Master Baking Class with @ albertocotua ( Weekly Series) Issue no 11 Calzone Frito How to :

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Hello Steemers! As always, I bring you a delicious bakery preparation to practice and taste at home.

Today I bring you a recipe of my authorship, very simple but incredibly delicious, Calzone Frito. Many of you may have tasted Calzone at famous food franchises or a trattoria, but have you eaten Calzone Frito?



Where does the Calzone come from?

The calzone is originally from Naples, is a derivative of Neapolitan pizza. Prepared in a similar way to pizza in an oven but completely closed by a dough, this dough seals its contents, in such a way that it retains the aromas during cooking. It is usually filled with cheese and any other ingredient such as pizza.

We already know that it is a calzone and as it is composed, it is time to review our technical sheet and start with our preparation.

Ingredients needed to prepare 2 calzone of 200 gr each.

For the filling:

I always use the grams of cheese to be 3/4 of the total weight of the dough, for example if the dough is 200 gr as in this case, the weight of the cheese would be 150 gr.

  • 70 gr of Salsa Napoli.
  • 150 gr of Mozzarella cheese.
  • 2 slices of ham.
  • Oregano.
  • What you want hahahaha, always taking care that the dough is overfilled because you can leave.

When we have all the right ingredients correctly, we proceed to form a volcano with the flour and incorporate the dry ingredients around, salt, sugar and yeast, remember that the salt and the yeast must go in different sides because there is a myth that says that the salt kills the yeast and as a conclusion the dough does not grow correctly.


This will be a very flexible dough, with medium hydration so we must knead as I taught in the Focaccia post.


When we have the dough ready, we bole and let stand 15 minutes to then divide and weigh the two portions of 200 gr.


Cut and let stand for 60 minutes, after that 60 minutes, degas the dough and stretch with the fingertips like a round pizza.

Add the Napoli sauce in the middle of the dough without touching the edges, otherwise the dough does not stick and all the filling comes out when frying or baking.


Place the cheese, oregano, ham and more napoli sauce on top.


Cover and close the ends uniendolos inwards.

Let stand for 20 min.


Pre Heat the oil to 180 ° C, add the calzone very carefully so that the filling does not come out, fry the calzone until golden brown on each side.


When it is well browned on both sides, place on absorbent paper and serve.

Ready our calzone and now to taste!



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This was my recipe for Calzone, my version of a Calzone. I accept doubts and suggestions.

All the profits generated in my publications and the private consultancies are destined to pay for my specializations that I am doing as Bartender and a specialization in Barismo that begins at the end of next September. Currently, both have a cost of $ 85, but I do not have the necessary resources to afford them. If you want to help I leave my Byteball wallet and my DASH wallet in addition to any donation here at Steemit will be well received.

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I love it. I want to get into learning dough making and creating stuffed goodies. Thank you for sharing and best wishes with your school 🤗


You can contacme on discord to teach you. TY


I remember you mentioned this once and I never got around to it.
Is there a channel or do I search you via @albertocotua?


In channel contact me!


Or here, on discord albertocotua#3910

How delicious and easy, I loved the name and where it comes from fried calzones. Excellent publication


I dont know where came from hahahah, only know they are delicious!

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