Weekly report Community Curator, 09/05/20: @steemcurator08 for Visual Art and Photography

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


Welcome to our weekly report issue and this is the first week, now 7 days past since we started our work and after accomplishing we wanted to show what we have done.

Before I start the post I wanted to thank @steemchiller for his amazing program “Steemworld” that made the curation process easy and let us keep an eye on our Upvote power and finally to do Statistic. Thank you very much @steemchiller.

During this time it was nice to see that on some occasion our roads were crossed by other Community Curators that means we had the same opinion and like the same posts as others.

I wanted to express my appreciation to all Community Curators who have taken such responsible job in order to bring support for simple users across on Steemit, because we know how much of your own time and efforts is behind of Curations

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For a week of curation we spent daily at least 5 hours each of us: @stef1 and @myskye that included:

  • Searching through the different tags
  • Checking for recent re-post or copy/paste
  • Plagiarism using reverse image search machine
  • Visiting the users Internet website to make sure that the works are their own
  • Commenting the posts with our own accounts so that people know that there is a human being behind who has viewed the posts and why we have chosen them
  • Running our own project @art-venture where we just finished Photography Contest and Artist Showcase




Our achievements past 7 days @steemcurator08:



  • Reputation 38,4





  • Voting CSI 21%: 178 Upvotes, 144 Accounts: the % of Upvote varied from 30% to 100% depending on posts, complexity of Artwork or quality of Photography, the story behind and the frequency of posting.

  • Curation Rewards for 7 days: SP 106.07 and still open 429,21SP that alltogether makes 535,28 SP over first 7 days


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We have selected 6 users with their posts who we would like to present today


@tomek.biniek.art and his work “Cave”




Tomek Biniek is the digital Pinter from Poland with his own amazing website, it is worth to visit it: http://www.tomekbiniek.com

I like this work, especially seeing how the creatures staring of the light through the cave that enters their kingdom. He used so well the contrast between light and dark and centered the point of interest of viewer to the faces of the creatures.


Trenner groß.png


@mister-omortson with his series of Maritime drawings




Like @myskye usually says to my works in German it is “weniger is mehr” which in English means “Doing More With Less „that also makes the drawing of @mister-omortson so interesting and sailing ship light, beautiful combination of few colors and perfect seascape with beautiful sails.


Trenner groß.png

@sawyn with his work “Wiking”




Tomasz Sławiński is the professional photographer from Norway, shared in his post that his work “Wiking” where actually he is himself acts as a model behind that character won a second place in Photocrowd contest ‘Black & White – Beauty and Fashion Portraiture’


Trenner groß.png

I roto i to koutou ngawari ringa. ( In your gentle hands. )@shpak




This users posts are in Maori, luckily “google-translator” could translate that too, we loved the snapshots of this little cute squirrel, great quality and beautiful action pictures


Trenner groß.png

Seeing the process of roasting Aceh coffee @my451r




Muhammad Yasir, that name we have learnt from “world of Xpilar” seeing such perfectly made B&W pictures of roosting coffee beans, that is captured everything the beauty of roosting machine with its chrome parts, the beans and I even could smell aroma of freshly roasted beans. Like the idea of putting his name of the photography.


Trenner groß.png

Commissioned Portrait @connor-russo




Joel Gonzalez, the young Artist and blogger from Venezuela, very skilled portrait Artist with his own interesting Instagram blog and wise quote under his thumbnail: The tiger and the lion may be stronger, but the wolf do not work for the circus!


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Hope you enjoyed our Weekly report and we wishing you nice Weekend!


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Me encantó el trabajo de @sawyn y de @connor-russo

Many Thanks!!!

Hi @stef1

You do a great job of being a Community Curator.

Thanks for the great report

 last year 

Thank you @xpilar for visiting our post and always glad to read your supportive words :)

@stef1, very nice pics, thanks for your beautiful post!

 last year 

Thank you for viewing and for your nice words :)

Dear @stef1

During this time it was nice to see that on some occasion our roads were crossed by other Community Curators that means we had the same opinion and like the same posts as others.

It surely has been a pleasure to get to know you closer.

For a week of curation we spent daily at least 5 hours each of us: @stef1 and @myskye that included:

Wow. That's an enormous amount of work you've put into this task. RESPECT!

Yours, Piotr

 last year 

Thank you Piotr, we try to do the best from the role that is given to us :)

Unglaublich tolle Arbeit - und vor allem "Arbeiten"!

 last year 

Vielen Dank Christiane für die netten Worte in Bezug auf unsere Arbeit. Es ist gerade mal eine Woche vergangen, und wir müssen uns schon auf die nächste vorbereiten. In dieser Woche hatte ich noch Urlaub, und deshalb auch viel Zeit. In der nächsten Woche arbeite ich wieder im Krankenhaus, und mein Mann muss sich um Steem kümmern. Es ist schön dass dir unsere ausgewählten Werke gefallen.

Ja, die Werke gefallen mir wirklich und ich werde nachher auch noch mal den ein oder anderen Post direkt anschauen. Überhaupt finde ich, dass ihr mit eurem neuen Kuratoren-Account sehr gut umgeht, da ihr sichtbar für alle definitiv inhaltlich schaut und nicht "wild durch die Gegend votet", weil gerade jemand in der entsprechenden Community gepostet habt. Sicherlich keine einfache Aufgabe, doch es ist prima, wenn ihr euch diese teilen könnt.
Schönes Restwochenende und einen guten Start in die Arbeitswoche,

Thank you for all your work on the curation, and thank you for this great report.

Out of interest where do you find the 'Outgoing Votes - Top 250' chart in Steemworld? Not seen that before.

The Steemit Team

Hi @steemcurator01 to view Outgoing Votes - Top 250, click on the "Stats" at https://steemworld.org/@steemcurator08 then go to "Out. Votes.." button. We can view other steem accounts too just replace the account name for example https://steemworld.org/@stef1

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Excellent, most useful.

Thank you

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Hi @steemcurator01 we have a new Artist Showcase with the Steem payout for the Artist, if you would like to give your support:


Good looking work

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Thank you for your explanation :)

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We are glad you like our summary and I see that @cryptokannon kindly explained how to find the information :)

Pretty good post, it is true that healing is a job that requires a lot of time, congratulations. The team will need a lot of strength and patience, great 5 hours a day, keep it up. :)

Thank you very much for the award and congratulations to everyone !!!

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Стеф, а могу ли я побыть недельку куратором по арту и фотографии? Это возможно?

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Привет, это все контролируется и мы пошем отчет в конзе недели. Но ты можешь поддать свою аппликацию если хочешь. здесь линк


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О, спасибо
Я просто подумал вы в кооперации с Пилар)
Попробую разобраться

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Если ты будешь регулярно комментировать на постах и “Пилар ворлд“ он все замечает как люди внимательны и принимают ли участие в его проектахон поддерживает таких людей. Я вижу он комментирует твои посты, это хороший знак.

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Спасибо за совет! Здорово, что ты взяла надо мной шефство - я плохо разбираюсь и медленно реагирую :-(

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Надо будет попробовать в июне написать аппликацию)

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Я видела ты сделал аппликацию на июнь, но надо ее прикрепить к этой почте:


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О, спасибо. Закинул туда...