How I Motivate New Minnows on Steemit and You Can Too

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How I Motivate New Minnows on Steemit and You Can Too

Steemit is not an easy place but anyone can do well here by

  • creating good content
  • being consistent in posting
  • developing a network
  • commenting effectively
  • making proper use of steemit tools

But with all of that effort, it is still not easy to get recognition when you are new here. This is how I motivate new minnows on steemit from my lofty perch of 7 month's experience.

  • I upvote them
  • I send them tutorials and helpful posts
  • I resteem, tweet and rt them, and share on fb

Where I find minnows to help

I can't be browsing around here all day, so I have certain places I look to find minnows who are trying and might need help.

Blogs to find minnows

@mariannewest - join freewrite or at least look at it for the knowledge you will find there
@majes.tytyty - help with English and writing
@ghaskhemi - help with English and writing
@sydesjokes posts attract new people and they are talking over there. I join in, help, and upvote good comments.


steemit do better on twitter fitinfun.jpg

I am active on Twitter and have over 5000 followers that are generally content creators. Here is my steeming twitlist:

If you are on my list and tweet your steemit posts, I and others on the list will retweet you. I jump from twitter to posts here a lot. Be sure to use the steemit hashtag when tweeting.

Here is I post I wrote when I first started gathering steemers onto my twitlist. Lots of helpful information over there.

Services to find minnows

I use steemengine and steemfollower and vote for those who are trying over there. The basic idea is that you vote for the posts in there that you like, and others will vote for you if they like your post.

If you are not in these services, you should be. At least you will get my vote if you have good posts showing there. But it is not just me! Lots of good steemers are in there. You just have to pick through to find good posts and steemers.

Please join either or both of these services with my affiliate links and I will see your posts to upvote them if you stay active.

I usually vote at 3% for whatever the limit is at both places if I can find good posts. I go in a couple of times a day to both of them and see what I can upvote. I would like to see more and better posts, but I am happy with what I get.

My 3% vote is not big, but I am putting it on posts with under $1 reward often. I do what I can do. I most definitely get votes from these services and I'm glad to have them.

I also follow about 15 people a day through steemengine - If I can find good profiles.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit daily challenges.png

Enter challenges and contests

I enter challenges and contests and support the other contestants. I also support the steemers who put on the events with upvotes, tweets, fb shares, and resteems. You can do the same and get the same good results I do.

I suggest entering challenges and contests with at least 80% of your posts when you are new. Just do one a day or a few a week, and it will introduce you to new people and ideas. Make friends with the others who post and support them.

You never know if you might win a contest.

Comment and upvote the challenge posts if you have the power.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit contests.png

How to find challenge and contests

Here are incredible efforts by other steemers to help you find contests and challenges. Follow all and read up!

Part Two of a two part list of mostly photo contests and challenges

Steemit Contest Compilation (15.01-21.01): Win free SBD and STEEM (more than 60 contests!)

Unleash your creativity 22-29/01 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests

Steemit Writing Contests - Issue 10 February-4-2018

Check out #freewrite daily or a couple of times a week, and support it if you like it. Marianne helps a lot of minnows get started in steemit and you would be so welcome with your thoughts, skills, and posts.

Each of the places above has updates, so be sure you look at the most updated posts if you go over there.

Steemit Minnow tips fitinfun.jpg

Resources for new steemers

I use these posts and ideas myself, and send them to other minnows when they seem to need help or ask for it:

Make Money Blogging on Steemit Top Tips and Checklist for Better Results!!

fitinfun make money now framed poster steemit.PNG

I give this post above to

  • any new minnow who seems to need help on any post I see them on
  • people who are completely new and lost
  • people who spam
  • people who have a question this post can answer

I find a lot of people trying who are who are discouraged with small results. You can make money at steemit right away - not a lot; but at least enough to help you progress and keep you interested.

And everything snowballs on steemit over time. Your action today makes a big difference in your future results.

Here is the checklist of ideas from that post in a big poster

It is a very long post :)

steemit make money now checklist7.png

Changes and highlights in advice since this post was written:

I have learned things since I wrote that post. Listen up.

