Make Money Blogging on Steemit Top Tips and Checklist for Better Results!!

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Many posts tell you not to worry about money when you first get to steemit. This is not one of those posts. People start earning right away with some of the ideas listed here and you can too!

It’s depressing to work hard and get nothing! You don’t have to with these tips.

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I made you this checklist so you can try some ideas and if they don't work for you, move on. Look at all those ways to earn money on steemit! Seriously. Do not listen to people who tell you not to try especially if they are in your head. Take action and see your results improve.

See how many of these you can get going with and what results you create. In a few short weeks or months you will have all kinds of action going on - or - you can find a few ideas to focus on and build from there.

How to make money when you are new to steemit:

Let's look at the poster again so I can get it on here in a different color to share on social media. This one has fish thanks to Canva and free backgrounds.

steemit make money now checklist4.png

Before you go down the page to get more details below - study this checklist. Do you already know what these things mean? Do you already do some of them? Where are you at in your steemit journey?

The goals I'm working with for my first months on steemit:

  • maximize sp
  • learn steemit best practices
  • grow my following
  • promote my friends
  • grow steemit by attracting more content creating users
  • provide more visibility and links to my work on other platforms

So here we go - How to make money on steemit.

Many tips listed from easiest to hardest. Try one; try all. See what happens and please let me know your results and ideas.

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Turn on Faucets and get them dripping

I have a post about steemit faucets here. Basically, go into my wallet and follow anyone who’s name is blue and gave me money. Do that for anyone you ever see in anyone's wallet giving out money.

Since I made the original post, I found out some of these people are scammers and some are now gone from steemit entirely.

Be sure to check the profile of anyone doing a faucet before following. Don’t follow any of them if they have downvotes and are below 25 reputation. You can tell by grayed out posts. Those people are on their way out, so don’t bother.

But most of my people are fine to follow and actively dripping money into my wallet! I do nothing after the first follow in many cases. Others I have to visit and do something to keep the faucet going.

Look at this post by @netuoso to see a nice list of about 20 whitelisted memo senders near the end - interact with some of those people see what happens. You will also get a good understanding of spam by reading this post, which I appreciate knowing.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemitvoting power.png

Never vote below 75% Power

I do not know if I am right about this advice, but I’ve been given it a few times and it makes sense to me. Why?

  • Your vote is weak enough with little sp to begin with
  • If you vote for no reward, you are wasting your time for no money
  • Your high power vote can draw positive attention
  • Any vote over 1 cent can draw positive attention
  • A vote that counts gives money to the author - good karma

Find out your power level at steemnow by penguinpablo. This is a great tool I keep open when I am on steemit. I use steemnow for these features:

  • I keep an eye on my voting power
  • see upvotes come in
  • see rewards come in
  • see new posts as they come in
    How great is that?

Below a certain percentage your vote does nothing for anyone when you are new. You are also not learning the skills you need to learn how to curate.

For now, I keep my power as high as I can. I prefer to be over 90%. If I can get to 99%, I can vote every couple of hours throughout the day and get a better return on upvoting, I think. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Power regenerates much quicker at 90% so two upvotes every few hours means I’m at about 85% when I go to sleep. Then I wait a couple of hours before my first two upvotes in the morning and use those wisely.

But then I see others staying at 30% or less who are big fish. So maybe the advice is different up there. Until I learn more – this is what I’m doing.

NOTE: If you are reading this with your power way down – it will take a long time to raise it. Limit your voting to 6 a day and watch your power crawl back Like I did. I got down to 40% before I knew better. You can raise your power if I did.

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Post into daily challenges

STOP! Do not post anymore unless you are going into a daily challenge! Your posts that make 0.06 will all of the sudden make 1.00+! Just by using a certain tag and altering your content to match it. Post the same post – just make your post fit into the challenge.

  1. Get a list of challenges to go into.

  2. As you get ready to post something – see if it can go in a challenge. Hold it for the challenge day or best times for the challenge.

Best ways to find challenges:

  • search the tag "challenge"
  • daily colorchallenge by @kalemandra
  • Look on any challenge post of @uwelang. He always lists the challenges he knows of. If you know anyone else who does this - please let me know. The more challenges to go for - the better

Challenges I like are resteemed on my blog. Soon I will make a post discussing the ones I enter and why. But you can find your own and give it a try now!

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Follow big fish who help little fish

Don't follow in order to beg. Follow in order to learn and interact. This blog by @boddhisattva updates the curators who encourage us little guys.

Take a look at those lists to find people to follow and interact with. You never know who might like your work or who you might have a lot in common with. I have this project on my list of "good steemers to follow and interact with" now.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit giveaways.png

Enter Giveaways

Giveaways are easy and produce some of those blue people you see up above in my faucets. Some of them are not really faucets. I actually had to do something in order to get the money.

You can some of find these on my blog as they require resteeming a lot of the time. I usually resteem no matter what. You can find more by searching the "giveaway" tag. Enter a few you like or enter many and see what happens.

You normally have to do one or more of these things to be eligible for a giveaway:

  • Upvote
  • Resteem
  • Follow
  • Comment – sometimes in a specific way, so pay attention and do it right!
    -Take some other kind of action – could be anything.

Enter any giveaway you can. Here are a couple of fun and easy ones.

Daily Crypto Predictions by @maarnio


Predict which way a crypto currency will move based on charts. Very interesting to those of us who know nothing of crypto or investing! Those of you who do know can win every time :)

Daily health challenges by @steemit-health


I love to see a place to talk about health on steemit. These quick tasks fit the bill!

You can get paid for commenting of these posts which come out several times each day. Each post asks you a health question or has you take a pause and meditate! We all need that break. I've had my comments upvoted sometimes and I am the proud winner of one of the payouts not too long ago.

