Half Millennial Americans Interested in Using Crypto

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A recent survey by YouGov Omnibus research service shows that half of millennial Americans are interested in using cryptocurrency. The survey, which collected answers from 1202 respondents from August 29-30, assessed respondents' interest in using crypto in their daily lives: "Of people who believe that cryptocurrency will be widely accepted, more than a third (36%) say they will be interested in using mainly cryptocurrency rather than the US dollar. However, the majority (57%) said they would not be interested in switching from the US dollar. Millennials are almost as divided between interested (48%) and uninterested (50%). "According to polls, 79 percent of Americans know at least one cryptocurrency, where Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be the most famous. Crypto is leading to 71 percent of respondents. BTC was followed by the leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH), with 13 percent of participants saying they had heard it. 87 percent of those who had heard of Bitcoin never interacted with it, while 49 percent of respondents said they were happy they had not bought a leading crypto before and did not plan to do so. 15 percent hoped that they had bought Bitcoin before, and believed it was too late to buy it. Of all participants in the survey, 34 percent did not think that crypto would be widely accepted, while millennials showed the most positive approach to cryptocurrency, with 44% of them predicting wider adoption. The survey authors stated that skepticism about crypto adoption might be related to the use of crypto potential for illegal purposes. In June, the Ipsos Research company on behalf of ING Bank BV conducted a research which revealed that crypto's interest is expected to double in the future. The survey involved respondents from 15 countries, with 1,000 polls in each.


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