Avoid cigarettes before cigarettes avoid you

in advice •  last year 

Even though we know that on cigarette packs, there are various models of how to commemorate that we do not smoke, but we still increase the volume, even though we know there are so many dangers caused by cigarettes, so if we are aware, we are among those who are aware of the dangers of smoking. the cigarette.


Although the government has various ways of trying to share advice from this danger, if we ourselves are not aware of this danger, we will not stop smoking at any time, so we learn from an early age to try to stay away from these bad habits, and I always hope we all prioritize health, because health is very expensive and very important in this life, because even though we have a lot of money then if we are sick it is all meaningless.

Hopefully it can be useful and always prioritize your health and from now on stop smoking

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