SULAWESI: Sewia...!, by @marc-allaria (translated from French)

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This is an authorized translation in English of a post in French by @marc-allaria: Sulawesia - Stop#7 - Sewia...!

As my primary language is not English, there are probably some mistakes in my translation.

Remember that the person who speaks here is NOT me, Vincent Celier (@vcelier), but Marc Allaria (@marc-allaria), a French guy.

Inhabitants of Sewia

* * * * *

I leave Maratua after a month of diving and before my new habits take precedence over my desire for nomadism. I follow the advice of my friends at the Nasubu Hotel and go to the Pasoso Islands in the North of Sulawesi.

* * * * *

Meeting at sea
As soon as I leave the atoll, I understand that I have become too used to the flat calm of the lagoon of Maratua. The movement of the sea makes me lose my balance and puts me in this state well known to those who sail that makes all the usual tasks on board become less important and are postponed. We call it seasickness! Not the cartoonish seasickness where the sailor is on his knees the face down over the sea, but the one that interferes gently in life on board and that we pretend to ignore. Only remedy: stay active, take the helm, shower, look at the earth as long as you can and stay honest with yourself. «You're sick, you're sick, you know it'll take a few hours and it'll be okay!» And indeed, storms arriving quickly in this season, a little action to take a few reefs, to ease them off, and take the helm quickly heals the sickness.

Greeting in front of the village of Sewia
I spend a night agitated by essential watches in Asia to avoid the fishermen, and by these damned thunderstorms that I sometimes manage to avoid following the indications of my radar, but which somehow succeed to reach me for some of them. My old mainsail also pays the consequences with a small tear that will cost me a few hours of sewing at my next stop.

The stopover happens the next day in the village of Sewia. A small bay and a tiny village are waiting for me. And yet, the tranquility of the bay fades quickly when I arrive. Quickly about twenty canoes come out of the landscape of the beach and come to meet me. Some boatmen try to sell me some food but that is not their first intention. Curiosity remains the prime motivation for their visit. The discussions are not obvious because of our differences in languages, but I still manage to make an appointment for the next day and get information on a dive site.

The school of Sewia

* * * * *

Here the anchorage is very particular because I find myself exactly on the line of the equator. Tidal currents moving the boat according to what the sailors call the swinging space, I enjoy watching my GPS go from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere every 6 hours! I think I have never spent so much time crossing the equator in such a short time!

* * * * *

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Sulawesi is a fascinating island and this post reminded me of this recent article which explains why this island is like its own mini-lost world:

I hope you have a wonderful travel. May god bless you.............

Indonesia is rich in culture one of the island of sulawesi and many beautiful tourist attractions especially Bali. regards from me @vcelier happy traveling:)

happy travelling @vcelier your wording was so good you have to write a blog on tradition of Indonesia and Malaysia keep it up

@vcelier, wow, super trip!!! and a great syllable in your presentation. You could write books!!!

Nice Sailing

I hope you have a nice trip and arrive with good to your destination, if possible also you must take many photos and tell us about your adventure

Hi @marc-allaria and @vcelier, we plan to got to Sulawesi into the Manado area for some diving.

I've been many years ago to Rantepao area and the south down to bira. Love to know more about your actual trip and will follow here.