NOTE: If you do not like to resteem and keep only your own posts on your feed - this is a limit you have. I get around it by using the fitinfun tag for the fifth tag on all my posts and I give out the link to my tag - not my blog.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit comment.png

Comment comment comment

You can post all the posts you want, but if you are not an overnight success (rare) you will be posting to no one. Cut back on posting and start commenting! Post 4-7 times a week and comment 30-100 times a day. Yes! Really.

I have made more money by commenting in the first weeks by far. I have made more friends that way too. Since comments are so few - you can stand out.

How are you going to find something to say? Don’t even try. Unless something useful comes to your mind – skip it and move on.

Only comment if you have important input, a question or an answer to another question on the post. Be intelligent and original.

It is best to comment when:

  • You have interest in the post
  • you have knowledge to add
  • you have questions

Bonus tip!
Make comments with @gentlebot in mind. The gentlebot pays well for good comments that qualify. You might get a nice upvote and it happens daily!

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit links.png

Drop your links when asked

Be on the lookout for posts asking for your link. Link dropping is like commenting, but you get to add your link. Someone will offer to read your post if you simply drop your link into their post.

I’ve had very good luck with commenting into these posts. I get replies, upvotes, and critiques I would not get otherwise. The person asked – so they are going to look at your post - who knows what happens from there. Usually something good.

All it took to get that action was to drop my link in a comment. Easy! But not so easy! Sometimes I think my post is not good enough to enter. I seek courage because it works to drop my links!

This is another form of promotion and gives income about 3 out of 10 times I comment. Sometimes those comment upvotes are huge compared to what my actual posts make!

When I drop my link, I do these things too:

  • Comment about my post; describing it
  • Thank the person for looking at links
  • Drop the thumbnail for better visibility
  • Sometimes upvote my comment to get it to rise up the page
  • Sometimes comment on other people's comments and visit the links they added. Sometimes upvote, comment, resteem. More friends!

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit ask questions.png

Ask your questions when you have them.

If a steemit post makes you think of a question, ask it! The post author will be happy for your interaction and might be able to help you.

Read through the other comments first to see if others have your same question or something else of interest. Like any other comment - you might get an upvote!

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit opinion.png

Offer your opinion when asked

You have opinions! Sometimes on steemit – people want to hear them. I've been paid for my comments direct to my wallet and in upvotes! It all depends on what the author is asking or and offering.

Watch for posts that ask for input and go give some. Like the link dropping above, you might get lucky and be upvoted by the post author and even some of the other commenters.

If you have no opinion – please do not post:

”Great idea, but I don’t know.”

Instead post nothing or post something like this:

“I am trying to learn about this topic. While I can’t really answer your question, Can you answer mine? [and then ask your related question]”

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit reply.png

Reply reply reply

Be religious about replying back to people who reply to you. Interaction is key here at steemit.

Answer quickly if you can, but answer no matter what – even days later. Everyone understands if you can't reply right away.

Remember that anyone can see if you answer your replies or not. It’s better for your blog if you are replying.

Do not just thank the person for replying. Try to get a conversation going. Ask them a question back. The more interaction, the better.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit upvote comments from people.png

Upvote good comments people make on your posts.

If you get comments on your posts - these are your gold on steemit. Did you know the average post only generates 3 comments! If you get any comments at all - reply and treasure then with your upvote!

Make your feed a place people make money by commenting. I wait until Day 4-6 to upvote the comments people give me.

Here’s how I’m doing this:

  • open my oldest active post
  • review the comments
  • upvote one comment per person
  • do not upvote all comments – only good ones

Why wait until days after the post is posted? The reason I do this later in the post life is:

  • I can look at all the comments on the post and upvote the best ones
  • I can see who my friends are and go visit their blogs
  • The person will see the upvote and might remember me
  • The person might come back and look at my post again
  • The person might comment on my post again
  • The person might look at my feed and take action on one of my more recent posts
  • The person might remember that I upvote comments and comment on my posts randomly in the future

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit contests.png

Enter Contests

Contests are many on steemit and can be found by searching the "contest" tag. I'm separating contests from Giveaways since contests take more effort, have more competition and payout bigger (usually). I like the idea of supporting these contests when I can. But my posts take a long time!

I'm lagging here! how about you? Are you good at entering contests? I see some food posts that are quite intensive!

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit lease delegated sp.png

Lease delegated sp

Lease delegated sp with @minnowbooster as soon as you have enough for 4 weeks – do this repeatedly until you get to 5000 total sp and then the advice will change.

This is the only advice in this post that takes an investment. But the investment can be as low at 4 STEEM for a 4 week delegation.

Yes! I think you should do this at the very soonest after you have the SBD to do it. I wish I would have done it earlier than I did because of the huge difference it makes.

Why delegated sp is working for me and why you should do it too

  • immediate vote value increase – my 1 cent jumped to 6 and now 10 cents since I have two going!
  • immediate visibility with voting – people notice!
  • better rankings in post and curation payouts leading to higher sp overall.
  • "real" sp grows at a faster rate as curation comes in.

My old 0.01 vote generated 0.001 in curation rewards and I was far down the list of who the curation reward is paying off. Now my 10 cents brings me close to the top often. My payouts are increasing daily. Of course, I am keeping my power up and upvoting promising posts as described above.

The most amazing thing is the value of my new vote and the interest it brings. I seem like a bigger minnow than I am. My vote is bigger than the votes of many big fish who keep their sliders and power low. This result is very encouraging. I look bigger than a whale sometimes on the post payout!

Shouldn't I buy sp instead of leasing it?

If you buy sp - it will cost you money you don't have - leasing sp costs almost nothing for the reward you get. Four weeks of some influence at steemit is worth the money in every way I can think of.

Here is an example. Remember, you first have to convert your SBD into STEEM no matter what. The details of converting money is not something I understand - find someone better than me to help you with the technical side. I am just talking about the cost and result.

