A Real Steemit Success Story & Guide: The Power of Steemit, How it Really CAN Change Your Life! πŸ€‘πŸ˜

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Are you chasing Steemit success? I'm here to help you on your quest. I need your attention, my dear guest, this is a guide to get you to your best. One more thing, on which you can bet but If you don't believe right now, don't fret! Let's put it to the test. This recipe guarantees success. Follow along your way to the best Steemit yet!

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(Look! I'm a Steemit Wave!)

Let me ask you, have you been connecting with people on here or are you following the upvote4upvote/follow4follow trend taking over?

This community offers us a unique possibility to connect with people on a truly authentic, loving level with the added benefit of being able to support their creative ventures.

Let me share an incredible example with you before I give my suggestions/outlook which I hope you'll take to heart to be able to help you navigate your way through these waters.

Someone made a post thanking me (ME!) yesterday:


There I was, having an unusually rough day, quite grumpy from a little real life turbulence and so, I decided to log in to Steemit and see what was going on there.

Imagine my delight when I opened my page to find a whole post dedicated to a recipe I made one day! Completely blown away, I started shaking with happiness! Suddenly, my bad mood was floating out of me like steam, drifting away and replaced with a rainbow of love and sunshine from my new California-based, happy-go-lucky, bubbly, wonderful, loving, beautiful friend @sunshine247!

When I clicked on the link she posted, I had no idea what I was in for. At the time, I knew she was actively trying to find the exotic ingredients my recipe called for, but I honestly didn't think she would try so hard to make it happen- her commitment was beyond impressive! After several stores, she managed to locate the elusive dragonfruit that she was missing to make the pink in my smoothie happen. Now everything was set to go, she just needed her 'grandbabies' to come over to make them together.

Let me tell you what happened next....

Those beautiful little angels spent the day at their grandmomma's house, making these beautiful smoothies and decided to share the entire experience with me! Their grandmamma even took photos of the whole process! I was knocked right out of my socks.

Whenever I create a recipe, I zone out and get into this state you might all know as "flow."

Generally, it's advisable not to try to talk to me when I am working like a little fairy in there because my mind works a mile a minute and I am channeling creativity from somewhere unknown to me... letting it course through my blood, into my heart and out through my hands. This process is very freeing to me, it makes me feel alive in a way that I can't put words to.

When I use my passion to create food, a love inside me grows so infinitely that I glow with happiness. That is why I love sharing it with you.

I am realistic, and I know that many recipes I share although appreciated for their tummy-tempting ingredients or finger-licking photos, do not actually get made. It's all part of the food blog world. I know you have your own things going on, I know you don't have all the time in the world and I realize food might not be your passion. However, I get an amazing sense of love and satisfaction by sharing my love-food with you anyway!

What makes my heart shine:

  • the fact that @sunshine247 made this smoothie is one thing. It brings me a new level of heart palpitations to know that she liked my recipe enough to make it and took her time to do so!
  • She went out of her way on many occasions to get the necessary ingredients!
  • She made this recipe into a fun exercise for her grandbabies to take part in!
  • She then, made a whole post about it to share with me!
    AWWW, in case you can't tell, I am just so over-the-moon that this was able to happen!

As far as Steemit is concerned:

This post was being written from the heart with no expectation as to how it was going to go but I think it's a great segway into the idea of relationships on here.

Sure, we can have a ton of followers, we can upvote until we have no more SP but in the end, what are we left with? Even if we get a high dollar amount, does that mean anything
if we aren't engaging authentically?

My opinion on that is 'no'. Back when I first joined here, I was being convinced to spend all of my time running around the various tabs, trying to spread some sort of seed of myself for others to come find me. I quickly got tired and discouraged. Everyone was asking me to follow them, to upvote them, but with no context behind it. Just a simple "you scratch my back, I'll scratch your back" approach and let me tell you, it left me feeling pretty empty, uneasy and downright low.

I was fortunate to meet many people in the beginning who were "teaching me the ropes" of how to play this follow4follow game, but I knew right away that wasn't the game for me. See, if I had over 100 upvotes or something ridiculous like that, but no comments, I would feel so sad. What was all of my effort for? Was anyone even appreciating the time I took to put my post together? I am pretty darn inefficient at this whole posting blogs thing. It's all new territory to me and each post I write takes me hours. I have never taken less than 2 hours to post something and generally, it's more like 4-6 hours with some of my advice pieces taking me days at a time. Anyways, that kind of effort and commitment to me, are worthy of some sort of interaction.

Interacting on Steemit:

(Do you think he wants to kiss me, or is he feeling forced?)

How can you find people to relate to? People who are following you because they like your content, not because of how much money the posts receives?

