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Another week, another round up.

We are now on Day 38 of the 100 Days of Steem project and still going strong.

It is great to see more and more members of the community rolling their sleeves up and coming forward to take on roles to help build a bigger and better Steem.

We now have Community Curators, Steem Greeters, Social Promoters and Community Leaders. There is more to be announced on this over the coming days and week.

In the meantime we would like to say ‘Thank You’ to all those who have stepped forward to help so far.

Abuse on Steem

Our biggest post of the past week focused on the very difficult subject of Abuse on Steem…

As expected this is a topic that drew a lot of discussion and debate. So far there have been over 200 comments on the post.

There does not appear to be any strong consensus on either what is or isn’t abuse on Steem, nor how to tackle abuse as however it might be defined.

We have been digesting all the opinions on the post and are still formulating a response and a plan.

In the meantime we would encourage everyone, especially the witnesses, to get along to today’s Steem Witness Forum that will be focusing on this topic…

Community Curators

The first group of Community Curators are now into their second week and doing a great job of curating to as many as possible in their communities.

Several of them have posted weekly reports so the community can see how they are operating...

Hopefully @wherein and @remlaps will get a chance to post similar reports as well.

For anyone interested in becoming a Community Curator the applications are now open for the June round…

There will again be seven Community Curator accounts available - two with 500K SP and five with 200K SP.

So far we have received June applications from @alikoc07, @beautychicks, @ciska, @clixmoney, @dilimunanzar, @elgranpoeta, @greece-lover, @nextgen622, @project.hope, @sportsncoffee and @yehey. If you have applied this month and are not on this list do comment below.

Everyone is welcome to apply including those who applied in the first round - both the successful and unsuccessful applicants. Any of the current Community Curators who would like to be considered for a continuation next month must submit a new application, or resubmit their previous one.

Steem Greeters, Social Promoters and Community Leaders

We are happy to report that the first four Steem Greeters - @cmp2020, @cryptokannon, @kiwiscanfly and @mariita52 - have now received their first delegations, and are already busy helping newcomers to the platform.

There will be more developments on this shortly.

There was one great application from @marcosdk for the role of Social Promoter.

We are sure @marcosdk will do a great job helping to get Steem more visibility in other social media.

Marcos, if you can confirm acceptance of the role in a comment below, we will get the initial delegation to you promptly.

We are extending the deadline for the Social Promoter applications for another week if anyone is interested…

We are also now offering delegations for Community Leaders. Applications are open until May 14th for these…


We also ran three more challenges during the week - and there is still time to enter all of them if you get in quick...

There will be another new challenge tomorrow.

It has been another busy week on the 100 Days of Steem project.

We’ve crossed the one-third point and there is still all to play for!

The week ahead will be as packed as ever with more challenges, more ideas and more ways you can play a part in helping build a big new Steem.

Keep following the 100 Days project and look out for more ways you can get involved.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

The Goodhabit Project

Developer @jacobyu is running the @goodhabit project to help people develop good habits like reading, exercising and learning a language...

Build the Earth in France

Founder of the new Build the Earth Community @cmp2020 has reported on a great example of the Minecraft project for a village in France...


Thanks for the confidence in my work. I gladly accept the task of social promoter. We'll take Steem to the top all together!

Good to see some great things coming out of the 100 days of Steem

Thank you @steemitblog
A great summary and update. The Spanish translation is ready.
Thank you for the mention and kind regards to all the delegates in the different assignments.
Let's keep doing a good job.

My Spanish translation

Nice progress and involvement in the community. Keep building and moving forward, always Steem on!

Thank you for your support.

Hi @steemitblog team again I submit my application to join the curator team.

My application to the [The Community Curators Project] of Steemit inc.

Having that new challenge will be a great experience for me.


Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

Look out for more news coming soon.

The Steemit Team


Hi @steemitblog
I am @shortsegments and I am building Communities here on Steemit.I am writing to introduce those Communities and to request a small delegation of SP to help me reward the content creators and content consumers of my small communities. The first one is Banking-Finance and the Community account that rewards community members with upvotes is @banking-finance. As you can see it is a smaller Community, but we recently started and now have 132 members. About 18 active members 71 interactions and 112 pending payouts for posts and interactions. I think there is a need for this niche. I think the articles are broad enough to attract outside interest.

Thank you, we will take a look.

@steemitblog, significant information, thank so much for your work on the Steemit.

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation of this post is ready late due to yesterday I am writing the post about my country which is really big. Late but ready :-100 दिन STEEM : दिन 38 - Weekly Roundup #5

Two people with 1.7k followers are resteeming few more people are showing interest to resteem hope they will join soon

Wow!!! Not even one comment!😲

The GadgetsReview Community has reached 29 subscribers in a short time and continues to evolve. With GadgetsReview, Steemit users will be able to earn rewards by promoting their products. They can also have information by seeing comments and promotions about the product used by others.

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So do you want to be a curator for upvoting plagiarists @alikoc07 ? Because in March you plagiarized https://steemd.com/steemhunt/@alikoc07/flow-yoga-learn-and-practice-yoga-asana , https://steemd.com/steemhunt/@alikoc07/geekapps-free-native-app-creation-platform , when you were realised you tried to change your post instead of accepting your abuse and you had a warn again.
You were lazy to write your own 2 sentences for a product.


I am sure you would plagiarize for months if you weren't noticed.


@steemcurator01 and @steemitblog : just info

First of all, I am not in any blacklist. Yes, when I was promoting on the steemhunt platform, while my time was limited, I forgot to edit it while promoting the product, and therefore I was warned. But I have more than 1900 posts on the steemit platform. It's normal to make a mistake. After being warned, I am much more careful and not making mistakes. I talked about this in the Steemcleaners discord group and there is no problem. I am sure that you will investigate me and want me to fail my project, but it's okay.

You didn't have to hunt every day, If your time was limited. This is not an accuse. Didn't you have time to write 2 sentences by your words? By the way you copied and pasted product's review and when you were warned, you preferred to edit it and you had been warned again, you thought editing would have cleared your plagiarism. Abuse is abuse, it doesn't matter once or many times. You did it twice, if you weren't noticed maybe you would do it for a long time, I cannot know. I just wanted to inform @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog.

No problem, I'm not on any blacklist. Thank you for informing :)

Everyone is welcome to apply including those who applied in the first round - both the successful and unsuccessful applicants. Any of the current Community Curators who would like to be considered for a continuation next month must submit a new application, or resubmit their previous one.

There is good news, friend. @project.hope, @crypto.piotr.