The price is the same:

4 STEEM for 150 SP for 4 weeks

  • 150 sp will give your some voting power. If you only have one cent - 6 cents puts you into another class and makes a difference. your natural sp should grow much more quickly than if you do not do this step.


4 STEEM for 4 sp forever

  • 4 sp will crawl you up the ranks. This is not a bad thing! But you get more bang for your buck with leasing.

I can see buying ## direct sp each time you lease - just as a bonus. I might do that in the future. So I would buy sp for 2 STEEM while leasing for 4 - total cost 6 STEEM and now I made a tiny bit of an investment with my SBD too. If I'm leasing every week, I know I will have the SBD to afford it. It's only 4 steem at the lowest. I'm making more weekly SBD than the SBD it takes to buy enough STEEM to lease, so I will continue.

You can lease any amount of sp for four weeks as long as it is over 150. I decided on 10 STEEM for 375 SP for four weeks. Now I have a slider for cheap!

Until you can afford to buy or lease delegated sp - and even after – go for delegated sp whenever you see it offered as a reward in a post. Some authors have contests where the prize is sp or delegated sp. Enter when you can! you will be happy if you win!

How to lease delegated steem

I cannot tell you how to lease delegated steem since I had help and still can’t do it easily. Here is the general outline.

  • transfer SBD into STEEM
  • send the STEEM to @minnowbooster
  • receive sp
    Go to a recent minnowbooster post to get the actual details of how to do the transactions needed.

My plan:

  • Lease a low amount for 4 weeks - 375 sp is my first amount and cost 10 STEEM
  • 2 weeks later - lease another small amount for 4 weeks - done same as above
  • 3 weeks later - lease another small amount for 4 weeks
  • 2 weeks later - lease another small amount for 4 weeks

Now I will have new delegated steem to renew each week. I can renew it or change the amount or not renew it. I'll keep going as I can and continue to lease up to about 5000 total sp and then keep it constant until my real sp catches up. After about 5000 - leasing sp does not make sense unless you get a lot of it. I might change my story when i get there. For now - I am certain it is worth it for us very little fish.

Then maybe I can offer some sp for lease and help the next person :)

So far I am on my second two weeks. My total sp is close to 900 instead of 100 like it was before I leased. This makes a big difference in my power and reach here. Everything is up in my numbers more than it would be without the delegation.

Also - get your power up before you lease the delegation. You don't want to have it and be waiting to recharge. In both cases, I have gotten my delegation in minutes, so be ready to use it.

I'll write a post with more details about delegated sp soon. If you are tiny here, give it a shot!

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit weeklyc hallenges.png

Post into weekly challenges

These challenges are more work than a daily challenge usually. Find them and get ready! It might take you more than a week to get your post together, but plan for it, create the post and have it ready for next week. If you find one you like - prepare multiple posts for it an get on a schedule.

Your challenge posts are looked at by the creator of the challenge as well as the other participants. You can get a lot of action on some of these posts and you might even win something! Some do not have prizes and some do. I like:


But there are so many more! Please tell me challenges you do. I would love to get a better list going.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit post your message.png

Post your message once a week – get a series going

Do you have a message to promote? Start posting about it weekly
Do you have an interest or hobby? Start posting about it weekly

In my case, I have fallen into posting about Twitter coaching for my steeming tweeps. There are 120 steemers joined up over at Twitter so far and the action is going really well. I thought I would post more health related topics, but Twitter is more popular and necessary to help steemit, so that's what I'm posting a couple of times a week - Twitter Tips!

Think of the themes of your life - pick one and start posting. I like looking at people's yards and gardens. Others like cars. The choice is endless and is created by you and your interests. Go through your photos looking for themes and see what you see. Then create some related posts and get them out here to see if people like them.

As always for a newbie, I suggest posting into a challenge or contest with your message posts if you can find a way to do that. Now more people might see your post.

What to post about on your topic?

  • Create a faq post
  • Feature your external links
  • Explain details of your interest
  • Show and teach the steps to do the project

Stay small in topic and deep in information. Make these posts resources for others.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit curate effectively.png

Curate for money

Curating is a skill you may do for maximum reward. As you grow higher in the ranks on steemit, curating becomes more rewarding. Learning to do it now will pay off now and in the future.

This tip is not for everyone - If you find it annoying to vote at the "best" time and try to get better curation rewards - this is not for you. Just keep your power up and upvote your friends and the comments you get on you get on your posts. Curation done!

This tip is for people who like to play the numbers and go for the best reward. I do this with about one-third of my daily votes now. I will be writing a post about curating for better money in future, but here are some quick tips and the rules I follow for curating:

With no slider:

  • Vote 8-15 times a day
  • 1/3 on people’s comments to my blog posts
  • 1/3 for friends, motivation, just because
  • 1/3 for max financial reward

With a slider - drop my comment votes to 80%. Add another 1-2 upvotes on posts.

So few votes a day!

Yes! This is true is you are keeping your power up. You do not have a lot of votes per day, so make them count.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit Share.png

Promote with the steemit share buttons

  • Promote your own posts
  • Promote the posts you upvote
  • Promote any random post to make steemit look good

It takes only seconds and now more people see the post you believe in.

You can easily promote at

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • FB
  • You only get the link for any other social sharing

Get into the habit of promoting often. Steemit needs to grow and our social shares attract attention.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit promote your upvotes.png

Promote your upvotes on Steemit

This strategy is to get more views on the posts you upvote by nominating them into any steemit post that asks.
Entering other people's posts into competitions is almost guaranteed to give me some kind of payout. Sometimes the payouts are very large.

Many people run posts that specifically ask you to recommend the post of someone else. @jerrybanfield's "upvotable" post is a good one. You might as well recommend a post you voted on. It would kind of odd not to upvote a post you recommend.

Here's how I stay ready to enter other people's posts into contests.