This part is hard because I know in today's social-media world, we value and judge ourselves and each other based on numbers. Numbers of followers, numbers of upvotes and here, how much a post is worth.

I watched my followers grow at an exponential rate within my first month. People were contacting me asking for my secret but the truth was, I didn't have any secret. I was spending my entire days on here, reading articles that interested me, commenting meaningful, heartfelt sentiments, creating love-filled, creative content and everything else just came with it.

I started to get caught up in how to keep up with it all. My comments are from the heart (every comment I get on my posts, I always make a serious effort to come back to and write a real response, no copied and pasted junk, a response to a comment even if it's just a few words I am responding to.) I have been criticized for this as well, people telling me not to waste so much time since many of those comments go unanswered anyway.

The point is, I began being choosey about who I followed because I actively try to keep up with those I follow... as in I actually interact with them and care about their content! I have developed real friendships with these beautiful souls as we go back and forth, commenting and sharing with each other, supporting one another's posts. This is the key to the connection.

Quick tips from my heart:

  • I comment authentically. I don't comment to comment. What is the expectation from that behavior anyway? I comment if I enjoy/like or feel drawn to what I have read or genuinely want to support it.
  • I look for pieces, titles, tags that correlate to my interests and read those! I can't support everyone and everything, however if I like you, I will support you and give you love with no expectation for anything in return.
  • I follow people who either engage me with their work or engage with me! I want to have a group of people who I can actually connect with, follow, learn about and grow with. Many people I have been corresponding with since I started on here have become true friends to me. This is priceless to me.
  • I get involved with groups I believe in and try to support and help build/grow those communities. I will list a few at the bottom here for your reference. Groups are a great way to meet people with similar interests as you.
  • Finally, this one is really important= I remove expectations from my interaction on here. This is a volatile place where nothing is certain and I can't cling onto anything because I can't know what to expect. Maybe a post will do well, maybe it won't but I just put my heart into it and offer it to you, sharing what I feel I want to share and leave it at that and am thankful for whatever comes my way!

Groups trying to help people come together:

Obviously there are many of these on here as the space grows and more and more opportunities are being created but there are a couple of groups I would like to suggest to you because I have found some truly, authentic and loving relationships from them.

LFN: Looking For Niche (Join the Discord channel here:)

My first love affair on Steemit. Looking for Niche was started by one of my Steemit besties, @rawbinhutt. I met @rawbinhutt on the LFN Discord chatroom shortly after I joined. I was looking for community and wanted to meet people sharing my interests so his group seemed perfect. Of course, it proved right away to be an excellent community because I met many new friends quickly using whalebot, the group's tool for finding others with the same interests as you! How cool right? So, I ended up connecting with 'health', 'fitness', 'food', 'vegan', 'motivation', 'inspiration' and probably a lot more as I was hungry to begin my new friendships ;) What was the best surprise of all though, was how @rawbinhutt and I clicked and figured out how similar we were and how we had many of the same goals here. We talk to each other all of the time and he's generously made me a community advocate over in the LFN community so I can help facilitate similar experiences for others. I am thrilled to be a part of this match-making community and hope you'll take a look at it- you never know who you'll find!

MAP: Minnow Accelerator Project (Check out @accelerator)

MAP came to me through a referral on Discord. One day someone messaged me and asked me if they could use my photos as part of a project to use strictly Steemit art. Loving the idea, I accepted right away and found myself in a new friendship with @inquiringtimes. While we were working on another project together through this connection, he invited me to join @rycharde and his new group MAP. MAP is kind of similar to Curie if you will, in the way that content is nominated and chosen for curation and support. @rycharde chooses 6 new authors each 'round' to compete for a chance to win 200 delegated SP for the week. Yes, this is a great contest but the beauty behind it is that he made a private group for the chosen authors. The authors chosen have to display quality content to be chosen and so, now there is a beautiful community with great content creators, all in the same room quickly becoming friends as they support each other through found similar interests. For my group, we had 3 of us right away click instantaneously and I know there's more of that going around. Check out @accelerator for more info on the group!

The ecotrain: (Here is the link to the posts from ecotrain:)

A new passenger on the ecotrain, I was asked by @eco-alex to join this environmentally friendly venture which of course is right up my alley. A group of individuals with varying interests and topics but all focusing on the same, positive content from a supportive community. Here's a bit from eco-alex himself on the mission: "The ecotrain is a small and supportive community. One of the best things about ecotrain is that we are really engaged with each other. We are all genuinely interested and engaged with each others' posts. Therefore, we always have a backbone of support and interest in what we post." Finding this community has lead me to new friendships I likely never would have found on my own and I have already learned so much from the people in this amazing group!