  • Do not focus on faucets at steemit - basically ignore them - fine if you get some

  • Post one post daily or at least several a week from Day One. This is much more important than I knew.

  • Keep your power above 85% not 75% as I recommended - especially when small

  • go to chats and see if they work for you - some people do really well from them. Not me, but maybe you.

  • Visit these pages for help and inspiration:
    @mariannewest - join freewrite or at least look at it for the knowledge you will find there
    @mages.tytyty - help with English and writing
    @ghaskhemi - help with English and writing
    @abh12345 - people learn to curate well on this blog - a very good place for many reasons

Leverage at steemit - Manna from Heaven

I have never been as privileged in my life as with the leverage you can earn and buy at steemit. I'm going all out on it as best I can.

Why use leverage at steemit?

The only thing that matters on steemit is your sp. This is your gauge of success. You can get more of sp with leverage than you can on your own. I am fortunate someone told me early to track my "real" sp and make a goal of growing it. This is where all your power on the platform comes from.

No sp? No power.

Here are two ways to get more sp than you would otherwise.

Lease delegated sp asap

  • start adding 100 sp every time you can afford it with with converted sbd or with steem you earn in contests.
  • 100 sp for 12 weeks costs 8 steem @minnowbooster.
  • Just start doing it. I cannot explain the power of sp to you until you have some.

Even though STEEM is not on sale now, I still believe in leasing delegated sp and will keep leasing for myself and for my son, @bxlphabet indefinitely as we swim our way up in this place.

Minnow tip - Lease Delegated SP ASAP!

fitinfun is leasing delegated sp worth it steemit.jpg

Start small on bidbots and decide of you want to use them or not

S.M.A.L.L. - do not blow up the world. You post is not that important.

How to use bidbots

bid-bot crusher fitinfun.jpg

The video makes this post above, so I will just drop it here too. Time to dance! Every day is a long day on steemit, this is a long post, and we need exercise! Come on - you can dance with me!

Bonus tip!

Go in @uweland's danceweekend and dance with some very entertaining characters over there.

Steemit Tutorials fitinfun.jpg

More specific steemit tutorials

Yes, Voting power matters at steemit

What is Your Steemit Voting Power and Why Does it Matter?

For so many reasons you can read on this post, voting power matters at steemit. I give this voting power post to people voting with low power when I see them and have time. I go into my votes and try to help people who vote with no power if they appear to be real and trying.

But there are too many of you! Get your power up people!

fitinfun Why should I increase my voting power_.jpg

fitinfun How do I increase my voting power_.jpg

Leverage your time with steemdunk

I believe in @steemdunk as a great time saver and way to be consistent here. Many thumbs up. Be there or be square. Every other meme-ish thing I can think of. Come on down!

Minnow Tip Steemdunk Post Upvoting Save Time Increase Rewards

steemdunk fitinfun review steemit.jpg

Fighting spam on steemit

I answer my spam on occasion and here's how I do that. Sometimes, spammers don’t know any better, and sometimes it does no good, but I try.
Steemit What do you do with your Spam comments?
What do you do with spam fitinfun.png

Why do I make these posts and send them out?

I believe in steemit, and I believe we need to grow exponentially in order to succeed and grow. I do a little bit of recruiting on my other social media, but we have enough gasping minnows here so I feel my time is best spent helping those who are here already.

We have about a 97% kill rate for new minnows. This snip from one of @arcange’s daily posts show the sad story of steemit minnow die-off and failure to thrive.

archange user reps dec 23 2107.PNG

This is how I try to help.

Steemit Minnow tips fitinfun.jpg

I started this post weeks ago based on a prompt from @steemiteducation about how teachers motivate people to succeed. I know I am well past their deadline, but at least I achieved my goal :)

= =
Nothing at fitinfun would be possible if I still weighed 275 pounds. Read a bit of my weight loss story and be inspired. Anyone can get healthy if I did.

fitinfun How often do you have to exercise sharon2.jpg


(Please watch my 7 second marketing video by @zeroooc and #steemgigs. I use steemgigs service by @surppasinggoogle and you should too. Steemians helping each other )

The whole Napoleon Dynamite movie is highly recommended.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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I am going to bookmark this post and use it when I am chatting with brand new members. There is nothing here that I can take issue with or feel I can improve on. A post like this should be suggested reading for new members to help give them a fighting chance when they first sign up.


