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Hello Steem friends,
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
NEW! The VP will be 25% (instead of 20% which was until today) on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion.

please paste your preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).

-NEW! if you want start using Cryptotab browser which will earn you bitcoin while you surf! (by mining) please use my signup link:
post your cryptotab user with your comment and I will more likely upvote your post as long as it is relatively good.

List for today:

good luck!

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Congratulations to the winners. Here is my post for consideration:

Well done @yoo1900 for this amazing project, it has been of great help to many, and I hope to benefit soon from it.

Travel to Israel and Palestine, It Turns Out Not As Intense as Media News

Once again @yoo1900, thanks for always supporting minnows.
Congratulations to people that made it to today's list
@trojan4's post that talks about The Top Virtues
@akdx's post is advising newbies in the crypto world
@dewaled507's post is about a beautiful Russian model that poses selfie with a bear
And @dejingkie's post is about a sexy woman whose name is Sue Austin diving in sea with wheelchair

The posts are great and I've also upvoted the four post.

Once again I want to thank you for giving us information about Cryptotab browser. I used your link to register and I've been enjoying it.

Here is my post which I used to celebrate my one and only blood brother's birthday.

Today we are great and rich, so today we have friends and everything, but have we all remembered our last time here, everyone will be lying here then when we are healthy and rich then love and do our best so that our lives are not vain


A word that comes out of the rapist's mouth, really becomes an afterthought and becomes a living inspiration, may we be the ones who are loved by God


It's very unique and dancing, this is a North American deer, very beautiful and clean


In which era, the girl's teeth were fenced, the diumbar-umbar chest, the thighs fluttered, the turn was told to say "Please, if you have eyes guarded".
Men invite marriage to be troubled, men invite dating to be followed, turn to be hurt, say "All Same Men".


The burial process of each tribe and custom throughout the world is of course varied. What we consider normal in our society, may be considered strange by other tribes in the world.


This cigarette is very dangerous, because smoking is a source of disease and therefore from now on we all learn to stop smoking because we have to know that health is very expensive then don't waste the health we already have

Magical, the Largest Coconut Fruit in the World and i hope @yoo1900 support it

Helping the wife to wash and cook is not a bad job, but it is a very noble deed, so that other people will be uplifting, but be assured that by always giving love to loved ones, this life will always be beautiful.


Village eggs are very useful and useful so that these eggs are always used for health because in addition to containing omega 3 and other substances that are very good for health


Funny and unique, the more technological development develops, the ease and things that are impossible will happen, unique and very interesting.


Sometimes ants are very annoying because every time there are dishes, the ants will appear and especially if the food we serve is sweet, and it turns out there are ways to repel ants and don't need to use magic chalk and with kitchen ingredients, this ant will go away.


This grandmother's heart is very noble, the results of selling vegetables are donated to the construction of the mosque, hopefully we are inspired


Thank you @yoo1900 for considering my post for your support.

Sometimes we as parents do not know about our children, especially their requests that have never been said and hopefully with this position we will know little about our children so that parents and children respect and love each other


Who is not familiar with the island of Bali in Indonesia, besides the beauty of nature, the delicious typical food and also in this area are very many beautiful women and besides being friendly and polite, so many foreign tourists are married to this island people.

Nowadays, sometimes women are not sure that their husbands can work and make a lot of money for their lives, but very many women who work outside destroy their loyalty in order to fulfill their needs.


Dear friends, do you know about the uniqueness of camel stars, this animal is very unique and very different from other stars and one of them is that it can not drink for 8 days, and many more miracles on this one star, hopefully you want to visit this post and hopefully always experience and benefit


I'm sure all of you have experienced this when with your baby, sometimes a cuteness from our baby is what always makes us tired from a day of work



This jasmine flower is taken and distributed to @yoo1900 by @asyifasalsabila

yours truly

today I will follow the challenge @ yoo1900 by posting paper flowers.


hopefully useful.

I displayed lion ant larvae by posting my posting link and I also shared it for @ yoo1900. In the event of participating in the contest that was held.

I hope this is useful and becomes something fun

Jengkol fruit, a fruit that is always a special place for Asian people, a very delicious taste and very suitable to be enjoyed when gathering and there are also many benefits



It seems rarely heard of Indonesian people who do not like coffee. However, in fact many coffee shops are mushrooming in almost every coffee, from coffee shops to elite cafes that sell various kinds.


This guava fruit is widely found in North Aceh. North Aceh people call it BOEH JAMBE BRUEK

Hopefully this post is useful
greetings from us to all fans of the contest @yoo1900


This is a human that is unique throughout history, thankful you live because there are some of our brothers who are lacking but who really mean this life

You get a good initiatives to support the minnow. Thanks for your good work. Here is my post link:

Hello @yoo1900, This is my post that "How to be a good tutor."

In these dark times we need more initiatives like these to keep authors motivated! I’d like to submit my post -

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here is a post i made yesterday night about the basic understanding of cryptocurrency.

and a video about the article

Well this is a nice steps that you are doing. Bad luck for yet i've not posted any blog. Hope i can get vote from you soon.

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Post about, slef explanatory with nice presentation

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@yoo1900 thanks so much for finding my previous post worthy of occupying your VIP section.
This is my most recent write up. Shedding light on what mining is all about. Hope you like it and find it useful

Happy Sunday Yoo1900.. Glad you keep supporting minnows

A smartphonephotography post of the dark clouds

Enjoy peeking at it.

Thank you for this wonderful initiative to support minnows.

Nice my friend...i'm 100% human..i can upvote your every post..If you like it,follow me and make a reply to this...asap i will 100% followback you..

I really appreciate your way of helping others :)

While this is my post and hope you will like it and give your feedback.