The Unmentionables: (Discord channel here:)

I want to mention the Unmentionables because, it was here, through a link that one of my favorite Steemians shared with me, that I found some new friendships that are going to manifest in real life at a meetup in KL. This group was formed as a support network for people who were struggling being seen on Steemit. In my experience with the group, I haven't seen the follow4follow, upvote4upvote mentality here, instead what I have seen is everyone genuinely trying to work together to pull each other up. The definition of a minnow. I find it refreshing and inspiring and love the group that is showing what real connections can create in this world.

My Own Contest/Group Initiative: # veganwednesday: (Find out how to join the fun and connect with us here:)

This is a contest I began last week with a small prize pool from my personal account at stake. My goal with this tag and contest is to bring together a group of people who care about what they put in their mouths. The term 'vegan' here is a place holder as the contest is not restrictive to any one type of diet or group of people. Instead what it is, is a defined category I chose based on a diet I identify with (though it is not exclusive to my dietary preferences) and I encourage those participating to think about, talk about and engage with others about their food choices as we discuss what vegan means to them, expressed in whatever capacity they see fit so long as it remains positive. Although this is only the first week rolling, I am happy to receive several entries from Steemians I have a former relationship with as well as new friends in the making. This is the kind of initiative I was so excited to start! We can continue creating and sharing these as they are a great way to meet each other!


Now, because this started off as a thank you letter to my pal @sunshine247 and has turned into a "What Can Steemit Do For YOU" article, I am going to start to cut this off leaving you with some friendly reminders in case you didn't read the whole thing.

(It's OK, I am not offended, I know I wrote a long one this time!)

TLDR; (too long, didn't read: Heart, you're going on too long... tell us what we want to know!)

What if we change how we look at Steemit from "what can steemit do for you?" to "what can I do for Steemit?"

I have said this before and I'll repeat myself again because I think it's going to be the tipping point between if we use this platform for good or if we let it be our ruin. I don't view Steemit as a job. If I do (which sometimes happens when I get too immersed in it) then everything feels like a chore, like I have to do it, an obligation and that doesn't end up with very positive results. I had originally tried to confine myself and set a schedule with expectations but it made this unenjoyable and my content suffered.

However, on the contrary, when I look at Steemit for fun, "I wanted to write this anyway" or "I wanted to read this post because it interested me" or "I really wanted to compete in this contest" then I feel 100% good about spending my time here (for example, making this amazing icecream on a whim to enter Steemit Culinary Challenge hosted by @woman-onthe-wing last minute which by the way, is another amazing group to get involved in, I have really enjoyed participating in the growing community over there and love the relationships I have been able to make!)

When that positive, motivated, inspired perspective gets skewed by "I need to respond to this" or "I have to read so-and-so's post" or "I need to get this post out 'in time'" then I start to feel stress and disharmony which has never worked out well for me.

Let's wrap this novel up:

In closing because I know this can be continued in a follow up somewhere down the line, I am seeing real benefits and positive experiences from this platform and I wish for it to continue this way. I hope that we can continue fostering this amazing relationships. I have met people on here from all over the world now (many of which, I genuinely intend on visiting at some point) and I am hoping to continue to meet and connect with more of you! I hope you'll take this little tale to heart and try to find your own relationships here. You really just never know what could be out there waiting for you!


Sending you love today and everyday. Thank you to all of you who have blessed my life with your connection and thank you for supporting me, being here, believing in me and sharing your hearts with me.

Together you've helped me:

And soooo much more! All in only 2 months of activity.
I wish only to offer the same back.

Let's make Steemit great together, this is an incredible opportunity afforded to each and everyone of us on here. The blockchain is a playground of new possibilities! :)

I hope you have found my experience helpful to your own user-experience and that some of these groups mentioned bring you new friends, relationships and in the end, success from whatever it is you are after!

PS: Just as I was about to post this puppy, I got a private message on Discord from someone who had read one of my posts on diets, telling me the steps she had taken this week for her family's health! I just love how this is able to happen!

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"spreading your seed". Isn't that more typically a male pursuit?



Awww, not nowadays, haven't you heard? Anyone can do anything and be anything ;)
Getcha mind out of the gutter friend!
Have a great week!

We two may not share same interests but our hearts and Steemit habits have a lot in common. I came here from an old guide about commenting written by @inquiringtimes. This post is mentioned there for all the right reasons. I loved reading it.

I basically agree with everything that you have said in the post and I am glad that I have been doing most of these things from the start. My criteria of creating content includes a compulsion for it to be beneficial for Steemit. The bio on my blog starts with love for Steemit and Steemians.

It was incredibly pleasant to read this gold from you. I loved how you received all the gratitude but what I love more is how much you value such interaction. I think we can be friends. @heart-to-heart friends may be. :)


Hi @ilyastarar thanks for your message! I'm sorry it slipped through the cracks and I'm only just getting it now! Awww @inquiringtimes is too kind, I loved that post he made! I'm happy it brought you here!

I would love to be friends @ilyastarar :) I think it's a great bio and I personally love it! Yes, content here can get quite out of control but I try to only post valuable content in hoping that it will inspire and it seems to have be able to do so in the past so I am very grateful for that!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you more :) Have a great day!


Thanks to @ginabot, the mention got me here in just 5 minutes. Thank you very much for your amazing response! I would certainly love to interact more often. One thing I can do right away is to add you to my list of favorite authors so that I do not miss your posts. It's a great way to keep in touch for me and I would be able to read most of your posts too, I hope.

I am ilyastarar#4395 on Discord. I tried to find you but to no avail. Ilyas Tarar is my name of Facebook. Pleasure to know you. Hoping to know you more!


Wow, clearly I need to be using @ginabot, I'll look into it, thanks for mentioning it :)
That's such an amazing system! I would be honored to be included! I am attempting to get back in the swing of things and be more active on here so look out ;) I'm going to snuggling in back home which means more time for Steemit ;)
Strange that you couldn't find me on DC, I'll try to add you and see if it works that way! I don't use Facebook anymore since this takes my free time now but let's connect over on DC. It's great to meet you Ilyas :)


My spy (Gina) tells me that you have published some delicious stuff about some nice cream! Haha! Glad to have you on DC. Here's a how-to guide on Ginabot if you need it.

Really a wonderful piece and it is really an encouragement to see that steem-ians truly connect through a wonderful post!
The smoothie definitely looked super awesome and with those colours, how can her little grandbabies not be excited?
Maybe when my nieces and newphews are heading home to see their grandma, I might actually get them to whip it up themselves.
I did that for them with yoghurt and watermelon before earlier this Chinese New Year and they gobbled up so quickly that they totally forgotten it was for after lunch! LOL.
My mom totally loved it and we might try things like coconut milk instead of yogurt to see the effect.

However I was a tad worried that the praying mantis might take your beautiful lips as a punching bag. But I guess you are to lovely for it to smack.

I am truly glad that you are in the #unmentionables team and let's get the whole group grow together!

See you next week in KL!
resteemed (and upvote once my power is back up)

Wow, so much information! I have to get back to it to read it till the end. I'm like you. I get most excited about genuine interest in the comments from people who my post was useful for. I feel bad upvoting when I haven't read something or when I didn't fully appreciate it and I comment sincerely on pretty much all the comments I get. And I am looking for real connection. I didn't find much common interest outside of eco train yet, but I think if I follow your tips I might. 😊 So Thanks. Good to know there's others like me out there.


Hi @clara-andriessen <3 So nice to meet you! I have been really wanting to spend more time over there in our group but I must be putting too much on my plate because I am always running out of time it seems! Need more hours in a day ;)

I totally agree with you though! There are people here that I love and always support their content but sometimes their work goes amiss- now there are ways to upvote them automatically but then I haven't read their work and might not leave them a comment like I am accustomed to... however I am learning quite quickly that these systems were set up in order to help us support eachother knowing we don't have unlimited time. I am still trying to find the balance in all that. The communities are a great place to start, I have met some wonderful people swimming around in them. I hope you find everything you're looking for <3


Thank you! I'm also figuring things out. And still plan on folowwing your tips.

I agree with you but as a new Steemian I am find it difficult to find my niche, work out the system and create fantastic content that people will appreciate. I find that experienced Steemians have more power and should see some of the amazing blogs that newbies produce as well. Patience in the hope that we will succeed as we are in it for the long haul lol


Hi @sheapureness! Welcome to Steemit! I am new too, I have only had my account for 2 months and I have spent most of every day for those 2 months online creating my own niche and community of people who support each other. It will come in time if you work at it. I think many "experienced" Steemians do do just what you're wanting, and spend their time trying to help others so that it is not as hard for the new people as it was for those who came in when things were still being figured out. I know I put a lot of time and effort into helping newbies and really, I am still a newbie myself ;) This isn't an easy platform. There is a lot of time and effort required to succeed but if you are willing to be patient and put in that effort, I am positive you'll see success come =D Good luck!


Hi @heart-to-heart thanks so much for the encouragement and I guess it will come, I try to blog every day. I have a skincare business and I hand make every line of my products and I also work with vulnerable women 3 days a week. I will not give up on Steemit as I love the variety of content and the freedom to create. I have not been approached by some of the more experienced Steemians but I have received support and encouragement from lovely people like yourself and a group I'm in called #circeloffriends the host is very encouraging and helpful at all times. Love n light and steem power to you thanks for taking the time to respond back to me appreciated.


You are welcome @shaepureness it sounds like you are out in this world, spreading your good all over it and for that, I am a huge fan πŸ’œ

Having friends and people (big or small) support you and encourage you will lift you up every day, it's what helps keep me going =D Don't give up, stay positive and let your heart shine through πŸ’œ

Have a wonderful weekend!

I already gave you my thoughts on the post on discord, so this is for the new members who read this post! This is it, follow only the people you're interested in, upvote only the content you genuinely like and don't be afraid to let people know in a comment why you liked it! If you use steemit like that, instead of only focusing on the payout aspect, you will - like heart-to-heart said - enjoy this platform a lot!


This is a great summary of what it takes!

Engaging with each other with meaningful comments that further the conversation and let each other know you read and cared about what they are posting will be the key to success!

follow4follow and vote4vote are not going to get you where you want to go. Friendships will.

great roundup @martibis


Thanks! Yeah, I'm having a blast on here, that's for sure, haha!

I don't even know what to say :) This put the HUGEST smile on my face - I am totally at a loss for words. This is the absolute best post I have read on Steemit yet!! What an amazing heart and sole post .. but then again what would you expect from @heart-to-heart. I love you Friend and appreciate all you do .. Keep living and loving life and you will have mastered your destiny and happiness .. I LOVE YOU!!!! Sunshine247


Well that is exactly how I felt my dear friend! I sat there at the restaurant just stunned by the amazingness of how I felt reading your post! I seriously want to just snuggle those angels into a huge hug! They melted my heart into putty! They are seriously gorgeous girls with quite clearly huge hearts like their grandmama! <3 Thank you for the gift! I hope to meet you one day in the California sun (or Bali if you prefer, we have pink dragonfruit here ;) ) LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK you wonderful soul you <3 Thank you for coming into my life! XOXO


That would be wonderful!!!! Cheers to Steemit Success :) Love you Friend .. SUNSHINE247

That's true..steemit will only be great if we can truly connect with ourselves and not seeking upvotes

I can tell that you put your heart into your work and though it was a long read, it was very inspiring. I have been here since May and posted one original article in the introduce yourself tag. I'm studying tutorials and learning a lot but just reading posts by such creative positive people enriches each day I get to spend time here. And just by enjoying the community and getting to know like-minded individuals increases my wallet.

I really do agree with you, that having several people who are interested and engaged is better than strangers who don't care about quality of content. Thanks for a great post.


Hi @sophistryproof sometimes I get a little bit "teacher-y" haha ;) I always feel like there is so much to say on this topic (sorry it's a bit long) maybe I should make a bunch of smaller ones instead! =D I love that you're studying Steemit, that's what I did too... a lot. I wanted to learn as much as I could before I really started going in here. There are so many amazingly creative people on here, it's so great to be able to have all the content I want in one place! ;)

I hope everything continues going well for you on here, having a community of supportive people is life-changing. I know in finding mine, it's truly made me a new person! <3

Have a great week <3


Hi @heart-to-heart I don't mind you or anyone being a little bit "teacher-y", I am so thankful for anyone willing to share and help others. There is so much to learn and just by being here everyday you have to pick up something useful, I look forward to the day when I start really getting all this. There is so much to learn...tools, other sites and all the tech knowledge of designing posts....sharing, promoting, announcing, networking.....and finding the streamlined path the works for you. It is so exciting and steemit is blowing my mind. Grateful for all the good people here. Thanks.

Thank you @heart-to-heart! This was a very uplifting post that really justified a lot of my own thoughts on Steem.

I've been here a touch over two weeks, and almost let myself get sucked into the follow4follow when I didn't know any better.

But I learned that going through the tags, finding things that interest me, and commenting on people's posts, was much more rewarding. You get into conversations you could never manage in your own blog.

While I will never personally blog about food as you do, I can appreciate it, and may try to follow a simple recipe here and there. Mostly I just go through the fridge to figure out what we have and work from there. But your smoothie looks amazing!

Thank you for putting your heart and soul out there in your posts. It is inspiring to those of us trying to find our footing!

And thank you for the mention of @unmentionables. I wandered in on day one, and it has been a very inviting and welcoming group. I hope people will take your encouragement to check it out. Get in on the ground floor at it were.

Have a great weekend!!


Hi @mikepm74 welcome to Steemit (or Steemitland as I often call it!) It's a place of it's own. Like an alternate world ;) What brought you to this magical place?

F4F: It happens when we first join, I thought that was "the way" at first too but then I realized it was flooding my feed with stuff I didn't like or support and no one was engaging with me either so, I have forged my way through that stage and am happy to hear you're on the other side as well. I'm sure your feed will appreciate it! :)

It's true, I LOVE finding content that sparks my interests (luckily I have many of those!) and connecting to the people behind the ideas! I never had the same experience with FB.

If you're looking for simple recipes, I am generally not your gal for that ;) I am pretty all over the place in the kitchen especially because I have dietary restrictions but I appreciate that you appreciate it anyway haha maybe I can make some that are more doable ;)

You never have to thank me, I never do anything I don't want to do ;) All part of my process, I am just genuinely happy to hear what I am saying is being taken to heart and that through it, I can find other caring souls like yourself!

@unmentionables has been a really interesting experience for me, and although I don't have as much time as I'd like to spend over there getting to know everyone, those I have met have been amazing new friends! I hope you continue playing in there!

Thank you for the heartfelt comment, if you need anything you can message me in DC, I'm in the @unmentionables group and would be happy to talk with you in there <3

Happy weekend! =D


I always say thanks. It's just part of how I was raised I guess.

Don't go out of your way to provide simple recipes. I am cooking to the tastes of a 10 year old, so there are some very specific eating requirements around here. If the kid don't like it, it's a bad evening.

As to what brought me to Steem. Actually I was researching crypto coin, and found people's steem it articles about coins I was trying to find information about. Once I had seen three or four, I decided I had better make an account and see what could happen.

Then I found a couple of creative writing prompt challenges, and that is what really hooked me. I enjoy writing, but I lack the ability to motivate myself. So having people make challenges, where I can get rewarded for doing some creative writing, that spoke to me.

So I have a couple of stories out there, one of which did really well when it got nominated by one of @curie's curators. That kind of was the hook.

Plus there are a lot of really good people out here. People who genuinely care about what this platform can do for all of us. Going to people's posts and having interactions, like this one for instance, is a very rewarding experience.

Happy Weekend to you as well! Hope it's a good one!!


Haha I understand completely! Kids these days have it really tough too with so many food options being presented to them in a quick and easy way (maybe not the most nutritious)

That's really interesting, I am happy it's spoken to your creativity and pushed you to pursue it! I love hearing stories like this =D I feel the same way. I have a lot of creative energy but always have a reason why I should put off writing or whatever it is at the time, but Steemit really encourages that aspect out of me and I love it!

Congrats on the curie nomination! That must have been a real fire starter for you =D Those big posts feel really good, like your content is being seen and shared!

Awww, the relationships are what keep me here too, it seems like we have an opportunity to connect with people on a real level based off of our interests, I'm hoping Steemit stays on an incline and can provide us with a positive, encouraging community where we hear stories like yours much more often! =D

Best to you, (sorry for the delay in response, I am traveling atm!)

Have a great week! XO


absolutely no reason to apologize for anything! I am just glad you took the time out of your day to read, let alone respond.

I saw someone mention the other day that we should start putting something like NNTR in posts so the poster doesn't feel obligated to respond. I guess that is something, but I think it should be kind of implied just in the fact that we posted on the other person's blog.

I too hope to see Steem continue this trend and bring in more wonderful people. It has quickly become my favorite place to be on the internet. Who needs the rest of the negativity out there when there is so much positive here?

I hope you enjoy your travels! Have a wonderful Day!


Hmmm that is an interesting concept. I guess I always want to respond to my comments... if I didn't, I wouldn't haha but I could see how people might feel obligated. I wonder how that will go. Let's see!

I agree with you, sometimes I check my newsfeed over on the old FB, and it is just not in anyway anything I want to waste my time on. I never feel good whereas here, I could stay on all day, talking to wonderful people like you ;)

Enjoy the weekend NNTR ;) πŸ’œπŸ’™β˜€οΈ

Very well written @heart-to-heart! You put a lot of work into this one, and it came out great. Connecting with people on Steemit is crucial to your success. Great work on the post! I love the pic of you as Steem! :)


Thanks so much =D You're right, time flies when I am having fun ;) I hope you do MAP this week! I think you deserve a top spot! I'm a lucky gal to have run into people like you! <3 Have a great night (I know your timezone) <3


Yes I'm in this week's contest. Have on look on @accelerator page I'm on the MAP16 one :)

Saw the post by @sunshine247 yesterday and thought it was amazing.
Your posts are usually great and the fact that you take time to respond to comments individually is really thoughtful.
I always look forward to your posts anytime I'm online.
Truly, engaging with people here is a sure way to success.
Saw your mantis photo won a prize with @papa-pepper, nice!πŸ‘


Isn't she just too sweet to handle? She brightens my day up with her sunshine-smile <3 But you know what? So do you! I really appreciate how we can connect on here, I remember when you were cheering me on not too long ago as we relived my DR experience ;) I really must finish that!
Thank you so much for saying that, I really love knowing that what I am doing on here is being appreciated and spreading the love, rainbows and smiles I am trying to put out!
I know you've always engaged with me in a sincere, authentic way so I am sure this is stuff you've been doing since day 1 ;)
Yes! I am so happy he was able to catch the eye of the great judge @papa-pepper ;) I have been having a blast out there trying to catch these critters on film!
Thank you for being awesome <3 Have a stupendous, love-filled, rainbow-topped weekend @akinsource XO

@heart-to-heart your submissions are well tabled and really. give answers to many questions on my mind. Steemit success is actually give and take, having the mind of understanding the rudiment of a community and follow the guide lines will definitely guaranty success. I appreciate this your awesome post.