Thank you so much! I'm really glad to help. I have more coming - I have about 10 more topics on my list that I haven't written yet.

I struggled so hard here in my first months. Nothing here is intuitive.

I just added you to my steemdunk. So glad you are keeping at it.


Thank you! Love gaining followers!! Have both you and your son on my Steemdunk.

Glad I am keeping at it also. Have a few posts in the works that will go this week and hopefully will do well.

Taking a different approach with my upvote for right now to help improve the curation rewards of those that follow me. Not upvoting myself until 45-60 minutes after I post. Figure this gives people a chance to get ahead of my vote and gain more rewards. Plus if I do any paid promotion it will also be after at least that much time to further increase peoples rewards.


I did that for awhile but it got to be too much to think about.

Did you check out @abh12345? He's got good info about curation. I learned a lot there, but now I am on to other things.


Haven't checked @abh12345 yet, will do for sure. Just got my first delegation and am over 500SP. Have another offer out there that would push me over 800. Hopefully it gets filled.


Good for you! I hear of lots of people not getting them. Are you going through minnowbooster?


Yes I did. Did a 6 week one for 250 SP that I probably overpaid a little for, but knew that people have been having a hard time getting delegations. Also have a 12 week offer out there which I was a little cheaper on. Hope that one fills, but if not at least this way I hit my 500 for the next 6 weeks.


I was usually doing 100 or 200 for 12+ weeks. I use the standard rate for them. The last one I tried was 20 weeks and did not go. Next time, I plan to do 100 for 12 weeks and hope for the best.

Now I have my son to think about as well. His 500 is almost done and he will need more or he's a tiny minnow again. I have on my list to get you on his steemdunk. He is so busy we can barely talk now.

I was looking at your check list for success and there are two that I would suggest for any new person is the most important. "Comment for engagement" and "Reply for engagement". I have found that while I am in my early stages, that commenting and engaging other users is far more lucrative than just posting content. Also, make it a habit to respond to any person that comments on your work or comment. It build relationships and will foster a more loyal following. You took the time to do that with me and it taught me a valuable lesson on the forum.


That's wonderful to hear. Commenting is an art form and it can pay well here. Many people here upvote comments and seek the engagement.

I posted at least 75% comments in my first months here. It got to the point where people started asking why I did not post much. once that happened - I started posting more and now my posts pay better. But I still do a lot of commenting and absolutely work to make my replies back.

There in nothing worse than seeing a blog with everyone trying to talk to the author and getting no replies.

I'm so glad you are doing well here and I really appreciate your input :)

Thanks for mentioning my writing contest round-up.
I post daily and we're up to Issue #10 February 4th

Anyone interested in writing contests really should check it out - it can save you loads of time in scrolling through the #contest tag. Time that can more productively be used for writing.


I really appreciate this help. I need to freshen up my contest activity and I agree searching the tag is not a good use of time.

I will update my link for you. Now you know how long I worked on the post :)


Yeah I kinda figured the post took some time to put together.

I figure if you put everyone together who's using the contest list I'm saving Steemian writers hours upon hours of time that can be put to better use...writing.


Definitely. This is so helpful and I'm glad you do it. I have a very tight schedule and browsing randomly is not in it!

heavy duty!!! excellent info all in one post. thanks @fitinfun. another very, very informative post for me to spend time going over and over again.

what is your son's steemit id? I'll add him to my steemdunk.


Thank you!

My son is @bxlphabet here. I'm about to go over his steemdunk with him and I will make sure you are there. I'm living the days of being new here by helping him. It's so hard! Everything he asks me takes great effort to answer.

Mostly he's just trying to keep to a posting schedule right now. Then we will branch out to more tasks. He likes posting here, so I am really happy about that.