  • vote for good stuff!
  • resteem any post I might want to nominate
  • Actively look for authors looking for post nominations
  • Read the post to see what they are looking for
  • Look at my feed to see if I have a post to nominate
  • write a brief recommendation
  • post the comment, usually upvote it for visibility in the post

What kind of posts do I seek for these steemit shares?

  • New author; less than 6 months old; less than 55 rep
  • Generally low post payouts - under $10
  • Great post - theme, content, media, message, formatting all good or showing promise

Help your friends and help yourself!

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit be consistent.png

Be Consistent

No matter what path you choose at steemit, be consistent. Create and keep to a schedule.

  • How many posts per week? Keep the same number going forward.
  • What challenges and contest do you enter? Be ready for them!
  • How many comments per day? Keep doing that a few days a week at least.
  • What is your voting pattern? Stick to it.

Why does this help you make more money at steemit? Your activity becomes dependable and occurs regularly. Your followers know what to expect. If you post many posts on one day and no posts for a few days and then one post - your results will suffer. Strive to be more regular in your habits for better attention.

It can be very time intensive and distracting to work on steemit. Have your daily plans and try to fulfill them. Try to get yourself into a flow of work that makes accomplishments and leads to your goal of being an authority with a high rep at steemit.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit stay flexible.png

Stay Flexible

Even though I suggest being consistent above, you also must by flexible to succeed here. Steemit changes constantly. Keep doing what works for you, but be prepared to change as needed.

If you are posting into a challenge with no results – find out why and improve. If you are getting only .001 for your curations, study them to find out what you are doing wrong and learn what you can change for better results.

Always be on the lookout for the better way - steemit has lots of options for success.

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit wallets.png

Look at and learn from steemit wallets

Don't make this a big effort, but on occasion, look at the wallets of others to see how you compare and what other people do differently than you.

  • Look at others within 2 points of your rep and see what they have coming in
  • Look at those who started the same month as you.
  • Look at the wallets of a few big people not to be jealous but to see what is possible and to learn from their success.

Review curation rewards and post rewards. Click on a link or two with big rewards and see what happened on that post. A lot of the knowledge here is hard to discern. Looking at wallets gives you insight.

When you are looking at wallets – be sure to click some of the blue links and see who is sending money to that person – maybe you want to follow them too!

Many methods to make money on steemit

steemit make money now checklist7.png

Whew! That’s it for now! Please ask questions below if you have any.

This post is for you if

  • you are not making money on your great posts
  • you do not have money to invest

Some people come to steemit with a following, great posts that make a splash, and/or money - this is how they can succeed right out of the gate. For the rest of us - it takes a lot of work and networking. My tips will help you with that if you work them.

You can work hard and get a better portion of the reward pool. You can do the same level of work and barely get rewarded.

It may not be a lot, but at least you will have a better chance of some return in your first days and weeks on steemit if you try these tips. And everything builds here the longer you keep at it.

Taking these steps will:

  • give you SBD
  • grow your sp <<< critical for success
  • help you make connections and get followers
  • teach you how to interact
  • show you the blogs of many successful steemers
  • help you learn how to make quality posts of your own

Use these tips and tricks to get more money out of your time here while you are very new to steemit and develop your skills as you go.

Keep in mind I have only been here 10 weeks myself, so I really know nothing. This is what has seemed to work for me. I would love to hear other ways in the comments if you have any.

Note: I’m not using

  • chat
  • bots
    I’m not ruling these ideas out – I have just not tried them or I tried them and stopped.

I would love to know your successes and failures. What is worth the effort for you and what is not? I plan to write posts on most of these ideas to give more details so the more information I get, the better.

And if you need further inspiration, here's a good post by @stackin telling how he gets followers and keeps them at steemit. Very wise advice you should follow too.

Here's the checklist one more time in white like it should be for use :)

steemit make money now checklist.png

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit header png.png

fitinfun coaching will work for delegated sp.jpg

I’m coaching social media and health topics at Selz, simbi and now steemgigs. If you would like individual attention in any of these areas, please contact me. I would love the chance to work with you.

Steemit steemgigs fitinfun coaching services.jpg

If you are on Twitter - Please join me there!

Over 100 of your friends are on my steeming twitlist now and we rt each other and get a lot of action over there. Steemit is a presence on twitter and you can be a part of it!

fitinfun coaching steemit twitter tips fix your profile.png

Health coaching by fitinfun steemit.png

Nothing at fitinfun would be possible if I still weighed 275 pounds. I know that anyone can lose weight if I did.


Hey New Friends - Go to this post for a lesson and a good upvote on your post!

I really appreciate this and I hope my friends notice this opportunity you have going on. Very generous of you :)

Good, work I will always have a vote for good content

Thank you so much! I am so happy you like my post and I really appreciate your upvote.

I really enjoyed the "confirmation bias" boost from this article. Every time I do the tips you listed that I have done, it pays off. Being consistent is a big goal for me now. I really appreciate this post. Sharing with the newbies i recruited this week :D

What a great way to put it! I started writing all this down since there is so much of it and it's not always intuitive. So glad its working for you to reach out like this. And very happy to hear you are helping new people. That's awesome! I have a couple so far that I'm helping and I really like doing it.

Thanks so much for supporting my post. I really appreciate your input.

A monolithic blog! Full of good advice for newer members and some good advice for me - I really need to get my power back up. (Had to vote this one though!)

Well done, this must have taken a while to compile and write.

Asher @abh12345

Thank you! Yes, it took days :) I was going to do this in smaller chunks, but it turned into a monster. Most of the topics have more info that I cut and will use in future posts. I don't seem to be able to go short here.

Thank you for the upvote - but get that power up! You will definitely see a difference in your rewards and influence. I really do appreciate your stopping by today.

That was a big one. Many notes were taken.
Especially the delegated SP. I think it is crucial to get above 500 SP so that you can adjust voting power and upvote more often.

