benefits of raw chicken eggs for health

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Benefits of Raw Kampung Chicken Eggs are more effective for health. Almost all types of eggs can be
consumed and have benefits that are good for health. But generally what is commonly consumed by many people is eggs that come from birds such as chickens, ducks, geese, some bird eggs. Chicken eggs are also divided into 2 types that are generally known by the community, namely chicken eggs and bras chicken eggs. From the results of a study revealed that the nutritional content and nutrients in native chickens are more than broilers. Chicken eggs as food ingredients have a very complete nutritional content and are very good for consumption especially for children. That is because the content of omega 3 is good for the child's growth period.

Nutrient content contained in free-range chicken eggs:

Energy 196 kcalProtein 13 gramsFat 15.3 grams Carbohydrates 0.8 gramsCalcium 67 milligramsPhosphorus 334 milligramsIron 3.3 milligramsVitamin A 231 IUVitamin B1 0.31 milligrams

Benefits of raw free-range chicken eggs:

Make heart healthy.

Antioxidants contained in raw eggs are very good for heart health. Antioxidant content in 2 free-range chicken eggs is more than double that of an apple. For those of you who suffer from heart disease please try consuming raw chicken eggs.

Prevent cancer.

Eggs are very well known for their nutritional content. Tripofan and tyrosine are one of the nutrients contained in raw egg yolks. Raw egg yolks are very useful for anticancer substances.

Produce additional energy sources.

Raw eggs consumed can provide maximum energy for the body. Raw free-range eggs contain protein, carbohydrates and iron compared to eggs that have been boiled or fried. A nutrition expert said, the human body will not have difficulty digesting the raw eggs because natural enzymes in eggs help digestion.

#Helps the process of muscle formation.

Usually boiled white eggs are great for forming muscles to make them look more athletic. Consuming raw chicken eggs is also very good for a diet program.

Free of cholesterol and fat.

For those of you who usually like to eat fried eggs, you should immediately leave your habit and replace it by consuming raw eggs. This is because fried eggs contain high saturated fat and cholesterol. Well, in raw eggs, harmful ingredients such as cholesterol do not exist so much healthier.

Prevent cataracts and blindness.

Eye diseases such as cataracts can be prevented by consuming raw chicken eggs. For the elderly, it is highly recommended to consume raw eggs to prevent blindness and cataracts. Change the mood.

The benefits of other raw chicken eggs are to improve the condition of the liver. When the mind is erratic or dull, try to consume raw eggs. Compounds in egg yolks can stimulate certain hormones that make the mood good.

Very good for men's health.

The content of selenium contained in raw eggs where the selenium mineral is needed by men in the form and quality of sperm. In one egg only able to meet 10% of the needs of male body selenium.

Brighten the face.

Raw egg eggs are more thick than other eggs. This egg white is very useful for removing dead skin cells found on the skin. So that by using this raw egg nipple the face will be brighter and more radiant.

Remove acne.

Raw egg white turned out to be very good to be used as a face mask that is useful for removing acne and blackheads. It is better to make a mask of raw egg white. Choose eggs from free-range chicken that are still fresh and good.

Maintain the beauty of the eyes.

The carotenoid content found in raw eggs turns out to be beneficial for beautifying and beautifying the eyes. Consume regularly chicken egg yolks then the eyes will be beautiful and healthy.

Gives softness to the hair.

Raw chicken eggs function to maintain hair moisture. Raw egg yolks can be used as a hair mask and will be maximized if mixed with other supporting ingredients, namely avocado.

Overcoming dry face.

A dry face is very disturbing appearance, not only that dry face will look dull and untreated. Using raw eggs will help the face to return fresh and healthy.


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