Unique Facts of Mice with Harder Teeth than Iron

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Mice are one of the rodents of the Rodentia order.

The mice that we encounter most often are rodents and mice.

Mice and mice are almost found in all countries.


However, mice are not found in Antarctica or on islands located in the middle of the ocean.

Yes, the type of mouse that is most easily found in addition to mice and sewage mice is home mice and rice mice.

What are the facts about mice?

  • Mice are called tough animals, the body of the mouse is very immune.

When mice fall from a height, most mice will not experience injury or injury.

  • Mice are widespread and almost evenly distributed throughout the world. Mice are able to easily adapt to diverse environments.

  • Mice are animals that often damage home items such as food, electrical wires, clothing, and even wood.

  • Mice of mice are the second most mammal in the world after humans.

  • Mice are intelligent creatures with complex levels of communication that are good in terms of vowels.

  • Mice are explorer animals. Mice can find various creative ways to enter through narrow gaps.

    Mice are able to walk on tiles and climb iron pillars, you!

  • Mustache mice function to feel temperature changes and feel smooth and rough objects.

  • Mice have perfect balance.

    This is shown by mice that are able to walk along thin pieces of wire.

  • Mouse teeth are harder than iron so wood can be easily gnawed.

  • Mice are clever animals, making it difficult to catch and fall into the trap we make.

Hopefully with this one post, we will all know more about mice and always add experience

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