Yes, and it won't take long for you to have enough sdb to transfer for it. I'm glad this helped. Just keep plugging away :)

Great work! Thanks for mention my statistics posts.

You're welcome - I'm so glad to find them and I will most definitely use them! I really appreciate that information and your support for my post.

Excellent post.... I am doing most of these and Starting to do very well .. upvoted, followed and resteemed ...

I'm so glad to hear this! I think we are on the right track! Good luck to you and thank you for supporting my post. I really appreciate it.

Wow, okay, I shall return, need to be able to devote my full attention to all this... would you say there are any tweaks you’ve made since publishing this 3mos ago?

Well, yes and I need to update. The most important things are leasing delegated sp, posting to challenges, and commenting/replying. I almost never post unless it is to a challenge. I might soon break out but I need the support.

#freewrite is excellent and any photo challenge. @kalemandra is keeping lists of challenges and just posted them. Some are on my feed - she ended up with three lists since there are so many. no reason to post else where in the beginning.

Get on steemfollower and steemdunk :)

Okay, cool, I’ll need to get my hands on this list then...

That is great and detailed post for helping minnows out. Resteemed :)

Wow... this post answer so manny questions I had about how to get the most of Steem with quality. Thanks for the advices, I'm going to put them into practice. Deserves upvote and repost!

3 months later, this post is still incredibly useful for newbies like me. :)

I'm so glad to hear that! My best tips are leasing delegated sp, commenting, and posting into challenges. Best of luck and don't give up!

Giving out your tag! Thats brilliant!

This was a great post, I do challenges because I have a 'giant-slayer' personality ;p

@ecotrain has the #qotw challenge every 10 days or so.

Aw! Thank you! I know this will help you. My curation income is way up since I've been focusing on these strategies. I'm pretty excited for the future here now. Just praying steemit as a platform does not fail :)

Nice guide, I should have read this 7 months ago when I joined!
LOTS of good stuff here, and I can still use most of it!
Thanks @fitinfun

I'm glad if it helps. Commenting is still my most well-paying task here. It takes a while to get people on your own posts. Good luck and here's to better results!

Very interesting info. For the people that want to know how the reward system works on steemit, including all formulas, I just wrote a post explaining it!

YASSSS! I am so happy I stumbled across you on Twitter. This was such a good read for a new Steemian like myself and I know I still have a ton to learn. I will have to reread this a couple of more times since you gave so much quality information. I do have a question. Is it bad to edit your post after you post it? Like if I wanted to add a tag from a contest I discovered, will editing my post negatively affect the post?
I am officially following you on here and Twitter ♥️

You most definitely can edit posts in the first 6.5 days and should if you see a need. This is a not a problem here.

I'm so glad you like the post and glad to connect on twitter!

This post I really good. Am. A newbie and thus tips have helped me so so much. Am grateful for you effort, I know you spent a lot time to put it up. I really really appreciate it I have now focused my attention on commenting for now, so I can build an audience.

Good for you! commenting should get you good results!

Yah, I have started practicing it. Tanx

This has been a great article, @fitinfun. There's so much here that I am going to have to print it out, so I can study it, and refer to it as I learn how to do these techniques in detail. Thanks so much for giving me the link to it. Cheers!

That is by far the best post about that topic I ever read. Thank you very much for that huge collection of precious tipps! Every minnow should read that :)
Upvoted & Resteemed!

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what means turn on faucets? And how does it work to get this sp. I understand you pay 4 steem and for a week you get extra sp points? And then? does this automatically take the sp back? I try my best, but it would be nice to get it a bit quicker :-)

SP comes when you make author reward and also from some faucets and contests. The best thing to do is keep make posts and comments and working and learning.

i am so sorry i really do not understand what you mean with faucets? I do not understand the word in the context. Faucet is a tap?

You have some great advice and a whole lot of information on here. I was doing some of the basics anyway as I found a lot of interesting blogs and posts to comment on. Without trying to get followers I managed to gather a few every day just by showing my interest. When I have more time over the winter I would hope to put in the time and effort to really use the platform properly and add content on a regular basis. Thanks for the leg up.

You're welcome! I'm so glad to help. There are a lot of ways to approach this. The interaction you are doing is a huge help when you start. Good for you and just do what you can do :)

I'm not actively trying to gain money or followers at the moment but I do love to trawl through steemit and find interesting articles and people. Luckily there are a few more experienced users like yourself who are more than happy to help people along.

Glad to! I stumbled around so much in the beginning. I wish I had known some of these tips earlier but I'm happy to have them now. I'm the same as you - getting lost in content!

This post is amazing @fitinfun, thank you for making it to help me and the other minnows out! Actually, thanks to your post I finally start to get a grip on the terms minnow - dolphin - whale.

I have been on steemit for two days now just reading reading reading and not posting despite having several ideas and the original content to go with them. I haven't even been voting or commenting because I was feeling a bit reluctant (anxious even) to get started and immediately fail without making my mark. However, your post is very useful for us newbies and it's showing me it is time to get started and be more active!

So here you go, have my first vote and first comment. :)

I'm glad this is helping, Ian. Don't be afraid to comment! That is the best way to get started here.You are doing the right thing by reading and reading. But on the other hand - things move fast here. Just do a 1 paragraph post to say you are here and learning in case anyone looks.

Don't use the introduceyourself tag yet - save it until you really are ready to come alive on your blog.

I too have fears about posting here - you are not alone!

Thank you! That's great advice actually. I'll make my first short "testing-the-waters" post in a bit! :)

Wonderful! Let me know when you do :) And comment, comment, comment! This is your best bet for about the first two weeks and maybe post a few times in that time too :) Good luck!

This is one very useful and well-written post which I hope the writer (and resteem) will get fairly rewarded for. I'm saving it and will refer again in the future.

