienta cerca de nosotros. Los peces dibujan un cuadro hermoso que pareciera moverse, engañando al ojo.
Me encantaron estas fotos.
Gracias por hacer posible ver estas fotografías @vcelier y conocer de la experiencia
Buena Vibra.

Nice post👍👍👍

very beautiful and awesome friends, good job success hold friends

I have not been to so deep in the sea is the behavior of the schools of fish, so much tuning without a verbal communication, hopefully the human being came to that, so be it in steemit

wow....amazing ..wonderful picture really i am totally surprised to see the shoal of fish

Amazing... Just amazing :-)
Phantastic photos...
I hope to see more in future - followed ☺️👍

Oh wow! That photo is very impressive. To get that much close to those fishes, you must be a really good diver.

Very nice news and pictures are very beautiful.


wow what an adventure although i don't think i would be brave enough to do such, the image is so youreally gotthe image well

Wow very interesting

Woww, that's just perfect, great pictures, I would love to get that agility haha

This is very unusual. I really like it, thank you for sharing @vcelier

Very nice photo,the amazing your post,i like,good job my brother,@vcelier

Nice photos :)

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