The beauty of the island of Bali and the natural beauty that is stored beautifully here

in beauty •  last year 

Who is not familiar with the island of Bali in Indonesia, this island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, besides the beauty that is stored on this island there are also unique things here and in addition to the people who are friendly and obey the law so that if we go here then we will feel the comfort and difference from other places.


In addition to the natural beauty that cannot be exchanged with others, here also has something unique like Balinese specialties that are very tasty and travel facilities that are very promising so that anyone who comes here is difficult to return to their place of origin.


And what is unique is that there are so many beautiful women and they are very friendly both with local people and foreigners so that many tourists often marry the Balinese girl.


This is a little about the uniqueness of this island and there are many more unique and wonders that exist on the island, hopefully with this post hopefully it can be a new experience for all of you.

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