I'm rather new and don't really understand some of the tips and points here. Like the faucet for instance. But never mind - in addition to rereading the post and the comments here, I will be exploring the points mentioned. This looks like a viable roadmap on how to get better results at Steemit.

I'm so glad you like the post and will work through it. Yes, a lot of this is new and different than other places on the internet. Ask questions anytime in the future. I am still working out things myself and that is why I wrote the post. Good luck and thank you for your support of my post. I really appreciate it.

Can you please make me understand the part about the raising of voting power? @fitinfun

Yes, I just wrote another post about this topic here:

What is Your Steemit Voting Power and Why Does it Matter?

Take a look at that one and ask me any questions. I'm very glad to help.

This has so much good advice in here! I am sorry for no vote, but, at 15% what good would it be? tip!

Taking this home with me so I can read and reread. Great advice!

Thank you! I appreciate the tip so much! Nice idea. I hope you get a lot of help from these tips in return :)

It has already helped me in so many ways!! Thank you for posting this! I remember you from Tsu, but, I am not sure if you remember me. I went by the same @dswigle

I knew I knew your name from somewhere! So happy to see you again and connect with another tsuser. There's a few of us here and that makes me so happy. I pray every day we do not come to the same fate.

  • first they get rid of the "like" and "nice" people.
  • then they disappear into groups.
    It gives me nightmares.

You know you can find most of the ex tsuvians by using the hashtag #tsufamily

Yes, and I need to remember to use it! I search it sometimes but then forget to put it on my own posts.

I do too, but found a lot of people no longer use it.

Very thorough and solid post. I only pick on the points I don't like. (Such is my regrettable nature.)

"Basically, go into my wallet and follow anyone who’s name is blue and gave me money."

Follow a bunch of wallet spammers/scammers, ok...

"Why wait until days after the post is posted?"

The only reason to wait days to curate your comments is that you want them to be a graveyard that nobody will see or reply to.

Comment curation happens 15 minutes after you post. The longer you wait, the worse the effect. Within a day, everyone is gone and few will see your replies or your votes for them, and the social capital is wasted.

I've revised the first point in later posts. If you look in my wallet you will see few of those people. This is the consequence of starting in such a complicated place with little guidance.

My late comment curation is working very well. I'm still getting comments on this post months later as you are a good attestation to right now. As @jerrybanfiled has shown - most reads of your posts (a vast majority) come after the 7 day payout. This is true for me in many of my posts that are "how to" in nature.

I also never vote until after the 30 minute window now. Too much stress and bot competition. I will let others enjoy playing beat the clock, but I am out of that game. My curation rewards are way up, so I feel good about that decision.

I'm here for the Alexa ranking and improving my social media presence. The interaction with the 5000 active steemers is needed to succeed here, but the gold for me is out with the billions of other who have not yet succumbed to the charms of the place. For me - this is one of the fallacies of the place - leading new bloggers to think that only the first hours of a post matter when actually the future is more important.

Glad you like the rest :)

"I'm still getting comments on this post months later as you are a good attestation to right now."

It's thanks to your active link to this post in the comments of the trending thread. Also, I'm weird. I get the occasional old comment, but the bulk of your comments really do come in during the first couple hours. You should curate comments then AND when you suggest. I try to get to every single one.

"Too much stress and bot competition. I will let others enjoy playing beat the clock, but I am out of that game."

Word. I dig it.

"My curation rewards are way up"

You get monster curation from truly unrewarded stuff. If it's got like 1 vote, a big vote gives back like 25%.

"Glad you like the rest :)"

I even like the faucet suggestion as an interesting idea. I assume the roi is very low, but I was being a bit snarky.

I drop this link to help minnows all the time. i have been told to ignore than and "suck up to whales" but that is not me direction right now. I'm glad you took a look even though you are past this point.

I'm in abh12345's curation league and have learned a lot there. It might be up your alley.

On the faucets - free is free!

"i have been told to ignore than and "suck up to whales""

It's phenomenal advice if you are a sociopath. It simply prioritizes your 100% game-theoretical self-interest.

The thing is, they aren't mutually exclusive. I try to help with every whale project that I can, but I also reply to every minnow question and have 150 minnows or more on my autovoter. It's gotten to the point where I have to randomly pause to maintain VP, which makes it a fun raffle each day to see who posts when it's turned on.

But, when you create content, you have to decide your goal. If it is rewards on Steemit, you have to prioritize issues that are at least relevant for dolphins and whales.

A whale with 1 million SP is 10000x the audience of a minnow with 100 SP. That's how dpos works. The whale really is worth 10000x as much. Your opinion is as relevant as your stake, for good or ill.

I decided to stay out of whale world completely and I'm not going back on that. I'm only in projects that seem to need me and the whales don't need me. My ego is too fragile and I cannot stand to read the suck up comments at all. I'm not doing anything for 200 people who lucked into this place last year or bought in since. I'm going for the wider world of the 98% minnows here and the billions on the internet out there.

My two exceptions to date are @jerrybanfield who I followed in here and love like a crazy son and @surpassinggoogle who I know from tsu and am in awe of. I would do anything I could for either one of them. The others - I do not even know their names for the most part since they do not mingle down here in minnow world.

I'm open to meeting any of them and connecting but it's not going to be from me swimming off to investigate. I did a few in the beginning enough to put it on ignore.

I have a handful of friends exclusively sucking up to whales as their strategy. They are all doing very well here. None of them care if steemit succeeds as long as they get money. They do not believe when I tell them it could be gone overnight - we shall see.

I keep my sp over 90% to try to make my votes count - what is your "no longer voting" percent threshold?

Other than steemit tips - my content is already on the internet on 10+ platforms in 3500+ pieces of content on various themes.

My short term goal is to link all my existing content here to take advantage of the steemit alexa ranking which is a gift from the internet gods. My most recent post is doing that. As you can see it's basically a link farm.

Steemit is most definitely driving traffic to my sites and I am so grateful. Everything is up!

