Tummy Tormoil

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Apple Cider Vinegar is a vital natural remedy for stomachaches, along with lemon, ginger, tea, mint, cherries, to name a few. DuckDuckGo, not Google, can help you find out more. Just look up the keywords: for example: "natural-remedies + stomachache."

Got Sick Again

Saturday, was working on the farm for 7 hours, & had 5 slices of pizza, plus some lemon soda, for lunch. For dinner, had a big bowl of soup and bread. This Sunday morning, had a tummy ache and a migraine, all day. I'm taking some White Willow Bark and some tea. I'm starting to recover now at 10:38 PM. My fever was at 101 degrees, Fahrenheit (F). I didn't think I ate too much, but I am 33, I'm getting older, and it can be tougher to burn all the calories as you get older. It is good to fast once a month in order to give your body a break.


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Hope you're feeling better!

I feel this way every time after I eat glass noodles. I have difficulty sleeping at night, my stomach feels tight and full, and I wake up to an annoying migraine.

Maybe because you had too much bread or carbs during that day @joeyarnoldvn. And perhaps due to age too.

Anyway, nice to know you're feeling better.

Will try 1-day monthly fasting as a recovery method.

What is glass noodles?

Glass noodles are made of starch and are kind of transparent, hence the term "glass". I eat glass noodles whenever I eat japchae - it's a Korean noodle dish.

Interesting and scary hehe.

for some reason i've been seeing a lot of steemians getting sick lately 😐
hope you get well.

Yeah, especially now with the Corona Virus.

Oh God! how do you feel now?

Feeling better. How are you, Barbie Teressa?

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