Hi @samest, thank you. I am happy I can help with some of what I have learned here =D Working together here is good for everyone and I believe it will change things online for us all! Have a great week!

Great post upped and resteemed!!!
I have been leaving you a private messages in steem chat , and one of your posts yesterday , you must be just missing me ! LOL! Im doing my winners post tonight so if you can please let me know which 3 #popcontest Entries you liked the most I can then make my final decision in collaboration with yours ! Im having a hard time as always pick my 3rd and depending on what you pick I may the others as well ! Thanks so much for guest judging @heart-to-heart !! And let me know if you want to do it again Starting Sunday ! Thanks a bunch !!πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ‘


Hi @karenmckersie I am so sorry I missed you over on steemit chat. I haven't been keeping up over there it appears as I had missed quite a few messages ;) I was under the impression you were posting on Sunday so I was going to look over my choices again and see if there were any new entries but if you need them tonight (now) just give me a shout over there, I have the chat opened! I'm happy to see you got so many responses to this wonderful positive energy promotion <3


Yes ! Im ready for your picks ! My post is made , I just need add the winners now and as soon as the main contest post pays out , I will know how much the prizes are ! It wont be much this time ! I will wait for your picks in steemit chat ! Thanks !πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Such a beautiful story<3 So much to learn for so many people, I love that you share this. I think that really caring and showing it works very good IRL but also online. We are all humans and we need to see that others care.
Thanks for sharing, I'm smiling now!


I am so happy to hear this post made you smile! That makes me smile, knowing I was indeed successful <3

I hope your smile stays on your face all weekend and I hope you spread that smile with others! XO Have a wonderful day!


It's a pleasure to have you here in the steemit community!

You share so much and what you write is interesting, helpful, authentic, and from the heart.

Thank you!


Hi @abh12345 =D Thank you! I love being able to share my heart with ya'll ;) it's much better than being locked away where it used to be without this platform to allow it to express itself! Never need to thank me, thank you for being heartfelt and authentic yourself! We're going to have a lovely community here <3


Yes I totally agree! It's great to have the opportunity to just go for what pleases you and receive good feedback and kindness.

Yes it's looking really good for steemit, so many positive people already and many new ones to come!

Thank a lot for mentioning Looking For Niche. I hope others will find at least as many friends, as you have here! :D

And it's very true. Follow for follow and alike really doesn't lead to anything interesting. Maybe you will earn a few bucks I suppose, but the real value of Steemit is in my opinion much deeper. We have a unique chance to connect with like-minded people and even support their content as an added bonus.

Not long ago I tried making smoothies myself, kind of fell of to be honest, but maybe I should check out your recipes and get back to it, if they are as good, as this post indicates ;)

On the topic of health (although unrelated to Steemit) I quit cola and any type of caffeine as well as most overly sugary things cold turkey. Maybe some day I can add value to your health and food niches haha!

Pretty awesome that someone would go out of their way to write a blog post thanking you! That just proves that finding the right people matters, and that those people do care unlike follow for follow nonsense.


Why would you ever thank me? I am happy to mention the community that is out there trying to gather people together! Shucks! I am always finding more and more friends, I just had someone contact me over in LFN the other day ;) Thanks whalebot <3

I just would love so much if we could continue to promote and encourage an authentic community where people support those who they believe in (whatever means necessary is really up to them) but begging each other and playing these games is going to take down the platform that I for one, really want to succeed!

Awww the smoothie thing can be easy-peasy, you don't need to play with your food like I do! I'm not very good at drawing or painting so I make my art with smoothies ;)

Oh well I am super excited to hear about your healthy transitions, we'll need to get you spilling the beans over in DC about that! It's something people seriously struggle with so congrats! It's a huge feat <3

AWW I know! I cried like a baby when I saw it. I wish I knew how to see mentions... I keep missing things like this, she had to send it to me! It's true though, people will come along that really do care about what you have to offer and those are the ones that are going to matter most to your heart!

