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Camels or animal camels are usually found in the fields or hot deserts, and imagine the temperature if a hot day burns ... !! but camels can survive why .. ?? Camels have helped humans living in the desert throughout history, and have become icons of life in the desert. Even though the desert heat is deadly to other creatures. And besides a small number of insects, reptiles and some other small animals, no animal can live there. Camels are the only big animals that can live there.


If we observe how camels are created, we will see that every smallest part of them is the miracle of creation. What is most needed in the hot burning conditions in the desert is drinking, but it's hard to find water here. Finding something that can be eaten on an endless stretch of sand also seems impossible. So, animals that live here must be able to withstand hunger and thirst, and camels have been created with this ability.

أَفَلَا يَنْظُرُونَ إِلَى الْإِبِلِ كَيْفَ خُلِقَتْ

Meaning: "Then do they not pay attention to the camel how it was created." (Surah Al-Ghaasyiyah, 88:17)

Camels can survive up to 8 days at 50C without eating or drinking. When a camel that is able to walk without drinking for a long time finds a source of water, it will store it.


Camels can drink water as much as one third of their body weight in 10 minutes. And this means 130 liters in one drink; and the storage area is a camel hump. About 40kg of fat is stored here. This makes camels able to walk for days in the desert without eating anything.

And most food in the desert is dry and thorny. But the digestive system on the camel has been created in accordance with these difficult conditions. The animal's teeth and mouth have been designed to allow it to eat sharp thorns easily.

His stomach also has its own special design so it is strong enough to digest almost all plants in the desert. Desert winds that appear suddenly are usually a sign of the arrival of a sandstorm.

And sand grains suffocate and blind the eyes. But, Allah has created a special protection system on camels so that he is able to withstand these difficult conditions. And the camel's eyelids protect their eyes from dust and grains of sand. However, these eyelids are also transparent or translucent, so that the camel can still see even with its eyes closed.

Long and thick lashes are specially created to prevent dust from entering the eye. There is also a special design on the camel's nose. When a sandstorm hit, he closed his nose with a special cover.

One of the biggest dangers to vehicles running in the desert is to fall into the sand. But this does not occur on camels, even though he carries a load of hundreds of kilograms, because his legs are created specifically to walk on sand.


Wide feet keep it from sinking into the sand, and function like snow boots. Long legs move away from the surface of the hot sand burning below. The camel's body was covered with thick and thick hair. This protects it from the sun and the cold desert temperatures freeze after sunset.

Some parts of his body were covered with a number of thick protective skin layers. These thick layers are placed in certain parts that come into contact with the surface of the ground as he sits on very hot sand. This prevents camel skin from burning. This thick layer of skin does not grow and form slowly; but camels are indeed born like that. This special design shows the perfection of the creation of the camel.

A special system that allows it to resist thirst, a hump that allows it to travel without eating, a leg structure that holds it from sinking into the sand, translucent eyelids, eyelashes that protect its eyes from sand, a nose equipped with a special design against sandstorms, mouth structures, lips and teeth that allow it to eat thorns and desert plants, a digestive system that can digest almost any object, a special thick layer that protects its skin from burning hot sand, and hair surface skin specifically designed to protect it from heat and cold.

It is difficult for all of this to be explained by the logic of the theory of evolution, and all of this expresses one real truth: Camels have been specially created by God to live in the desert, and to help human life in this place.

Hopefully adding to the experience and knowledge of all of us and my attention is very grateful

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