Steemit Beginner's Guide: A Collection Of The Best Resources To Help You Get Started

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Since I published my first Steemit post and it made $114.79 overnight, I've been obsessed with this new way to share and curate great content, and have been convincing my friends to join me in this new crypto-cool space.

I even did a guest post for @sirwinchester explaining why I'm shifting gears from Instagram where I have 66,000 followers to my Steemit page with 60 followers.

The problem is, there isn't an official, easy-to-find Steemit guide for new users.

A lot of people abandon the platform quickly simply because they "don't get it." I almost gave up on it too after getting confused by formatting.

I don't want anyone to feel that way, so after spending hours researching the ins and outs of Steemit, I've collected the resources that have helped me to set up an account, master the markup, start blogging, make profit and explore the often asked question, "so where does the money come from?"

I'm excited to share them with you. Enjoy!

If you have only 10 minutes, check out these 2 posts first, then save this page and come back later to dig in further.

I.The Missing FAQ - A Beginners Guide To Using Steemit by @thecryptofiend

II.Beginner's Guide: Steemian’s Adventures in Wonderland. Part 1 by @lehard


1.1 Steemit Bridges Blockchain and Social Media, But How Does It Work? by


2.1 The Missing FAQ - A Beginners Guide To Using Steemit by @thecryptofiend

2.2 Beginner's Guide: Steemian’s Adventures in Wonderland. Part 1 by @lehard

2.3 Simply Steemit: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Started by @donkeypong

2.4 How to Liven up your Steem Posts with Markdown by @xeldal

2.5 The Secret Formula to a Successful "IntroduceYourself" Post...And The #1 Mistake to Avoid by @cryptoctopus

2.6 You just published your post on Steemit? Here are the 10 things you need to do next by @inboundinken

"Insert quotes and images"
"Add a question to get engagement up"
"Respond to comments"
"Comment on other posts"
"Share on Facebook, Linkedin And Twitter"

2.7 Leveling Up Your Blog and Cracking The Steemit Code by @cryptoctopus

"Here's how to choose a profitable topic for your Steemit blog:"


3.1 Helpful Podcasts about Steemit, Crypto Currency and Technology by @susanne

3.2 Steem VS Steem Power: Here's why you should Power Up, according to @donkeypong

3.3 How I made $15,000 in 12 Hours on Steemit, the New Blockchain Based Social Media Platform by @dollarvigilante

3.4 The Truth About Ridiculously High Steemit Payout by @cryptoctopus

"If the word for real estate is "Location, Location, Location", in the Steem world the word is: "Reputation, Reputation, Reputation". You basically have to build a brand by demonstrating that your contribution is increasing the value of the Steemit."
"Make your article irresistible to click on."
"Be courteous whenever you reply to post and add value to the conversation."
"Format Properly."

Are there any other useful Steemit resources I missed? Please comment and let me know! :)

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shenanigator's faq doc (linked from her third link above, ending with dev-team) is da bomb

I am seeing you online lots and TY for the work on my (our) Steemit 101 FB page. I appreciate your work online.

Those are great resources, thank you for this @applecrisp!

Oh, this is very useful. Thank you!

Ned Scott @ned the CEO of Steemit told us yesterday in his AMA over at Steemspeak that Steem is working on improving the new user onboarding experience. It's a good listen :):

Yay! That's awesome!

Hi I just followed you and yr this post really make me pay attention to you! finally a post for new steemers like me looking for a one stop resource for Steemit lol thanks!

Hi Ksenia, I just read your first post and what I can say and comment is wow a simple interesting introduction you have this earn you $114.79! Unbelievable..realised we have the same food blogging passion just followed you in Instagram my id is @mrhappyforfood. So excited that I have lots of things to learn from you and follow you now...thanks to Steemit!

Nice to meet you @alvinng77 :) Thanks for stopping by and checking out this and my intro post!

Great resources! I just started an online Steemit 101 FB group for things like this! ----

Feel free to share the link online. What helps one, helps us all, I figured and saw no FB group for 101 type newbie-FAQ's etc so I started one ---

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing!

A great list of resources here:)

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Very helpful!

There's a really good series of posts that starts here detailing the basics of cryptocurrencies for those just getting started.

Great post! In fact, it was so good that we decided to feature it in our latest newspaper. Read about it here: