Stellabelle's Steemfest2: How Steemit Has Changed My Life in ONLY 1 Month, Singing in The Waves of Bali's Beaches! 字幕简体中文

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No professionals were paid during the making of this video.

I wrote a song about Steemit.
Caution: it will probably get stuck in your head! It is so intricately intertwined in me now, it's part of me. Every day, all day, this song is playing on repeat in my head... A Steemit love song for all of time! (I'm not sorry!)💜

🎵 Baby, this is what you came for:🎵

Here is my entry for @stellabelle's competition.
I wrote, sung, recorded, edited and produced this by myself all for my first time.
It was so much fun, I filmed this in 2 different countries at countless locations- it sure did take over my life (sorry to those hooked on the DR-travel-nightmare story- I'll get back to it now!💜)

I tell you- I have a newfound respect for people who do this! It certainly took me for a loop trying to figure this all out ;) After you watch the fun part, my story is below explaining why I want to go to Steemfest and how Steemit has impacted my life in ways I could never have imagined! I'd love it if you'd take a peak after you hear me sing to you!

I now present to you... @heart-to-heart live from Bali... singing to you... while getting attacked by the ocean... enjoy!

Vision: Lisbon

(Thanks to my brother Jared for translating the lyrics into Simplified Chinese for me!)

Come swim over to my Steemit page
So thankful for that, I hope you stay,
Happy to find a place to create,
Ohhh, you are
An upvote on the words I write
Got me feelin' there’s something you like
Make me wanna share every moment with you,
You got the right comments, keep them coming on
I love your input, love how you share it all
The way you comment on my post, the only words I wanna know
Steemians, gather now so you can hear my song
You, are the voter, and I'm the contestant
I am just asking to be your investment
I want to go to Steemit fest like you’ll never know
All of my blogs are made with love
This could be everything I’ve ever dreamed of
And I am hoping your vests will turn up


I wanna go to Steemitfest Lisbon.
If I got to go, I could share my vision
Continue to write what I haven’t written
I want to spread my words with the world
I want to share things they haven’t heard
And make a big splash in the water for girls

I wanna be there to support this platform,
I wanna take Steemitfest by storm,
I want to be your voice!
I want to be your choice!
Steemit’s encouraging community
Shows me kindness and generosity
Everyone come’on follow me

upvote by upvote, resteem by resteem
I am going to get there, got to catch my dream
How about the comments, we really need some
Gotta tell Stellabelle so winner, I become
Upvote by upvote, resteem by resteem,
Spreading the word so that I can be seen
Then Stellabelle will want to send me across the sea
So at Steemitfest her winner I will be

Baring my soul:

About a month ago, I was nothing but a drifter. Sailing on clouds, high in the sky, letting life pass me by. Then, I found Steemit... The thing I didn't know that I had been searching for all of this time.
I was a nomad without a purpose. Striving for a way to contribute my creativity to the world but unable to figure out how to do that and feeling overwhelmed by defeat.

Since joining, I have stepped into a whole new world, a world where I have learned how to be me again- and found out who I really am! Someone who was hiding inside me, afraid to come out has been unleashed and it's a magical experience that I am over-the-moon to share with you!

A week ago, I saw @Stellabelle's post about Steemfest2 and I knew I needed to enter. Let me explain why:

Steemit has been such a life changing experience for me. It's given me the ability to explore and share all of my passions and aspirations in one place. I find myself for the first time in such a long time excited to wake up, ideas and creations swirling through my mind, getting lost in flow all day to go to sleep and dream about waking up again to create, to LOVE, to imagine, to inspire...something that I had thought I lost the will for with my constricting anxiety and haunting depression.

Immediately "my song," the voice that was once trapped inside of me came bursting to the surface and I wrote these lyrics... these chained together words formed a song that make me light up and feel like a new person! These are my entry to this contest but I want to pair it with words from my heart, my thoughts and feelings as they come together as a united reason why I want to go to Steemfest and why I'm sharing all of this with you.

Without getting into my whole life (sob) story, I'd just like to say that I was treading through life a few months ago, unsure of where the wind would take me, severely lost, unsatisfied with how I was spending my time. All I wanted was just to share my passion. I wanted to break out of this box I had mentally trapped myself in.

Shortly after I created my account and posted my intro blog (yay! I just turned a month old!), my mood changed. I was happy- I felt fulfilled! I felt a joy that I had gotten used to being without. I found that the stories that used to torture me, trying to break free from being trapped inside were being featured and shared! These "dark secrets" I hid and refused to ever tell anyone were flowing through me into the keyboard all of a sudden and I felt such intense relief! All of the events I had been through were serving as a stepping stone to let this whole new world into my life, and it felt (feels) amazing!

steemit intro 2.jpg
Already, a month has passed by and I don't even know where the time has gone!