I'm so glad you like the post. I have been giving everything out separately and I decided I really needed to gather it together. I am glad it's off my plate. I spent way too much time on it :)

I must acknowledge that this post is really have detailed guidance to get a success on steemit. Reading it has greatly increased my understanding and knowledge about this amazing platform. I am witness and receiver of your support you have given me many times. I have no shame in acknowledging it because you are doing a wonderful job by supporting minnows.

I really appreciate your efforts to make life of minnows easy on this platform. Thank You.


You're welcome. I'm so glad to help. There is a lot of information here - don't be overwhelmed and keep trying.

Looks very nice. I am consistent with most points you mention above, except for developing a network. That still seems a bit difficult for me when it comes to steemit. While it is usually not that difficult for me outside of steemit.


It is a slow process in the beginning. Don't give up and keep trying know things and continuing what works. The networking is not as easy here as on other platforms.


Thank you very much for your kind reply. I now feel like I got another boost to my motivation.
so I decided to follow you.


Now I followed you back. So glad to connect! Any one who keeps trying can succeed :)


From my two weeks experience. You can build your network by joining some groups on whatsapp or telegram.
With my two weeks i have met great people and also built a few network although small but they helped me to win this contest that gave me 150 doge coin


Congrats! I am in Thailand and don't use a phone for work - just a laptop - but I'm glad you found good places to network.


The speed of my laptop is very slow and am very careful the sites i visit as a person learning web design. I got ideas on that and my antivirus assist me also.
Thanks once again

Excellent post ... so far. I'm still going thru it.

One point ... you have my ID with a "g" instead of a "j". ... (@mages.tytyty - help with English and writing) That leads to a VOID site.

Please edit that to "maJes.tytyty", that is, "J" as in James. ☺
Cheers and thanks.


So sorry about that! I know better. It took me weeks to do this monster! By the time I got to proofing - I hated it too much to look.

Now I'm working on several other tutorials that are not mentioned here at all. I spend a good amount of time nagging myself :)


I know, I know. As an editor, I know from plenty of experience that there are always a few errors that get thru, particularly in longer pieces.

I think you can still go in and change it. Just click "Edit," which is right beside "Reply" at the bottom of your post.

That "Edit" function is available for 7 days after posting, but at the end of the 7th day, the post will be permanently recorded as is on the blockchain.

Great post. Time to bookmark this and read up on it when i have more time. I will try most of the things since im new on the site. :)


Yes, that is the best way to go. Try something for a week or two and move on if you don't care for it. There are many ways to go for almost anything here.

Very nicely writting blog.
Will follow the instructions you gave in this blog.
Thanks dearie 😀


You're welcome - just do a little bit each day :)


Indeed I will dearie. I bookmarked this blog and followed you. Hope for more awesome blog coming from you 😀

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!


Thank you! I'm glad you got this one and I hope you like it.

a new minnow on steemit daily challenges.png]()


Good for you!

I'm glad I found you and this post. As a minnow myself trying to swim my way in this community I am encouraged by so many helpful people here. Thank you for this piece of writing and all the posts for resources. Now off to go read them! Mike


I'm so glad to know you like it. Just do a little bit of learning each day. This place can be very overwhelming.

One tip is not to vote on old posts beyond 6.5 days. I don't know why the system lets you do it, but it does not count.

Good luck and have fun here :)

Wow wow wow.
I just got all i need to excel on steemit for free and am sure with the coming weeks i will be great and so great on steemit.
Am just two weeks old and thank God i found this post.
I have been inconsistent in my post and contest but was blessed to win a first contest that gave me 150 doge coin.


It seems like I just got this same photo from someone else - beware of scams.


Ma you saw it in a comment above where i was trying to explain the person how my small network assisted me to win a contest


Oh I see. Well be careful :)


I will ma.
Please ma i want to ask a question.
Is it better to withdraw my steem dollars or to convert the steem dollars to steem power.
What's your advise to me as a new person that is just barely two weeks old on the platform


I would wait until you have enough to lease delegated sp and do that. Make your profile and feed look like someone would want to help you by posting consistently and improving over time.


Ok. Thank you ma.
Just followed you for updates. Thanks

Thanks for sharing this very informative and nice initiative.

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Loved the post, keep up the good work!

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Thanks for this information


You're welcome. I hope it's helpful :)