Wow! That was an intense post! Must have taken you a lot of time! Really really good content ( : Following you!

Thank you! I figured I would try to get it all in one post, but I have even more ideas now :) Just a little bit each day will make a big difference over time. So glad you liked it and followed back :)

WOW, as always there's so much to process, so much good information from you. >XD

I reckon I need to break down and just focus on building up my following.

~Thomas Duder, Still Learning Things Heeeeeere

You of all people can do that! You are very unique and engaging and this is the perfect place for you :) People are dying for content in some corners here.

This is an awesome blog that I will have to come back to over and over! I will try to make some changes every day until I have incorporated everything here that applies to me and what I'm trying to accomplish with my Steemit account.

Aw! You are my perfect reader! I promise you that you will have good improvement right as you start.

Thanks so much for the boost. I'm very happy to help you. Be sure to post about your successes and ideas. Everyone is trying to learn here :)

This is one seriously awesome and helpful post. I even upvoted it with 75% VP , exclusively because of the advice you gave :-) I'll reread it and look at some of your other posts. Btw, the link you posted on faucets leads here: - not to the content I was hoping to read. Just an fyi. @originalworks

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Thank you so much for the compliments and for my messed up link. Fixed it now :) Good luck trying some of these. It works for me, but I sure have to keep at it!

Aye. Patience, discipline...

Thanks for the tips and the mention.

You're welcome - I hope you get more participants. I saw one of the posts got botted up :)

Thank you for sharing this info. I haven't read through it but I am resteeming for future reference. Thanks!

You're welcome and thank you for resteeming. I know these tips will help you. Just go step by step and skip what you don't feel like doing or what is too hard for now. The mist will clear!

You're welcome. I hope these tips help you :)

this is the most undervalued post i ever see .
but am not worry about you cause i know you will make it to the top.

Thank you Omar. I appreciate the complement and the upvote. I hope these tips help you too!

It always makes me a bit sad to see a quality post like yours get so little rewards.
I upvoted and resteemed and upvoted your proposal comment for Jerry´s Upvotable list, so let´s hope you make it onto that list. Good luck!

Thank you so much! This one took a while and I really appreciate your support. I hope you get some good results with these tips :)

Thank you so much for this post. The information is fantastic! You mention dropping the thumbnail for a post into a reply... I have seen this but don't know how to do it. I have created my own thumbnail and dropped that into a reply. It worked... but is it the best way?

Upvoted, resteemed and definitely following!!!

If you are on a computer, you should be able to right-click any photo and then click "copy image address." Then you can paste it. You do not need to use your thumbnail - you can use any photo from your post or from anywhere. I've heard this is not possible on a phone, but I use a computer to post here.

So glad you liked this and thank you for your support. Following back :)

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I will give it a go with the images. I am going to work my way through all your tips. This really is some of the best advice I have seen :)

Thank you! I am so happy you will try these ideas. Let me know if anything else is not clear. I am new here myself for about 3 months and learn something every day!

Great, thanks for the offer of help. I may need to take you up on the offer! I feel like I am in a foreign country on Steemit at times!!!

I know what you mean. We minnows need to stick together :)

Thank you for putting this together for everyone! It sounds like great advice, and I can't wait to give this a try. I'm pretty new myself, and I try to soak up all of the advice I can get!!! I resteemed this!

Thank you so much, ellicia. I really appreciate this and I was glad to write the post. I stumble here a lot, but I feel like these are good tips.

There is a lot to do here but just keep going step by step :)

This is the most in depth & helpful how to blog I've ever seen! Re-steeming for others & to book mark for myself for motivation hehe. This is very well made! Kudos!!!

Thank you so much, Kay! I am so glad you think it will help. I've been trying to get the word out and I really appreciate your upvote and especially resteeming.

Keep that power up! (I say as I let mine get too low today!)

You're welcome. I have learnt my lesson with the power thing by getting vote happy at one point not realizing I was lowering my power!! :)

I did too! I was not aware we had this power issue at the start. It's like Pokemon :)

hahaha totally is. I actually think I remember seeing someone make cards of Steemit people similar to trading cards with powers etc. Could have been a dream who knows - great idea anyway lol.

That would be awesome for some of the graphics people here to get going on. I have a friend making cards and apparently it's harder than we can imagine.

resteemed. have to play with the kids now but want to come back and read more.

Playing with kids is a great way to spend time! Mine is too old and far away :( Thanks so much for resteeming.

:) Mine are old too. But they live close and they have little people for me to play with. At least 2 of them do. And grandma services are in high demand!

That's my big dream - to be a grandma, but my son is not cooperating.

haha, give it time!! I had my first baby when I was 24 - my kids were almost 30 until they got going......

Read.. Upvoted... Resteemt

Its a very good intro for Newbies.. im on 40 but still a newbie when i take a look what other did here in same time... ill try my best, hope its enough :D

Thank you! These tips will help you grow faster for sure :)

I'm sorry if I missed something but how do I see how much my voting power is and when it drops below 100% ?


Here's is a good place. I keep this open when I'm in steemit. Just put in your user name :)

My "Your 100% upvote is worth: $0.00" :O

Yes, it is daunting in the beginning, but if you work at it - everything grows :)

What kind of level where you till your vote power was worth something? Even 0.1 ?

To be honest with you - I am not sure. I think it took me a few weeks to get to .01. Now, using delegated sp, I'm at .10. I think there are some posts that will tell you how much votes are worth at various levels..

I looked at this issue a bit further - You will have a bigger upvote if you get your power up. Did you try that?

Power up as in convert what ever I make into Steem Power? Yes.

No I mean your percentage power like you can see here:

I keep my power above 85% and try to stay above 90%. It's hard not to upvote all the time, but it works out better for me and for the people I vote for in financial reward.

Great tips for newbies and old hands alike. Especially the be consistent and be flexible. Plus I'll add be genuine.