Sharing is caring

I have a deep-rooted passion for cooking and always want to share my creations but had nowhere to put them! Now through sharing them here, my recipes are being recreated and recently I even won a prize in my first culinary challenge ever! I would have never had this confidence without the Steemit community. My father and I have been debating for years over healthy food not being able to compare to traditional, tried and true methods passed down for generations. He constantly teases me about no-one wanting to eat 'my kind' of food. Guess that's not true is it? ;)

HeartToTable Logo2-2.jpg

A dream is a wish your heart sings 💜

I spent my whole life being paralyzed with fear of singing. As much as I loved the feeling of having music flow through me, I could not open my voice to the world after rejection and heartbreak. Shortly after getting situated in these waters, I posted a video of me singing for the first time in I can't remember how long and I cannot tell you the freedom that washed over me! My songs were being heard and I even got accepted into a competition for my voice! That was an incredible day, what a gift to have been given, I am so thankful to you all for the encouragement and support during that time. You are beyond incredible!

What's love got to do with it?

I know this probably sounds like I'm bragging and I debated including it but you know what, I'm proud and I am out of my mind thankful to Steemit for allowing all of this to happen for me. It's such an incredible opportunity and community and I want to continue using my voice and my heart to connect with the world. I have no doubt in my heart that this is where I need to be to do that.

225 thank you.jpg
This was an amazing day for me, waking up to see my posts being appreciated put this huge smile on my face! Even Bear was extra happy!💜

🎵 I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want! 🎵

It has been such a life-changing experience for me. I often feel like a recluse, like a crazy lady to all those who know me back home. They look at me with this insatiable inability to understand me or what I am trying to do with my life and it's caused a heartbreaking alienation from most of my loved ones and friends and has left me feeling shut off and guarded from the world. I know I am seen as this eccentric hippy who lives in Bali, growing her own food, trying to live eco-consciously, making all these meals with no meat and no sugar, picking up pups at the shelter, traveling all over the world without a cause... it resulted in feelings of guilt and shame and even worse than that, a sense of misdirection and hopelessness that no one would understand me and that I would forever be exiled from having connections... since clearly, I was just too radical.

Steemit has shown me that there are others out there like me, with my interests and background and goals and that I am not alone. I want to go to Steemfest to meet some of those people, my tribe, my friends who have supported me, challenged me and encouraged me since day 1. I want to meet people in the flesh, live in person rather than only being able to connect through my keyboard and I believe this is the perfect place to do that. Steemit has pushed me out of so many cupboards of fear I was locked in, that this would be the ultimate test for me and I am ready to take it on!

I would be honoured if chosen to go to Steemfest, I am committed to putting 100% of me behind it to encourage the same kind of experiences I have been fortunate enough to have.

I hope you'll choose me :)
Anyway the coin falls or the wind blows, I choose Steemit.

"Upvote by upvote

Resteem by Resteem
I'm going to get there
Got to catch my dream"

Steemit community, as cliché and corny as this may sound. You saved a lost soul and now this soul's heart is ready to take on the world!

Without question, thank you to the moon and back @stellabelle for hosting this competition. I already feel like a winner just being here and being able to create and have fun with my passions in this way. 💜

Sending love to you all, hope to see you in Lisbon and for now, I'll catch ya around this big ocean of ours ;)

PS: I was singing this song for a week all over the place (markets, airports, trains, rooftops, you name it), recording bits and pieces in public places until I decided to do it all in one shot here in Bali yesterday. That being said, I have tons of footage and will be posting another version as well as many a blooper, in all of their glory so keep an eye out for that this week ;) I promise, I won't hold anything back! I embarrassed myself manyyyy a time in public trying to get this footage!

Disclaimer: I was positive the event was called "Steemitfest" and filmed my whole video using that title. I apologize to the hosts and coordinators but I hope you understand and will not be offended at my mishap! My free-cellphone-app editing software refuses to let me change it -_-




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Thank you so much :) I really appreciate it! 💙

Nice post. Thank you for sharing

Thank you for checking out my post! I am hoping to be in Lisbon in November :)
Have a super day! :)

great job! interesting job so bubbly like a champagne!

I love champagne :) Thanks for the wonderful compliment! I hope you have a wonderful day! 💜

I love this, awesome job and the singing was really good. I like the sea capture in it and you nail it with the dog pic...

Haha well I wanted to put all of my favorite things in one video ;) Thanks so much for your support! :)
Have a fantastic day!

All the best, hope that stellabelle loves it as much as i do

Thanks so much :) I hope she likes it too ;) Have an amazing day- thank you for watching :)

Certainly, I hope so... all the best to you

A steemfest worthy performance this is. I hope you win!

