What are the best advices that you could give to someone new entering the crypto space, as an investor, and joining Steem as a blogger?

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 Advice for a newbie in cryptocurrency market

  • Don’t be over enthusiastic. Crypto market is very volatile so invest with care. Select the right exchange and keep your crpto assets safe by keeping them in the secure wallets. Don’t keep your big crypto assets in exchange wallets. Keep your passwords safe and don’t give hackers any chance to hack your valuable assets. 
  • Only invest the money in cryptos which you can afford to lose. Some people take loan or sell their house to invest in cryptos but this is foolishness. You can lose everything in no time.
  • Invest in only those projects which are well known or have high potential. Never invest in those schemes where technology is hypothetical or impossible to implement. Also, check the veracity of the claims made by the crypto founders or ICO promoters. One should check their website, their social media platforms/forums, their chat room etc. If their website is not updating and they are not responding, doubt should generate in an alert investor’s mind. 

  • Do not invest further, if the price of a crypto has touched the peak or is near the peak. Chances of loss are very high if you hold for long. Also, during the bearish trend panic sell can make you cry. Hodling is the best option when market is crashing. Timing is everything. Be a successful crypto investor.

Advice for Steemit bloggers

  • Read the FAQ first. Save your password in many places and never lose your password. For posting do not copy-paste content from internet. You may be downvoted immediately. Keep patience, you cannot make your first post to be visible in trending section, unless you use bidbots effectively. 
  • Don’t run after the trending post and whales. It is not bad to follow whales but if they are not responding to your comment, do not upvote them. One cannot become rich by receiving curation rewards only. You can get nothing from a whale if he only upvote own post. Instead of it, try to help fellow plankton and minnow (accounts having very low SP). Follow some great steemians. Participate in various contests organized by the steemit users. Understand the terms Voting Power, Voting Value, Steem, STEEM, SBD, Steem Power etc. If you can afford to buy STEEM, just buy and power up immediately. It will give you an edge over others. Your investment on Steem will certainly not turn your investment into loss.

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  • You should interact with other users as much as possible. For this, one should make comments on useful posts but one should also be careful not to spam or sharing own post link on others’ blog. Do not upvote your own comments if your voting power is not enough to make the comment profitable. Be aware that a post which payout is less than $0.2 is not paid. You can upvote your own posts instead. Also, you should not vote, if your voting power drops below 85%. You should take time to restore it. 
    • You can see the details of your steemit account on these applications and tools-steemworld.org/@accountname, steemnow.com/@accountname, steemd.com/@accountname etc. If you use busy.org or eSteem app to write your post, you can get upvote from @busy.org/@busy.pay or @esteem.app/@good-karma etc.

    • Try to ask question or answer question on musing.io. This is one of the most interactive hub of learning. Here you can earn while learn. Try different Steem interfaces and apps to make your posts. D.tube, dlive, dlike, steemhunt.com etc. are some other Steem based platforms on which you can receive handsome upvotes.

    • Use appropriate tags for your posts. Make your posts interactive and appealing. Use markdown and formatting to make your posts more attractive. Don’t use low quality images in your post. If you are adding photos or images from internet, don’t forget to mention the source (as I have done). Also, the copied text should have clear references. 
    • It wrote everything in short as this is the answer of a questions. I think these steps can make everyone a successful blogger on Steemit. For more information, one can check my or other steemians’ posts.  

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New to steemit, could you possibly explain where to view your voting power?


You can see your voting power in many apps like https://steemworld.org/@moneymosey, https://busy.org/@moneymosey etc. You just need to add your username after the domain name of the website. Steemworl.org is a very useful tool. It is developed by @steemchiller and gives you every detail of your account and account related activities.
If you use busy.org, instead of steemit.com for posting you can earn upvote from busy.


Thank you so much for these! Both are new to me and look like they could be extremely helpful. I appreciate it very much. Have a fantastic day!


You're welcome!

I disagree with following the whales; also, people with large followers. These are good accounts to follow because they are good sources of curation points if you catch their posts before they get the bots in action.

The only other thing; instead of creating each post from scratch, build a template. Then, it's just a matter of opening the template, writing and then copy-paste. This way can work on a clean look once and use it...

good post though... useful help when starting.


Thanks for this useful comment. I was not saying that following whales is bad, I was talking about blind following. Curation reward is just a myth. No one can become rich from it.
However, I have to edit this post and add many things also which I could not add on account of paucity of time.


Agreed, blind following is useless... I also hate realizing that I accidentally followed a re-steem bot.

Generally, you are right about the curation rewards, it's a bit like a lottery. Most of the times I might get .00x for curation. I've hit a few jackpots in curation that have been rewarded more than my average blog post. Point is, especially when starting out, with 0$ hard money invested, have to hustle to get the SteemPower to a level where a vote counts for more than dust.

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