Like you and I for example! Love supporting you my friend <3


Glad you see it that way! And cool you found another buddy through whalebot :D

I'll talk to you soon on Discord. Meanwhile, the eSteem app on phone (apparently coming as webapp on Desktop soon) shows mentions. Other than that, this should do the trick as well http://steem.cool/mentions/
Unfortunately, there isn't a way to show mentions within Steemit (yet?).

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yes its good thing you tell and i am learn from your post many thing too. i dont like people who beg for vote and follow and i avoid that kind of people because we are here for enjoying from true heart and not for dealing.


Yes, I agree with you! If we are more authentic, more real with each other, I believe we can see a really wonderful, beautiful change in our social media world :) Thanks for commenting from the heart! XO

@heart-to-heart you are indeed a steemit darling with good heart. I like the way you appreciate people and I agree with the points you raised here. Keep steeming to more success


Aww thank you @charles1, I wear my heart on my sleeve ;) I think the world would be such a fantastically friendly place if we all did! I'm happy this post helped! <3 Sending some love your way my friend!


@heart-to-heart you are welcome, always

Wow what an incredible post I love reading success stories and you so deserve this recognition you are a true inspiration to all of the steemit community thank you so much for posting I will add it to my ten of the best today. :)


Hi @crazybadventure =D Thank you so much, it's really my pleasure to be able to help if I can. I know that things can be hard to get used to on here and I hope to inspire however I can! There are so many great initiatives on here, I hope to continue sharing them as I find them <3 Have a wonderful week!

I am so happy I found you today
We have so much in common I say
We love the community, we love vegan food
And we both understood
That giving brings joy,
That time is no toy
but really of value
I love your Tipps too, I need to tell you
I understand now not to expact
Really matters and it's a fact
That love shines through
When we share what brings us the flow
The joy of life we then show.

This is poem 22 in my poetrymarathon this weekend :) I get my flow from writing poetry. It makes my heart sing. :)


Wow @sumsum! A poem written right here right now? How cool! I love that you have mentioned vegan and community, I need to get you involved in my vegan community I started =D
Hope you have a great week! This is awesome <3 Let love shine through! XO

one of the greatest post I read here.. it was worth my time reading till the end..and I realized I wanted to read more of this topic.. and I just finished downloading discord app on my phone thanks to this article. Discord wait for me I'm coming.


HI @skreza thank you so much, I love that my blog is helping to encourage you <3 That is exactly what I dream for when I post! I hope you find a community to hug you into their warm embrace! Discord certainly has a lot of people waiting in there for someone like you =D Best of luck!

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That true my friend, very interisting

Surely, steemit is life changing program


I 100% agree, I am wishing on a star that we use the blockchain for good and that we can make connections in here and encourage the creativity I have seen! I'm excited to see where things go! Have a wonderful weekend! Steem on! <3

It's nice hearing about all these positive experiences!


Isn't it? I hope we can all work together to create an abundance of these positive moments <3
Have a lovely weekend! Wishing you the best! =D

I liked it.
My uovote and resteem.
I love the vegan food


Are you vegan @oneray?


Oh! I was vegan a long time ago. But I always have liked this life style and I want to begin again. :) I want to teach to my family too.


I imagine it might be hard to do in Venezuela, where meat is so common in dishes! I will keep posting tips and hopefully they will be able to help you and your family =D


I hope that, my friend. In Venezuela is very common to eat meat, pork, chicken...everything, jaja, but, I believe we can change of life.


Yes we can definitely change our ways if we just learn new ones =D

and lets not forget, you are very popular and loved here because you shine.. and you let your heart sing every day.. that is your gift, and you deserve all you get back and more!


OK @eco-alex, whaddya trying to do here? Make my cheeks red cuz you've gone'done it ;) Thanks for believing in me and scooping me up onto the train with ya'll! You guys are all incredible souls and I love getting the chance to hang out with you! PS I am about to do Mimi's video <3

You cannot give what you do not have. Those who understate the significance of success are either deceiving themselves or have abandoned their quest for it. You must understand that success is an important aspect of everyone's life, despite differences in culture, religion, financial status, social status and race. Most people would concur that success is critical and crucial to the wellbeing of every individual, be it in the aspect of their career, academics, investment, finance, business, family. Success is not the destination or the end goal, but a journey. The principles of success should not be treated as something that is not of importance. Nothing gives more confidence, happiness, fulfillment, and security like a successful life. The ability to contribute positively to your society or the environment is traceable to success.

Also, success is contagious. When you are successful, those around you will naturally strive to be like you. They might unknowingly start adopting habits of yours that would lead them to achieving the same results you did. You have to be successful to aid in the development of your society. No nation can be termed developed if its people are not living comfortably. Success, no matter how small, is as important as life itself.
**Thank You @heart-to-heart