Thanks so much @akinsource :) Even if I don't win, I had the most fun ever making this video! The waves were pretty intense though ;)

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Ahhhh so we are competing against each other huh?

Well at least I hope the prize stays within great people!! I will upload my video in a few days! Best of luck my friend :)

Awww I wouldn't say competing against! Though, I would love to see your video when you post it so let me know when you do! I would love to go but I also wouldn't mind if you got to go instead of me ;)
Don't steal my song ;) Just kidding!!! Good luck! Maybe we can both go?

So. Much. Awesome. Thank you! I love the creativity, and I know you invested a lot of time into creating this.

"Upvote by upvote
Resteem by Resteem
I'm going to get there
Got to catch my dream"

Done, done and absolutely loved!

Thank you, you're the best :)
Yes, it was a LOT of time but it was a LOT of fun too!

Awesome post, I too am Little confuses about steemit but am learning and I find it exciting to know that some people appreciate what I have to offer!! Awesome that you made a song about steemit great post upvoted!!!

Hi @rachelmarie206 thank you so much :) don't worry, Steemit just takes a little bit of getting used to but then it all starts to make more sense over time! Trust me, I had no idea what I was doing just one month ago and am still learning new things every day!
I'm happy to hear you're enjoying your time here too, it's such a great platform!
Thanks for your support! I'm happy to share my love of Steemit ;)

Your music video is really nice! I suggest you must record that in a studio and make an album. Thank you @hear-to-heart. By the way, if you love reading, then you can visit my page @vinaypsychic.

Hi @vinapsychic that is so nice of you to say- thank you so much :) I would LOVE to make a (proper) music video- especially of this song because it's etched into my mind now and never stops playing in my head ;) Maybe one day if the right person sees this video it'll happen ;)
Thanks again for watching- I hope you have a great week!

Best of luck!

Thank you so much for the encouragement :) Fingers crossed! =D
Have a fantastic day!

So much awesomeness in one post. You go Gurrrrrlll. I hope you win. The song is amazing.

Hey @healthyrecipe! Thanks for being such a rad cheerleader :) I can't get the song out of my head... it does not ever stop. I can't even write another post because of it lol ;)
Hope you're having an awesome week! 💜

Love your post - resteeming

Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! It was way too much fun making, though my poor dress didn't survive the salt water attack ;)
Have a wonderful day my friend!

Excellent post

Thanks for your support :)

Damn thats pretty awesome woman, I hope you make it there!

Me too! Would be such a dream :) Thanks for the support! Next time I'll hire ya to come film for me ;)

Hehehe that'll be a fun trip!

So much fun!
"I'm gunna get there, gotta catch my dream" ;)

I didn't know you are a singer too. What a lovely latino style song. Well done Dear.............upv & rsd 🌸💖🌸

Well thank you so much! I just recently started singing again after joining Steemit actually! I entered a contest on here for my first time singing in public in like 8 years! Now I am having fun sharing my music here and there (in between the food of course) ;)

You're still a nomad at heart...never give that up. I'm still a vagabond in my mind and now on Steemit. Even though I've been on this island for the majority of my life and see no reason to leave.

I'm so happy to find you've found your freedom to be here. This, to me, is the best thing about it.

I didn't swim here...I surfed the steem feed waves. };-)>

Loved the song, amazing what you can do when you're motivated eh?


Yes, well I am just here temporarily anyway... hopefully a bit longer than normal since normal is usually under a month but still traveling away ;)

That's so fun! I'm happy you were able to surf in, I really do love it here and had a great time making the video :)
Have a wonderful weekend 💙

I hope you win. You deserve it just on exuberance alone.

Wow! Thank you so much, I think they should choose you as judge ;) Just kidding but thank you for the encouragement, it was too much fun making this and writing that song! Long live Steemit ;)

upvoted and resteemed

Oh my gosh I wish I had seen this post earlier. I am soooo excited to hug you at Steemfest dear kindred spirit. I'm adding this post to my new post so people can see how awesome you are! Thanks for the song, for bearing your soul and especially for the love. AHHHHHHH--some!!! <3

Awww I am happy you saw it now! It was so fun making this! I had never edited or even attempted to make a video before so I truly had a blast and am hoping to see you there my dear friend! <3 That is so sweet of you! That song was stuck in my head forever....I think anyone who knows me IRL could sing it word for word :P I really must post those bloopers as well ;) What kind of post are you making? I'll have to keep my eye out for it! You're a beautiful soul, I'm so happy Steemit has gifted us the ability to connect <3

Youve done an amazing job--you carry such beauty. I love the waves crashing in and the wind blowing your hair. What a delight to see such raw freshness! Maybe you should enter that into the open mic contest!! And ohhhhh yes.....bloopers please!

Here is the link to my post--sharing your singing all over again.

Blessed are we indeed for finding each other! Ahhhhh YES! <3