Great post..thanks @ftinfun!

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I can't believe how much information you covered in this amazing post. I made so many notes from it, and learned so much. I really, really appreciate all your work you put into it. You are like a superwoman, (coach, health coach and you're a steemian and doing all these great things on social media) Congratulations on your weight loss. That is amazing. I've always been active in sports and recently I started to teach people how to take care of their health naturaly. And I'm doing my detox right now, but would love to learn more from you as well, so I'll be following you to learn more. Again thank you so much for sharing all of this.

Very helpful. Rstmd

An impressive, comprehensive list to follow @fitinfun My addition would be to join in or Discord and get to know people within teams, or from your country.

When you decide to try out bots I have found @steemthat exceptionally user friendly with fun people running the bot @binkley not excessively expensive and also offers a great list to build up from.

I tried discord and could not make any sense of what I was seeing. It seemed like people saying hello to each other, so I just abandoned it. I do use steemitchat to promote posts on occasion and end up getting spammers from it! I think I have about 4 people in there that send me their posts and ask for upvotes.

Then I see a lot of people having personal troubles with others who are in chat with them - someone just quitting steemit over a feud supposedly. It just seems like another place to waste time for me and I already have enough of that :)

Bots is another thing I'm not sure about. Lately I've noticed a lot of posts with no comments except for bot voting - of course these posts are "hot". So confusing here :)

whaaaat a post🤓have to resteem to read it all 😜

Thank you! It's a long one.

Well, it is the most complete article on this subject that I have read on Steemit so far! Thank you fitinfun!

Thank you! What a nice complement! Just do a bit of this each day and you will succeed :)

My God, I have about 2 hours reading your advice, this has already been published for 8 months but it has fallen from the sky ... Today I enrolled in kryptopia and I am a bit tangled, the truth is that I was looking in steemit who could advise the respect and wao, I got you ... and I was struck by every publication that I've been reading and reading for 2 hours. I wish it were all like you who are giving advice and helping, because I think they are sometimes selfish (especially the big fish) Now I will follow you ... some advice you give and I have been putting them into practice for a long time and called me a lot Attention to rent SP ... I am thinking about doing, but right now I do not know how to change sbd to steem. I'll dig into that ... Can you vote for this publication even if it's been 8 months? God bless you greatly.

Thanks for this awesome post @fitinfun

Thank you for this article. this will be a great help for a winnow like me. :)

You're welcome and good luck here :)

most valuable post...

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Thank you! What a nice idea. I think I already voted for aggroed, but I will check! I might be talking to a bot, but I still appreciate you :)

very helpful post for struggling minnow like me.
But I still have confusion on Faucets and SP delegation.
DO you have single post related to delegation only??
And thanks @fitinfun for such informative post.
Good time ahead.

I don't have that single post on delegation, but this one is the @minnowbooster I use when remembering how to do it.

If you have a specific question (or a few questions) I will be glad to try to answer. This is a tricky place! I'm glad you found this post because you can get some money flowing :)

This one amazing and very helpful blog.

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Thanks for this great post! resteemed :)

Thanks for this great post! resteemed :) ok take that back can't as it's over a week old but great article

I'm glad you got the benefit anyway! Good luck :)

I'm glad you got the benefit anyway! Good luck :)

Excellent advice. All topics written above was very informative, It helps to all minnows or newbies like me. Ijust started last week, what i did was I kept upvoting even my sp below 65%. I will save this content and keep reading... Learn, learn, learn and Earn.

Hello Sharon, I had few minuets to drive buy Tweeter lol, and i saw this post on your profile. Very helpful post, lots of insightful information........upv & rsd plus tip!

Thank you, Lena. This gives me a thrill that you found my tweet! Thank you for all your support and for the tip. I think I need to look into setting that up for myself for all the times I have no power to vote. Good luck with the tips and getting better rewards :)

Often we have to learn from our mistakes and take our own advice lol. You are most welcome and thank you too Sharon 💚😊💚

Awesome Info @fitinfun! lots to take in - thanks!

Really a LOT of helpful information for newbies like myself, many thanks! You may have just made my initial journey more fruitful and the reassurance that people like you provide cannot be undervalued.

Wow, what a great collection of ideas to help someone start earning straight away Sharon! I will definitely resteem this to my friends!
Very helpful information!

I visited this post because you linked it and found it very helpful. Thank you. I am following to see future posts. I didn't quite understand about leasing your steem - but it put it on my radar, and that is how I usually get started on learning something new. I've been joining contests and commenting a lot - I see growth too. If you have another post about how you went from having your upvote be worth .01 to .06 - I'd love to read it. For now this is going on my steemit Pinterest collection.

Also - where are the notifications? I see comments and replies, it I don't know how to check if I've been mentioned of upvoted. Thank you!

Extensive and in-depth analysis of the steps leading to the top of the steemit!

Thank you! so glad you like them. good luck on your journey here .

Another highly informative post! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this epic post @fitinfun! I´ll need to reread it several times though - it´s like reading a scientific paper^^
I think I have to slow down with my "Likes" - I´m used to Facebook, where I like/love a lot, just to show my appreciation.
Funny story: When I told a friend about Steemit last week and that you only have a limited supply of likes/loves/upvotes, she replied: "Well, then this is not for me! How can this limit my amount of Love I want to spread in the world!!" ;)
Anyway, I just tried to lease 800 SP from @minnowhelp via their website - hope that this works out.... The approx. 20 Steem I transfered to them is like the payment for the 4 weeks lease, right? So I won´t get back any Steem from them after the 4 weeks are over, but through my higher SP, it will be easier to earn Steem over these weeks? Did I understand this correctly?
Oh my.... I´m feeling like I´m asking questions like my grandmother when I´m trying to explain the internet to her^^
So many other questions - I will now read the other posts you recommended to me -maybe things become clearer.... Thanks again!